Eve’s Parcel Review by Mel – August 2018

So if you are a fellow box addict, you may or may not have heard of Eve’s Parcel by their previous name, Ms Flow.

The idea to rebrand and bring some really positive changes, I believe was a fantastic move by Sonia who owns Eve’s Parcel. She has clearly researched and listened to what subscribers want from her box.

Their ethos is still the same, with a strong focus on female health and wellbeing. The box has a couple of brand new additions which are the ‘Yoga move of the Month’, and a positive ‘Affirmation of the Month’. Both of these give the box its identity and make it stand out from others similar.

The first thing I noticed, aside from the drop in price; is that you can now subscribe to this box and choose not to have the monthly sanitary essentials, or non essentials if you have no need for them. This is now including those who would normally steer away from subscribing due to having no need for them. I have mentioned in the past that when I start to get too many stacking up I donate to the local food bank or School. I will list the pricing further down in more detail, plus a fab discount code we have!!

So if you missed me unbox this live on Saturday Evening, you can now watch it back on our YouTube Channel by clicking play below…

So whats inside the box?

  • Cougar Hyaluronic Acid Facial Oil – Full Size – RRP £19.99
  • Sugar Sin Sparkling Rose Gummies – Full Size – RRP £2.35
  • PIL’ATEN White Clay Mask 10g – RRP $3.99 (£3.08)
  • Bubble T Cosmetics Summer Fruits Tea Popsicle Bath Bomb Fizzer – RRP £3.99
  • Yogi Tea Rose Tea, £1.99 for 15 so worth 13p
  • Cura Heat, period pain relief pad. £3.99 for 3 pack so worth £1.33

Beauty & Pamper Products Total = £30.87

Sanitary Products = Approx. £3

Total = £33.87

Saving of £17.96!

15% off your first box with the code ‘EVES15’

This will get your first box for £11.04 plus P&P

How much does it cost?

  • For the box including Sanitary items – £12.99 plus £2.95 P&P
  • 3 Months Prepay is £38 (£12.66 per box) plus £2.95 x 3 P&P
  • For only the box of Beauty & Relaxation treats – £10 plus £2.95 P&P

How does it work?

Choose from 3 dates of arrival for your Eve’s Parcel:

  • 1st of the month
  • 10th of the month
  • 20th of the month

You can then choose which type of feminine hygiene products you wish to include, and which brand out of the following:

  • Always Ultra
  • Bodyform
  • Natracare (Organic brand)
  • Tampax

The options are really easy to select, the website is simple to use and I found it really quick to order.

Cougar Hyaluronic Acid Facial Oil

I have used this brand before, but only their makeup, not their skincare. They are well-known and so this was a welcome addition to the box for me, being a skincare addict! I was very pleasantly surprised by how well this seeped into my skin instantly, I used my clinique gel moisturiser on top that is my everyday go to item. I really noticed a difference after just a few days. I will be continuing to use this, the price of it is attractive compared to some other brands I have used which are 2-3 times the cost of this!

Sparkling Rose Gummies

I have tried the prosecco flavour of these, I actually prefer these ones as they have more of a sweeter flavour. It is nice to have a full size bag too rather than just a sample with a couple in. My son Archie also loved them, so we shared them… not by choice, ha!

Bubble T Cosmetics Summer Fruits Tea Popsicle Bath Bomb Fizzer

I have not used this yet, but I will be! I move house next week and it is a 300 mile relocation. The new house has a huge bath so I am saving this for some much-needed relaxation time when my other half can take the kids and I will have some peace and quiet. I love the design, very cute and it smells so sweet. I am a fan of anything bath related that smells of sweets so I am sure this will be an item I love.

PIL’ATEN White Clay Mask

Yes! I love a face mask so this is a winner. It is a Korean brand I have tried before but not this particular mask. I prefer clay masks to sheet ones these days, I paint them on with my mask brush and use a microfibre cloth to remove quickly and easily.

My skin felt so soft and smooth, I have only used half of this so you can get 2 uses which is great. I would invest in the full size and would be happy to try more from the brand.

Yogi Tea Rose Tea

The only item I will not use, and not because it is not nice, but I am only a coffee lover. I tend to save these up until I have a few and pass them on, so it won’t go to waste.

Cura Heat, period pain relief pad

This is possibly the best placed item in the box, after all it is designed for that time of the month. For me, I used this for lower back pain which I suffer a lot from. It was an actual god send, as I have been packing and lifting boxes for days. I put it on before bed and left it all night. I want more of these, and for the price they are brilliant.

You obviously can use them for lady pains too, and if you have a good month then just keep it to one side and it will definitely come in handy at some point I am sure.

Yoga move of the Month – The Butterfly

These are another new change to the box. There will be a new Yoga pose every month, that you can try out and even share your attempts on their Instagram! #evesparcel

I am definitely not the most flexible person, but I will give anything a go once. I can tell you that I did not get stuck on the floor, yay! I do like the way things like this remind you to look after yourself, it definitely slips by the wayside in my daily life which is so hectic at present.

Affirmation for the Month

Now this I am a big fan of. I have often said this about myself, so to see it in a quote really made me smile. When you do something different in life you leave yourself open to criticism, and being online it can often be negative. I always say to members that the only person that needs to know who I am is me. If you know yourself, and your true intentions then nothing else really matters.

Even in my darkest moments I disregard untrue words spoken, I really will be keeping and cherishing this quote. It will be pride of place on my Pinboard in the new house. Keep these coming, I think spreading positivity is infectious!

My Verdict?

I love the fact that even with the rebranding, Sonia has still kept her original black and white striped theme. The addition of the gold circular Eve’s Parcel stickers, and matching sweet shop style bags is so well coordinated with the new logo.

This box is one of the cheapest on the box market, and with the option now to exclude the sanitary items, therefore not paying for them and just the Beauty & Pamper items it genius as it is a really common complaint among BoXession members.

I realise that there are other similar boxes on the market, but as you all know, I am a huge fan of supporting small businesses. This is one lady who is doing what she loves, I of all people have huge appreciation for that.

I think you would be mad not to try out this box, especially since your first box will have 15% off with the code ‘EVES15’ too. I have linked the website and social media handles below, go check them out…

Mel x


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