SourcedBox Review By Nazia – September 2018

As you guys all know I am a self-professed foodie, I love all types of food but my main focus over the last few months has been controlling the intake of snacks and treats. Overall, I would say my diet is pretty balanced, but my snacking can get a little out of control! I have been trying to find ways to enhance a healthier lifestyle and to try and not binge on crisps and chocolate! The guys at SourcedBox are taking snacking back to basics with simple ingredients for feel-good food which are free from refined sugar and are suitable for vegans. Plus, they only source snacks that they’ve tried, tasted and loved, so a big thank you to Max for sending me this box to review!

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What is SourcedBox?

SourcedBox is a snack delivery service designed to make healthy living simple and exciting. Each month, they curate a selection of the best healthy snacks around, and bundle them up into a beautiful box that’s then delivered to your door. They believe healthy snacking doesn’t have to be hard, that’s why they only include snacks made from simple, natural ingredients. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of healthy eating, or are getting tired of the same supermarket snacks, SourcedBox selects an exciting mix of treats to try each month. There’s a range of options on offer to suit your snacking needs, including one-off, monthly or annual subscriptions. Even better, if you’re feeling generous it’s also simple to share the SourcedBox love and give the gift of snacks. Their gifting options range from gift cards to subscriptions, and offer complete flexibility to pause, cancel or continue snacking each month.

How does it work?

Inside your SourcedBox you’ll find a variety of snacks, and this variety will change every month. They’ll be keeping the contents a surprise, so you won’t know what’s in it until you receive it. You can expect the likes of raw chocolate, vegetable crisps, super food drinks and more! They aim to have at least ten snacks in each box; however this may vary some months.

All the snacks included are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and are made with natural ingredients, so there’s no meat, dairy, eggs or honey. In some cases, the snacks they include may be manufactured in factories that also handle some of these ingredients, so please do check the packaging on each individual snack.

  •  Monthly Subscription – £18.95
  • Annual Subscription – £189.95 (12 months for the price of 10)

Delivery is FREE in the UK and £4.50 to Europe.

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What I received:

  • SourcedBox booklet
  • The Food Doctor – Sundried Tomato & Herb Crisp Thins 23g
  • The Beginnings – Turmeric Protein Bar 40G
  • Mello – Chilli Roasted Watermelon Seeds 25g
  • LoveRaw – Cold Brew Almond Caffe Latte 330ml
  • Goodio – ChocOat Blond Chocolate Bar 25g
  • Love Corn – Sea Salt Corn Kernels 20g
  • Mindful Bites – Cashew & Baobab Crunchy Bites 25g
  • Jacked – Dried Jackfruit 55g
  • The Food Doctor – Beetroot and Cacao Goodness Bar 40g
  • Real Handful – Blackcurrant Blast Mix 35g

First Impressions:

The box was sent through Royal Mail second class signed for so bigger than letterbox size but considering the contents it’s definitely worth staying in for! On arrival the box was encased in a pretty forest green jiffy bag with the eye catching SourcedBox leaf logo printed across the bag. The box has the company name on the front and when lifting the lid has the leaf pattern all across the inside with the words ‘Healthy natural snacks sourced by us devoured by you.’ The contents are covered with tissue paper that is sealed with a green sticker with the leaf logo. I really like that they provide a booklet that gives you more information about box and its contents. What I thought of the products:

 The Food Doctor – Sundried Tomato & Herb Crisp Thins

These popped crisp thins are made with soya and corn rather than potato, and never fried or baked, which means they’re lower in saturated fat and have a fantastic crunch. They’re also packed with fibre and protein, making them a filling and healthier snack. This is one of my all-time favourite flavour combinations! They’re lovely, light and crunchy, packed full of flavour and taste really delicious! The strong herb flavour is nicely contrasted with the mellow sun-dried tomato taste. A really filling and satisfying snack and so much nicer than standard crisps.

The Beginnings – Turmeric Protein Bar

Turmeric seems to be ‘in’ flavour at the moment as I am seeing it absolutely everywhere. It is known to be good for the immune system, so I can see why it’s becoming popular and used in more products. The bar contains some flavoursome ingredients like maple syrup and shredded coconut which adds a delightful natural sweetness, and turmeric which gives the bar a slight spicy element that works well together. A yummy chewy mid-morning snack or great to replenish those muscles after a hard workout!

 Mello – Chilli Roasted Watermelon Seeds

Mello watermelon seeds are lightly roasted & seasoned with mild chilli to make the perfect healthy snack, topping for salads, dips and recipes for the added health benefits & flavour. I love nuts and seeds of all kinds and eat them on an almost daily basis, but I would never think to eat watermelon seeds! But these are really lovely and taste light and nutty without being oily like some seeds can be. The hint of chilli adds depth to the flavour which is really enjoyable.

LoveRaw – Cold Brew Almond Caffe Latte

The espresso shot of coffee in this energising almond drink has been lovingly cold brewed using the Kyoto method for 12 -15 hours. This process makes it less acidic, giving it a smoother taste. Boasting 5 times more almonds than other almond drinks and nothing but natural ingredients. I don’t like coffee; however, I did have a little sip as I really like almond milk so thought the coffee taste wouldn’t be as overpowering but for me it still was. To get a coffee lovers opinion I asked my hubby what he thought, he said the coffee has a strong presence without the bitterness that coffee usually has. It also has a creamy nutty taste which together with the coffee is very pleasant.

Goodio – ChocOat Blond Chocolate Bar

Premium quality, organic, raw and primarily wild ingredients. No white sugar, and low production temperatures ensure a rich taste, that honours the cacao and its origins. Super delicious with a gorgeous creamy texture. Perfect blend of oat flakes and bitter cocoa culminating in a sensationally delicious, but surprisingly healthy chocolate fix!

Love Corn – Sea Salt Corn Kernels

Love Corn is on a mission to make Premium Roasted Corn your favourite snack and put a smile on your face one kernel at a time! I love salty snacks and these sea salt corn kernels really satisfied my savoury taste buds! They are really delicious, moreish and a great alternative to peanuts. I especially love that there’s only 3 ingredients and has no processed or unnecessary added nasties.

Mindful Bites – Cashew & Baobab Crunchy Bites

An innovative nutrient-dense yet indulgent snack. Inspired by mindful eating & optimised for everyday performance. The best crunchy snack out there! Filled with smooth nut butter and cashew nuts which can also be added to cereal/porridge for breakfast, on the go or as a pre/post work out snack. The baobab adds some extra zing to perfectly balance the sweet nut butter. Definitely a must for the health-conscious foodies out there. So much more filling than other sugar packed convenience food.

Jacked – Dried Jackfruit

I love the ethos behind this company as their products are all healthy, ethically sourced, all of their products are 100% natural and come from farmers across Uganda. On appearance it looks very similar to dried mango. Even though the fruit is dried it tastes much juicier and sweeter than you expect it to. I have tried tinned jackfruit which has a meaty type of texture whereas this has a chewier texture without being too tough. A really flavourful snack to enjoy when craving something sweet.

The Food Doctor – Beetroot and Cacao Goodness Bar

Oats and apple fibre are mixed with veg for a dose of on-the-go goodness and make for a great snack any time of the day. Each bar contains nearly half of the recommended daily intake of fibre. As this bar suggests it is packed full of goodness. This bar has a rich and chewy taste and the beetroot comes through nicely. A great healthy option and convenient size to pop in your bag for later.

Real Handful – Blackcurrant Blast Mix

A blend of almonds, blackcurrants, apple infused raisins, sliced apples and sunflower seeds. As I have mentioned above I love anything that contains nuts and seeds, and this is no exception. The fruit in this pack is really juicy and tasty and mixed with the crunchy nuttiness of the seeds and nuts makes the perfect combination. Although I did have to pick the raisins out as I don’t particularly like them. Deliciously nutritious and the perfect ratio of fruits and nuts which makes for the perfect elevenses snack.


This box is a snacking service designed to work wonders on your well-being. I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle and trying to cut out the junk so this box has been a god send! All the products are made from natural ingredients so don’t contain anything artificial or processed. For me this is amazing as the items in this box taste so much better and flavourful. SourcedBox promise to deliver a thoughtfully curated box of up to 10 wholesome goodies each month, the contents are much better than your bog-standard supermarket snacks and contains a variety of products to suit all. If you find yourself absentmindedly reaching for the biscuit tin to combat that afternoon slump, it might be time to re-look at your snacking habits! For those looking to enhance a healthier lifestyle or just embarking on a health journey then SourcedBox is a great way to begin. Save time searching for snacks with delivery to your desk or doorstep every month and discover a surprise selection of new brands and exciting flavours in every box! Use our exclusive discount to get your first box for only £14.22!


If you’d like to know more about SourcedBox you can visit their website and social media accounts here:

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Thank you for reading,

Nazia xx