The PIP Box Review by Gemma – August 2018

I am so excited to be reviewing August’s Pip Box, as it is a new box for me and all cruelty free too! Those of you who know me on the Boxession Facebook page will know that I am exclusively cruelty free, so getting the chance to unbox and review a box that fits in with my ethics is a total joy!

So, onto the box itself! It arrived via Royal Mail, and comes in a cute little box with the branding and logo on it. It wouldn’t quite fit through my letterbox (I checked!), however I live in a flat and my letterbox is quite small, so it may fit through bigger ones. The packaging is cute, quirky and colourful, which I think sums up the company perfectly.

If you missed my live unboxing on the Facebook page, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel:

On opening, I was met with the product description card, which I put aside so as not to spoil the surprise, as well as a lovely note addressed to me with a discount code for you lovely lot (which will be at the bottom of this review!). There were also some discount leaflets for a recipe delivery box, a link to download a free digital copy of Vegan Life Magazine (worth £3.99) and a ticket to Plant Based Live, in London, which has a value of £12! Unfortunately, I am not able to go to it, as it falls on the weekend of my Dad’s birthday, however it is a lovely thing to include and I had never heard of the event before, so definitely a great way to promote and spread the word further! There was also a leaflet about a great referral programme they have, where if you refer 3 friends to Pip Box, you get a box free!


The Contents:

This box was the Energise Edit, with a focus on Health, Fitness and Wellbeing. As a personal trainer, I was delighted with this theme! I know you are all dying to know about the contents, and who am I to disappoint?

The first item I pulled out was the Human and Kind Face Cleanser (RRP £7.95). I was instantly drawn to the eye catching packaging, the greens and purples really made it stand out in the box. This removed my makeup with ease and had a very pleasant, gentle scent to it. It contains Rosehip and Calendula, which are both amazing for the skin, and are totally natural ingredients too! Very impressed with this item!

Second, is the Benecos CC Concealer Palette (RRP £7.95), which is a BRAND NEW product, only just released onto the market! There are 4 shades in this palette, all for a different purpose. The Beige is for hiding shadows, the pink is for dark circles (which I know I have!), the purple is to brighten skin and the green is to neutralise redness. I love this little palette, and it is the perfect size for my gym bag so I can use it after a post workout shower! The fact that there are amazing cruelty free make up items like this available on the market now is so exciting to me!

Next, we have The Green People Fit Pit Peppermint Deodorant (RRP £4), which comes in the cutest glass jar and contains enough for about a months’ worth of applications! It has a really light and refreshing peppermint scent and contains all natural ingredients. I have not yet tried this item, as I am currently finishing off a natural deodorant by another brand, but I will definitely be using it, as I am always looking for new brands and products to try!

Out next was the Naissance ‘Work it out’ Massage Oil (RRP £4.49). This item could not be more suited to me! I train at the gym a lot, both as part of my role as a personal trainer and also due to the fact that I like to keep myself in shape, but the inevitable aches and pains afterwards are less enjoyable! This massage oil is for use post workout and is said to reduce inflammation, making the day after a hard workout less painful! I cannot wait to give this a try and put it to the test, so I better get myself down to the gym asap! It smells beautiful and the ginger and black pepper make a soothing combination, perfect for my sore muscles!

The second to last item got me very excited, as it is a brand I have been dying to try for a while! The Made By Coopers Apothecary Awaken Mist (RRP £6) is described as a motivational pick me up scent with Grapefruit, Orange, Black Pepper, Palmarosa and Frankincense and it definitely lives up to that! I sprayed it all over my flat and the grapefruit scent really came to prominence, awakening my senses and making me feel much more alert! I’m going to spray it on my workout clothes to see if they give me a boost during a workout! These products are all natural and handmade here in Britain, and I will definitely be buying more from them!

The last little item was a T+ detox tea bag in Apple and Blackcurrant flavour. It is a cleansing tea, perfect for a post workout brew! There was no price for this, as it was classed as a bonus free gift, but I estimate it at about 20p.

With those items, plus the entry ticket for Plant Based Live and the free download of vegan life magazine, the total box value is £46.58! Now, lets go through the pricing options so you can see how much you are saving with this box!

Pricing Options:

  • Month to Month: £20. This includes shipping within the UK (£1.50 extra for Europe). So you are saving a massive £26.58 on the contents of this box!
  • There is also a 3 Month option of £55, which saves you £5 compared to the month by month option.
  • The 6 month prepay is £110 and saves you £10 compared to the month by month option, so there are definite savings to be had!

Even better? We have a discount code! Enter SAVE10 at the checkout for 10% off your box!

It is also worth mentioning that 50p per sale of every box this month has been donated to the charity ‘Animal Free Research’, who support funding alternatives to animal testing, which I think is an amazing cause and really fits in with The Pip Box’s values and ethics as a cruelty free box!

My Verdict:

Would I subscribe? Absolutely! I am a huge fan of cruelty free and natural products, and this box has it all! It is cute, neatly presented and contained gorgeous items, plus a donation to charity! You really cannot go wrong with this box, and for the price, it is an absolute bargain! I have discovered some new brands I had never heard of, and I will use absolutely everything! I have had a sneak peek at next month and it is the Zen Edit, which sounds right up my street too! There are also a couple of exclusive discount codes for some of the companies included in this box, just for subscribers, which i think is a nice extra touch, as i will definitely be repurchasing a couple of these, if not all of them!

If you want to go ahead and order your own box, (and why wouldn’t you?), here are the links you need to know:


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Thank you so much for reading my review, and to Pip Box for sending me such lovely goodies!

Gemma x