The Natural Beauty Box Review by Mel – August 2018

I have to thank the kind and lovely Emma from The Natural Beauty Box for putting a huge smile on my face this month. A lot of you will have seen me talk of moving house, and that I put a stop on all of my boxes due to the big relocation as we moved 300 miles. I was chatting to Emma, saying how envious I was of one of our other ladies Gemma, who also subscribes to this box. I was uploading her July box review and almost sobbing into my keyboard. So when Emma offered me the August box as a moving home gift, I was over the moon.

Of course I love what I do; unboxing and reviewing is all part of the excitement for me. It is never a chore and definitely not for this box; it is a pleasure!

The theme this month is Quench & Glow, I always follow the sneaky peeks on their Facebook Group, and try desperately not to look but give in to the pressure every time. Yes you all know I was that kid at Christmas who re taped her presents under the tree after opening them, it never leaves you haha!

It is worth a mention that if you would like to join their facebook group, it is a great platform for any advice on Natural, Cruelty Free and Vegan products. I often look on there and ask for advice. Click here to join.

We decided to throw a bit of a twist on this months unboxing, and do a joint one. Not only is it more fun, but I don’t feel like I am talking to myself either! If you would like to watch Gemma & I unbox, you can do so on our Facebook Group, or also click play below…

So what’s in the Box?

  • NAKIN Natural Anti-ageing Advanced Cleansing Milk – RRP £15
  • Bespoke Aroma Peppermint Facial Mist – RRP £4.25
  • Bespoke Aroma Uplifting Bath Tea – RRP £4.95
  • BUFF NUIT Warming & relaxing sea salt body scrub – RRP £12.50
  • CHOBS Collagen Mask – RRP £4.10
  • Divine & Handmade pure Hazelnut Oil – RRP £9.90
  • FREE Samples x 2 from Twelve Beauty

Total Box Value = £50.70!!!

That is a HUGE saving of £28.25 if you use the discount code below when ordering your first box! Or as I would say, a total BARGAIN!

How can I get it?

There are a few options to Subscribe to this one:

  • Monthly is £24.95 including P&P
  • 3 Month Prepay is £71.10 (making it £23.70 per Box)
  • 6 Month Prepay is £138 (making it £23 per Box)
  • A one-off box is the same price as the Monthly, at just £24.95! Making a fantastic gift!

Use the code ‘BOX10’ for 10% off!!

Ok so here comes the best bit, where I test the goodies and tell you what I think. I don’t think I have ever been so excited, I have had severe box withdrawals; especially from this beauty!

NAKIN Natural Anti-ageing Advanced Cleansing Milk

I was most excited to try this product out of them all. I always use cream cleansers as a preference I find them more soothing and calming for my skin. I mentioned in the live unboxing that these are also brilliant to use when tweezing your eyebrows. I use before and after to soothe any irritation.

So what better way to test this out than to do just that, my brows were in desperate need of a good shape as they have been neglected whilst moving house.

This left my skin feeling very soft, clean and no residue; which is the exact reason I use cream cleansers. I love the fresh-faced feeling and clean skin. I was even happier to have received this in the box when I realised after looking for the other branded one I was using that I had actually thrown it out before I moved house as there was only a little bit left and I was saving on space. This bottle will last me a good while, which is great.

Bespoke Aroma Peppermint Facial Mist

I was wishing I had this in May when I went to my Brother’s Wedding in Greece. I would have got through the bottle in a couple of days it was that hot out there!

This is a brilliant handbag essential, I often joke I am early menopause as running around after two boys I am always hot. I would also say this is a brilliant Gym bag item, maybe I should get myself to one. Our Gemma is a Personal Trainer and always putting us to shame.

This is very cooling and refreshing, you can smell it for ages too which is not a bad thing if you are using it on the go as it will act as a deodorant in some ways too. The price of it is great, you can spend a lot on cooling mists, I should know!

Bespoke Aroma Uplifting Bath Tea

For me, this is the most interesting item of the entire box. Not something I have ever seen, and not something I would think to pick up from a shop. But that is the reason I love subscription boxes. You try things that you would not be able to find or buy a lot of the time.

When checking over the directions for use, I realised that this brand is actually made in Windermere. Possibly one of my favourite places in the world as I worked there and have visited hundreds of times over my 34 years living in Cumbria.

So I popped this into a well needed bath, it is like a huge drawstring teabag. The smell you get from this is phenomenal. I have a nice new big house, this could be smelt everywhere I kid you not. Really powerful and relaxing, not only another brand discovery but something I would never have thought to use. I would love to try more of these, and I love the packaging too it is very classy.

BUFF NUIT Warming & relaxing sea salt body scrub

This is a perfect product for me, I get through a tonne of body scrubs. I do use OPTIAT coffee scrub for my face, but my arms need a more intensive scrub. Sea salt ones are the best I have found for ridding the pesky dry bumps at the top of my arms.

I went to Barry Island and we had our lunch in a little Ice Cream Bar. They had the little wooden spoons exactly the same as the ones I always use but could not find. I popped one in my bag before leaving so that I could try this out.

I was very impressed at the addition of the coconut oil in this, as not only did it scrub away the dry arm bumps, it also left a nourishing soft layer that I could still feel the next morning. I would like to try other scents and items from this brand. It is a new discovery for me but one I will be researching.

CHOBS Collagen Mask

It is Korean, enough said. This will be fabulous and I knew that before trying it out. I am a massive K Beauty fan, I must have said a hundred times that their face masks are the best on the market, the english equivalents do not come close. If you have not tried a Korean Sheet Mask, then I urge you to! I have even converted my Step Mum who says they are amazing.

My skin needed this after a week of unpacking, I must have gained at least one wrinkle that needs ironing out.

I used this an hour after doing my brows, I waited for the redness to subside first. My other half can never keep a straight face when I am wearing one of these masks. He always tries to make me laugh so the mask will slip. This one stuck to my face really well, I love that Korean masks are always fabric sheets, and thicker than their UK equivalents.

I kept it on for half an hour, it says 10-20 minutes but I am northern, I like to get my moneys worth, ha! I never expected anything less than the amazing results this left. Plump, spongy soft feeling skin. Absolutely a winning addition to the box!

Divine & Handmade pure Hazelnut Oil

I am a self-confessed oil addict. I used to believe that adding oil to my face would be bad as I have combination skin. This was an ill educated opinion on my part, and I do not mind admitting that.

Using oil as part of your skincare routine will balance out your skin over time. For me it was a week or two from memory, and now I have never looked back.

I have tested this on my hand, the smell was amazing. I haven’t used it properly yet as I am still using one up from a previous box that I use daily. You can also use this for your hair which will really help me with autumn approaching.

My Verdict?

This is the part where my skills as a writer leave me, as all I want to do is scream ‘BUY THIS BOX’ at people. This truly is my favourite box, it covers everything I could want or need and more. The brand discoveries I have had from subscribing or reviewing are simply amazing. I have gone on and re purchased several of them.

We all know that there are hundreds of subscription boxes out there, well I do. To find one that really suits you just leaves you itching for delivery day every month. This box I will never tire of, I know after speaking to Emma that it is growing steadily and I can absolutely see why. I sense more is to come from The Natural Beauty Box too… I will be watching!

I could be happily drawing my pension and still receive this box, I don’t think it has an age limit either end of the scale. You are never too young to start looking after your skin, and never too old for a good pamper.

Get on over to their Website, you will NOT be disappointed with this subscription, I have had so many members thank us for introducing them to The Natural Beauty Box; they continue to enjoy it every month and so could you…

Thank you ladies as always, it has been a pleasure,

Mel x

To buy, or find out more, visit their Website here:

Use the code ‘BOX10’ for 10% off!

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