The Vegan Kind Review by Nazia – July 2018

Thank you to the lovely Eve for sending me this fabulous box of goodies to review. I know it can be difficult to source products that are a 100% vegan, but all the hard work has already been done with this box as all the products are vegan and some even gluten free, so it really takes the hassle out of searching. They also have an online supermarket that hosts a whole variety of products including food, toiletries, clothes, pet food and much much more! Check out their website for more details.

What is The Vegan Kind?

The Vegan Kind is an exciting global subscription service for vegans and an online vegan supermarket. The idea was born after one too many hours spent in the supermarket, trawling the aisles and reading the ingredients on every label to try to find exciting products that were suitable for vegans. Frustration at the lack of easily available vegan options prompted the idea to create a box of vegan goodies, not just food and drink, but everything you could need for a vegan lifestyle, that could be shipped straight to your door each month.

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back here…

How does it work?

Each month, you will receive a box full of surprise vegan goodies! The contents of the box will always cover a wide variety in order to cater for as many tastes as possible and may have a theme depending on seasonal events. They always aim to source the best and most exciting vegan products from both new and established brands.

  1. The Lifestyle Box – 5-8 cruelty free and vegan products)
  • Rolling monthly – £13.15 including postage
  • 3 monthly – £36.45 including postage (save 10%)
  • 6 monthly – £69.90 including postage (save 15%)
  • 12 monthly – £133.80 including postage (save 20%)

Worldwide delivery available for £9

  1. The Beauty Box – A mix of skincare, cosmetics and beauty products delivered every two months.
  • Rolling Bi-monthly – £18.15 including postage
  • 6 monthly/3 boxes – £49.95 including postage (save 10%)
  • 12 monthly/6 boxes – £95.40 including postage (save 15%)

Gift subscriptions also available. Boxes are sent using Royal Mail 48-hour delivery and they are packaged using eco-friendly materials wherever possible.

What did I receive?

  • Vegan Oreo Stuffed Cookies recipe
  • Fairfields Farm Lentil Bites 20g RRP £0.75
  • Kuhbonbon Vegan Caramels 165g RRP £3.49
  • Nugglets Raw Cookie Dough 35g RRP £1.79
  • Munchy Seeds 25g RRP £0.80
  • Huel Bar 65g RRP £1.41
  • Honestly Co. Curry Masala Blend 50g RRP £2.99`
  • CoLab Dry Shampoo 200ml RRP £3.99

What did I think?

Fairfields Farm Lentil Bites – Jalapeno & Lime

The fresh lime coupled with hot jalapeno creates this mouth-wateringly delicious taste. The flavour is really good with the right amount of spice, and they have a good crunchy texture! I am obsessed with crisps and these make a great, healthier alternative.

Kuhbonbon Vegan Caramels

These are a vegan alternative to tradition caramels which usually contain dairy products such as milk and creams. They are also soy and Palm oil free. They have a fudge like texture and are super smooth tasting. It also has a rich creaminess to it which is most likely from the coconut milk. I had to stop myself from eating them all in one go

Nugglets Raw Cookie Dough

Made with only natural ingredients these little balls are delightful! The cookie dough flavour is super tasty and very moreish, and the texture is really smooth and velvety. Perfect for when you fancy a little treat. 

Munchy Seeds – Salted Caramel

Tasty little toasted treats that are high in vitamin E, zinc and thiamine and also Gluten & wheat free!

Both crunchy and sweet these handy little snack sized pack of seeds is utterly delicious. They also make the perfect addition to everything from porridge to yoghurt or salads and great on their own too!

Huel Bar – Cocoa & Orange flavour

This bar is packed with lots of vitamins & minerals so actually good for your body and great for people who care not only about the taste of their food but also its nutritional values. I love anything with orange and this particular flavour combination is a favourite of mine! A little on the dry side but helped to stop my mid-morning hunger pangs.

Honestly Co. Curry Masala Blend

Wow this claims to make cooking so much easier and quicker. Well, they weren’t lying that’s for sure! Simply add water and cooking oil and BAM instant Indian curry sauce! After a hard day’s work all I want to do is relax so sometimes the thought of coming home and having to cook fills me with dread. This masala blend makes life a whole lot better as it cuts the preparation time right down. I did however add extra chilli to suit my taste as I like my food hot but overall what a brilliant idea, brilliant taste, and brilliant product that I highly recommend!

CoLab Dry Shampoo

This is fantastic stuff! I religiously use dry shampoo in between washes and usually stick to one particular brand however; I may have found a new replacement! I have quite fine hair, and this gives it extra oomph when it’s looking a bit lifeless and freshens my hair right up without leaving a powdery residue behind.


If you’re vegan and looking for 100% vegan products to suit your needs, then check out The Vegan Kind. You’ll find some great quality products and some really interesting things that you’d never think of trying before. Both the beauty and lifestyle subscriptions boxes are great value for money and this service makes it a hassle-free experience as each month you can receive a box of wonderful surprise goodies. Discover lots of fabulous new tasty vegan staples or browse their website to find items to fit your lifestyle. Go on, what are you waiting for?

If you’d like to know more about The Vegan Kind visit their website or social media accounts:

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Thank you for reading,

Nazia x