The Biscuit Baron Review by Nazia – August 2018

A big thank you to Fraser for sending out this beautifully presented box to me. As you all know I am the resident foodie at Boxession so it was no surprise I was chosen to review this subscription. I did some research to find out a little more about this box and I found that it combines two of my favourite things – travelling and food! This month’s box contains products all the way from Thailand, a country I have travelled to and loved so I was very excited to see what The Biscuit Baron team had in store for me!

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What is Biscuit Baron?

The Biscuit Baron is a subscription box, made for adventurers and biscuit lovers alike! Each month you’ll receive a selection of biscuits and tea-time snacks from around the world (a different country each month) helping you experience the tastes and traditions from each place. They hand-pack your box with 5-8 full size biscuit packs or units and work hard to research the history and tradition behind each biscuit to include with your box. Each box subscription is themed from a different country, meaning you’ll receive a totally different taste sensation each month!

How Does It Work?

The Biscuit Baron work hard to bring you the very best products from around the world making sure there is a great selection of traditional biscuits, so you can really experience the country, as well as a great variety so you’ll have plenty to keep your cuppa company throughout the month!

  • 1-month plan – £15.00
  • 3-month plan – £ 42.50 (save £7.00)
  • 6-month plan – £82.00 (save £17.00)
  • 12-month plan – £160.00 (save £38.00)
  • One off box – £16.50

Delivery is completely free of charge for customers in the UK and is sent by Royal Mail

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What was in the box?

  • Contents Card
  • Rate Your Biscuits Card
  • Biscuits With Pineapple Jam 225g
  • Pocky –  3 x 100g
  • Bin Bin Rice Crackers 150g
  • X.O Salted Plum –  2 x 70g
  • Ladybird Ten Jang Stick 42.5g

What I thought:

Beautifully presented in a large brown box with The Biscuit Baron logo and the words dunk & discover on the front in large font. The side of the box is decorated with stamps, which makes the box look like it has been travelling from country to country which perfectly conveys the concept of this box. Well, the contents of this box have travelled all the way from Thailand this month! Included in the box are a contents card which give you some interesting facts about Thailand and information about the biscuits included in this month’s box. The second card is for rating the biscuits on their dunkability, scoffability, taste and texture and encourages you to post your answers on social media, which I think is a great way to get subscribers excited and talking about their box.

  • Biscuits With Pineapple Jam

    Mmmm! These are just so delicious and most definitely my favourite item in this box! The crunchiness of the biscuit perfectly complements the gorgeous gooey sticky pineapple jam. The biscuit isn’t too sweet, but combined with the delicious jam in the middle, it makes a great snack or little sweet treat to accompany a cup of tea. I ate way too many of these in one sitting but stopped before they were all gone because that’s how yummy they are! An utterly delicious Thai style jammy dodger that is too good to share!

    Pocky – Mango flavour

    If you like biscuits and mango, then this is a great combination of both. Not too sweet and has a nice balance of flavour with crunchy biscuit. I received three boxes in total which all have lots of sticks in so plenty to share around or keep to yourself. They’re very addictive; I also quite like the fun and bright packaging too.


    Bin Bin Rice Crackers – Coconut Flavour

    Nothing like the rice crackers we’re used to here in England as these are much thicker and denser, so I was not sure what to expect from them. However, the crackers are wonderfully crispy with a delightful crunchy texture to them. The coconut flavour adds a lovely little sweetness to the crackers too. I like that they are individually wrapped in packs of two which keeps them fresher and also handy to pop a pack in your bag for treats on the go.

    X.O Salted Plum/Red Plum

    I had high hope for these as I love plums of all kinds, but they were my least favourite products in the box. Both the packs were just too salty and sour for my palate and is a snack rather than a biscuit. The red pack left a red stain on my tongue and teeth that took a while to come off and the pit was also still left in the middle of the plums. Not something I would try again but that’s just down to my personal preference.


    Ladybird Ten Jang Stick – Barbecue Flavour

    Although not a biscuit it’s nice to see other snacks in this box. Ten Jang sticks are made from sea fish that is low in fat and high in protein. The dried and shaped fish fillets are coated with a sweet and sticky barbecue flavour glaze. I love to eat fish but have never tried anything like this before. On opening the fishy smell is fairly strong which made me think the taste would be very overpowering, but it wasn’t at all. The fish is seasoned really well with barbeque flavouring and is soft and chewy very similar taste and texture to jerky! Overall, a tasty treat which the three of us (my hubby, dog and I) all enjoyed very much.


    Wonderfully designed to totally tantalise your taste buds! Each month The Biscuit Baron brings you delicious treats from all over the world as each month will be themed from a different country taking you on a biscuit adventure! As I said before I love food and I love to travel so this box really appealed to me. You can see how much thought and effort has gone into this subscription from the design on the box to the products procured and the information provided on that month’s theme. I like that this isn’t your typical biscuit box as it definitely has the wow factor. I am really impressed with the contents and quantity of the items in this box. It’s a shame that some of these items are only sold in Thailand as I would be stocking up on those jammy pineapple biscuits J.  If you’re looking for a biscuit subscription with a twist then this box is for you! Discover biscuits and snacks from around the world that you can still enjoy with a cup of tea. Order now using our discount code and receive your first box for only £10.05!

    If you’d like to know more about The Biscuit Baron you can check out their website and social media accounts here:

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    Nazia xx