Team Tea Review by Nazia – August 2018

If like me, you are a lover of tea then this box will be right up your street! Whether you are new to tea, a tea connoisseur or just tired of drinking the same tea every day, join Team Tea on a flavour journey of discovery. Matched to the seasons, enjoy familiar classics, travel to the best tea gardens in the world, taste single estate teas or discover new favourites.

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What is Team Tea?

Team Tea’s mission is to make every tea you drink great. They are passionate about selecting only the finest loose-leaf teas, ethically sourced and never compromising on taste or quality.

How does it work?

Each month they hand select 3 loose leaf teas for you to brew and enjoy. Each tea is packaged in sustainable slide tins, designed to keep your tea fresh and protected on the move and be kind to the planet. Their boxes fit through the letterbox and with delivery included they can be sent worldwide, so you never need to be without tea! They also include brewing notes and information, to help you get the most out of each brew.

• Monthly subscription – £10.00
• 3-month gift subscription – £30.00
• 6-month gift subscription – £57.00

Products are automatically dispatched at the start of each month.
No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

I’d like to thank the lovely Valerie who generously sent me this box to review. She has also kindly provided us with a discount code:

USE CODE ‘BOX15’ FOR 15% OFF FOR THE FIRST 100 CUSTOMERS   Which means you can get your first box for only £8.50 including postage!

What I received

This month includes 3 Chinese teas. A yellow tea and Keemun black tea, both from the Huangshan region in Anhui, and an exquisite scented green tea from Fujian.

  • Personalised welcome card with brewing notes and information
  • Yellow Sun 12g

An excellent yellow (fermented) tea from Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in Anhui (China). Delicate and nutty, with notes of hay, and buttered vegetables.

  • Imperial Keemun Mao Feng 16g

A powerful tea with great depth of flavour. From Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in Anhui (China) this is an early harvest black tea, picked in Spring. Expect nutty woody notes, a wine-like quality and a biscuity sweetness. Strong enough to enjoy with milk.

  • Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green 15g

Fresh Jasmine flowers are layered with green tea from Fujian (China) up to 10 times infusing the tea with their distinct aroma. Rolled into small pearls with plenty of bud visible, this exquisite scented tea is refreshing and sweet, delightful after a meal.

What I thought:

Yellow Sun (Premium Yellow Tea) – I put one teaspoon into my tea strainer and added to water boiled at 80 degrees and to left to brew for 3 minutes as per the instructions. Once brewed it is a medium yellow in colour and has a smooth, subtly smokey and distinctly nutty taste and almost biscuity flavour. Depending on the type of tea I sometimes like to add a little sugar for sweetness. On this occasion I first tried the tea on its own without sugar but then added sugar as I thought it needed some. This tea is delightfully easy to drink all day long.

Imperial Keemun Mao Feng (Luxury Black Tea) – I put one teaspoon into my tea strainer and added to water boiled at 100 degrees and to left to brew for 3-4 minutes as per the instructions. The longer the tea was left to brew the darker and more intense the colour became. A high-quality tea with a wonderfully strong, rich and smokey flavour and an orchid-like fragrance. Milk can be added but I chose to drink it as it was except I added a spoonful of sugar to balance out the intense flavour. Unlike any other tea I have ever had before but very enjoyable to drink


Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green (Luxury Green Tea) – I put one teaspoon into my tea strainer and added to water boiled at 80 degree and to left to brew for 2 minutes as per the instructions. A light-amber shade tea with a beautiful, fragrant aroma of Jasmine that tastes just as good as it smells. Light, floral and fresh to the taste and sweet enough that it didn’t need any added sugar. This tea was a genuine delight, the fragrance wasn’t overpowering, there was a well-rounded and balanced flavour and it was a pleasure to take time drinking it. One of the best Jasmine teas I have ever had and definitely my favourite of the three. I would say not to use a full teaspoon, around half is enough for a regular sized mug as the pearls expand in the strainer to release the delicate flavour.


The box arrived via 1st class Royal Mail and is small enough to fit perfectly through the letterbox which was sat waiting on the welcome mat for me when I got home from work. The first thing I noticed was the size of the box which is small and compact and was sealed with a sticker that has the colourful Team Tea leaf logo on. On opening there is a card stuck to the top flap of the box which depicts a quick guide to open and use the slide tins provided (tear, slide & pour). I love that they added a personalised contents cards as this really shows the attention to detail and care towards their customers experience and satisfaction. The card also includes brewing notes and instruction which was extremely helpful when making each tea.

Inside are three tins, each with its own colourful label detailing the contents within. The tins are sustainable and are designed to keep the teas fresh and are also kinder to the planet as they can be recycled. The tins are also a great size to take with you and designed to protect the tea from damage or contamination. Alternatively, once the tea is used the tins can be refilled with tea from larger containers or reused as little storage tins for small items around the house or at work. The teas provided are of good high quality, ethically sourced and you can really taste how fresh and flavoursome they are. The best thing about this subscription is the amazing value for money as subscriptions start from £10 and using our discount code you can save a further 15%! This tea subscription makes a wonderful gift for you and all the tea fans in your life! Once your box arrives put your feet up, relax and enjoy the great taste of a carefully selected blend.

If you’d like to know more about Team Tea you can visit their website or Instagram here:

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