Boxcitement Review by Gemma – August 2018

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to Deb at Boxcitement for sending me this super cute box to review! The box I received was actually the June Box, with the theme ‘Summer Vibes’. I have long admired this box on Instagram and when Mel has unboxed in the past, so I am so excited to get the chance to review one myself!

The box is letterbox friendly, and comes with branded tape saying ‘boxcitement consignment’ on it. They definitely understand us box addicts! It is beautifully packaged, I almost didn’t want to open it for fear of spoiling how pretty it all was, but the temptation to find out what goodies were inside got the better of me!

If you missed my live unboxing on the facebook page, catch up with it here on our Youtube channel:

So, what delights did await me inside?

On carefully opening the box lid, I was met with the most beautifully packaged box I have ever had the pleasure of unboxing. The product card was taped to the lid, proudly displaying the theme in an explosion of colour. The branded white tissue paper was adorned with the cutest little pastel coloured tissue hearts, as well as a branded sticker holding the tissue over the treats underneath!

After carefully removing the paper hearts and peeling back the sticker, I was met with:

How cute does it all look? So bright, cheerful and screaming summer!

The first thing I picked up was an adorable summer party planner pad, with little summery illustrations on it and the heading ‘Woop woop, it’s summertime! Time to plan some fun…’ and the days of the week underneath it. There were loads of sheets on this notepad, so it will last me ages, and it is the perfect size to pin to the fridge or a corkboard every week to remind you of upcoming events. I live my life by my diary, so this is the perfect item for me!

The next item was shrouded in mystery, as they were packaged inside an orange and white striped paper bag, similar to the kinds you get your pick and mix in, or your rock when you go to the seaside. Once I had opened the bag, I found 4 of the cutest little postcards I had ever seen, along 4 with envelopes to send them to their lucky recipients (if you can bear to part with them!). The designs were a smiley looking whale, a beach parasol, a paper boat and a rubber ring. They have lines on the back for you to write a special message on, or you could frame them and display them in your house, which I think is what I am going to do! They will certainly be a talking point for guests, and the designs will instantly make people smile.

Next out was another item that was slightly mysterious, as it was containing inside a purple drawstring mesh bag. Inside this, was an absolutely stunning, and very unique hanging decoration of a fish, with a very intricate blue pattern on the tail and a lovely silk pink ribbon to use to hang it up with. I love quirky items like this, and this will look great in my bathroom to brighten it up a little!

The next item is something that made me smile and brought back many fond memories of beach holidays with my family. It was a lovely enamel pin badge depicting fish and chips! What could be more british than that? Fish and chips by the sea is a tradition, as pointed out by the card this badge came on, with the statement ‘it’s got to be… when you’re by the sea’. I love this so much, and am trying to find the perfect place to display it!

Another item that I adore is the sweetest little item of jewellery I have come across for a while! A little wooden ice cream pendant, with pastel purple ice cream (purple is my favourite colour- it’s like they knew!) and a gold chain. It is so cute and really fits in with the rest of the box- the whole theme is just adorable! The necklace was wrapped in tissue paper to prevent any damage in transit.

The second last item (yes, I know, how do they cram it all in?) was a lovely, and exclusive to Boxcitement, lipbalm. It came in a white tube, with the word ‘Mwah’ written on it in blue, attached to a blue backing card with 2 little fish having a cheeky smooch. It is a twist up tube, the lip balm itself is colourless, with no scent or flavouring, but it definitely keeps my lips nice and soft! It is now in my handbag, perfect for on the go application!

The final item in this box of loveliness is a really handy sandwich canvas bag-perfect for a beachside packed lunch, or picnic in the park! It has a deckchair design on it, with the word ‘Enjoy’ underneath and is the absolute perfect way to finish of this summery themed box! It is the perfect size for me to fit my lunch in, so I will be using this to take to work with me on days where I want to feel summery!

So that is all the items in this box, and I love everything! You can really tell how much Deb and the team at Boxcitement care about this box and that they are absolute perfectionists when it comes to presentation and themes. I like this- it is always reassuring when businesses put their heart and soul into what they do, and I think it is testament to their efforts that this box sells out very often, as was the case with the August box!

Pricing options:

  • A month by month subscription is £18.
  • 3 Months is £51.
  • 6 Months is £96.
  • 12 Months is £180.

You can also purchase a one off box to try before you buy, for £20.

Boxes are shipped on the 22nd of the month and come by Royal Mail.

Even better? We have a discount code! FIRSTBOX will give you 10% off your first box!

My verdict:

Would I subscribe to this box? In a heartbeat! I have absolutely loved the contents of this month, and the theme was very me, as I love the summer and all things holiday related! Everything fitted in with the theme so perfectly, the items were absolutely adorable, and quite kitsch too, which is totally my style! They have different themes every month, and every item is different- you will never get them elsewhere! As much as I love my skincare boxes, it is nice to receive something a little different and quirky in my boxes and this absolutely fills that gap!

Here are all the links you need to find out more, and to subscribe:


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Once again, thank you to Deb and the team at Boxcitement for this delightful box of treats, and thank you to you lot for reading!

Gemma x