MINTD Box 2nd Birthday Edition Review by Mel – July 2018

After my debut review for MINTD Box, I was elated to be asked to review again. I had a conference call with Cheryl, Elsie, and Lauren who were all really complimentary of my June box review. I can honestly say I am still using and enjoying all of the products, and this box has been the most talked about by me in the last month.

This months edition is the ‘Treatd’ Box, to celebrate their 2nd Birthday they have featured some favourite brands, it includes 3 Full Size and 1 super deluxe travel size item.

I have had this since the last week in June, and have had to hang onto it with pure excitement over the contents, as the full reveal of this box was to be done on a set date to stop any spoilers being released, and to add to the excitement. I was on holiday the weekend of the unboxing, not that I mind bringing this beautiful box along with me in my suitcase. I get to enjoy some time off and a pamper, you can’t complain at that can you?!

If you missed my unboxing of this beauty, don’t worry as it is now on our YouTube Channel, press play below…

I love the packaging this month, the silver bow and marbled sleeve, it lets you know just what kind of luxury you are in store for. Believe me, this box is well worth the price tag!

I pre took the photos, and I must say I was overwhelmed with what they were. Some brands I know and love, along with some unknown to me high end skincare brands. I am sure the ‘M’ stands for Mel, as this box truly could have been made for me!

So whats in the Box?

  • Oskia Skincare Renanissance Mask Full Size – RRP £51
  • Demamiel Dewy Facial Mist Travel Size – RRP £14.10
  • Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser Full Size – RRP £35
  • Omorovicza Rose Lifting Serum Full Size – RRP £90

Total Box Value = £190.10

A Saving of a HUGE £120.10!!!

How much is the Box?

The cost of the monthly subscription is £70, postage is free. Yes it is the higher end of the box market, but lets bear in mind the value of products and the saving you are getting. Not to mention the feeling of a luxurious treat you get when opening this stunning box.

How does it work?

When you subscribe you create a personalised beauty profile so that it helps them to tailor the box to you. You can have this box either monthly, or bi-monthly which is ideal for those who can’t justify the cost every month.

You get 4-5 deluxe luxury beauty products included every month, or in this box there are actually 6!

So, I will tell you a little bit about my thoughts on each product in the box.

Oskia Skincare Renanissance Mask

This is the only item in the past that I have tried, and loved. But the one I had was a deluxe travel size. This one is glorious full size, and I love a good face mask. So you use the little scoop provided to apply to your face, and then you massage it in. Your face will turn white, but don’t worry that is normal. This mask is designed to increase cell turnover, and minimise fine lines and wrinkles (needed as at my age they are creeping!). It does have a rose smell to it, but once I checked the ingredients I realised it is all fruit! Actually when I was washing it off you could taste the fruit, and it is quite pleasant. I know you aren’t supposed to eat it, but it is good to know that when it does accidentally land in your mouth it has a nice taste as opposed to some other masks.

It says to only use this 1-2 times a week, which I already use face masks twice a week as part of my routine. It is a wash off mask, I highly recommend using a muslin cloth or microfibre as I find it much easier using those.

It left my skin feeling soft and supple, this is a delight to own the full size at a fraction of the cost when you consider the cost of this is £51, compared to the box cost which is just £70!

Demamiel Dewy Facial Mist

This is a new brand for me, but I am no newbie to facial mists. I use them daily, and in this heat they are an absolute joy. I was really pleased that it delivers a fine mist spray when you pump it, sometimes I have had ones that don’t and you find yourself rubbing the product into your skin, which isn’t what you should need to do.

It has a lovely floral fragrance, it has hydrated my skin without the need to keep re applying moisturiser throughout the day. This is now my handbag essential. I would definitely buy this again, and have been checking out their website to look at other products they do. Lets hope MINTD Box will include some more from Demamiel, as I would be happy to see different items. You can check out their website here.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser

I have without a doubt been ‘Treatd’ this month, as the name of the box suggests. Another new brand for me to try, and a ceramic foaming cleanser. Right up my street. I love cleansers, and in this heat you do need a good one that strips any oil from your pores because lets face it, we are all a little more shiny when the suns out, not that I am complaining as I am also a little less pale.

You wouldn’t know that this was a clay based product, it does not feel dry or gritty at all when applying to your face. It is very smooth. I took extra care to rub it in more around my nose and chin as directed to do so, to help draw out impurities. I towel patted my face dry, and honestly my skin felt so clean. I am now using this daily morning and night, the added vitamin c is a bonus for me, as it is something which is essential to a skincare routine. I pay a hefty sum for vitamin c only products but they do work wonders for your skin. This retails at £35 and is full size, but I would bet even daily use I will get at least a couple of months use from it. Again this is another brand I am now curious to try more of their range, which is I suppose the desired effect when you get MINTD Box.

Omorovicza Rose Lifting Serum

You all know Omorovicza is one of my favourite brands, the plumping mask I have been using from the June MINTD Box is an absolute dream in a tub, I get so many compliments the day after using it. So when I saw that there was a full sized item from this brand to be included in the box I was a very happy Mel indeed.

This is a serum, but it is white like a moisturiser. Don’t let this dissuade you, this seeps into my skin amazingly, with absolutely no residue. It left my skin feeling really smooth and soft, I kept touching it, ha! Honestly another amazing product from one of my all time faves. Without subscription boxes like MINTD, I would never have discovered this brand, it is part of the reason I am such a box addict.

My Verdict?

I am truly spoilt, I will use every single item in this box, and if I had shelled out for all of these it would have cost me £190.10! I personally may go out and spend £50 on an item, but the fact you can get all 4 of these for a fraction of the cost is just a skincare addicts dream come true. This is the exact reason that MINTD Box has after 2 months gone straight to the top of the boxes for me.

I know a few ladies who have chatted to me about this box, and have been eyeing it up and now taken the plunge and subscribed. We all deserve that treat ladies, if you can’t stretch to it every month why not go bi-monthly? That would amount to £35 a month and to be honest the fact that they do send full size items, you would get a couple of months out of them.

I genuinely look forward to the next box, cannot even wait! Check them out below by clicking the links, thank you all for reading…

Mel x

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