Green Eco Box – Bee Happy Box Review by Mel – June 2018

I cannot thank Christine enough for sending me both the Bee Happy Box, and the Beauty in the Box from Green Eco.

The ethos behind this brand is…

”We selected more than 100 artisans from different countries and cultures including France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and UK.
This variety of cultural experiences in one box is unique. You’ll love it!”

The paper that grows! What a concept! I absolutely love this! You can grow carrots, off I went to the garden. I have 2 sheets, lots of yummy carrots. My boys have loved planting these. What a truly unique idea, I applaud you on this.

Donations to causes:

  • 5 euros to Greenpeace, read all about them here
  • 1 tree planted in California via ONETREEPLANTED, read more about them here

The box arrived via courier, very swiftly I may add! Inside were both the Beauty In the Box, and the Bee Happy Box. I was so excited. I could smell something amazing too, which you can read about in the Beauty in the Box review!

So Whats inside the Box?

  • Pistachio Biscuits – Sicilian Exquisiteness – RRP 6 euros
  • Black Tapenade Dried Tomatoes – L’Epicurien – RRP 4.50 euros
  • Chocolate Papua Kerafat – Original Beans – RRP 5.50 euros
  • Chocca-Roo-Brew – Joe’s Tea Co. – RRP 7 euros
  • Mango Curry Sauce – ANNis – RRP 7.95 euros
  • Shampoo Bar Aloe Vera – Creamy Stuff – RRP 6.50 euros

Total = 37.45 euros / £33.12

PLUS – Extra Treats are:

  • Higher Living Organic Very Berry Tea
  • Higher Living Organic Strawberry & Watermelon Tea
  • 2 x Milk Chocolate Cookies
  • Valrhona Noir Manjari Chocolate
  • Valrhona Lait Manjari Chocolate
  • Valyhona Noir Chocolate baton

The cookies are my favourite out of the treats, they are scrumptious! I had 2 packs of treats as they also came in my Beauty in the Box! Lucky me!!

How much is the Box?

42 euros, which converts to £37.14 (calculated 28/06/18)

They have a current discount code running until 15th July, ‘gebwelcome15’ will get you 15% off the box. So this will mean you get the box for 35.70 euros / £31.57!

SHIPPING IS FREE! In the EU, Switzerland and the UK!

Pistachio Biscuits – Sicilian Exquisiteness

Unfortunately, I cannot eat these due to a nut allergy, but I know a man who will! We live apart from my partner at present due to work, but on Thursday we have a trip to Chester planned for a long weekend in a beautiful apartment. I will be taking these for him to enjoy.

Black Tapenade Dried Tomatoes – L’Epicurien

We are both fans of antipasti and have also tried french tapenade in the past when on holiday. I am really looking forward to enjoying this next to the river view apartment we are staying in at the weekend, along with some cheese and wine of course!

Chocolate Papua Kerafat – Original Beans

Now this I don’t need a man for, although I did save him a little (possibly). What a luxurious, smooth and rich chocolate. My mouth is watering yet again! I am being spoilt with this box, diet went out of the window for this for one evening only ha!

Chocca-Roo-Brew – Joe’s Tea Co.

This really intrigued me, I have heard of and tried Joe’s Tea, but not this one. Chocca Roo brew, even the name is funky. I had this with my chocolate above, it was surprisingly refreshing, you expect it to be heavy but it is actually very light. Safe to say I am a fan of this, dying to let the man try it too.

Mango Curry Sauce – ANNis

This again is coming to the apartment on Thursday. It seems a shame to just cook for one. Tips include adding shellfish and poultry, we can definitely do that. My man is the chef in our relationship, he will enjoy cooking this I know. We love to try new food together. I think even my 10 year old son will like this.

Shampoo Bar Aloe Vera – Creamy Stuff

Last but definitely not least, this wonderful little shampoo bar. I talked about it fondly in my Beauty in the Box review, since then I have used it again today and I am massively in love with it. My hair honestly feels amazing, I will be telling people to touch it as I walk past them soon. I am so pleased I have 2 of these to use, if you could have doubled up on any product for me, this is the one I would have picked too!

My Verdict?

I love this box too, but definitely nowhere near as much as the Beauty in the Box one, which I keep telling anyone who will listen about.

This is suited to couples and families who love to try out new food, eat well, and enjoy artisan quality products. That is definitely us, we love to travel and always eat local when we do. Our favourite country is France, and we are hoping to be holidaying there again this year, even though we have not long returned from a wedding in Greece.

You can buy all of these items in their online shop, and more. I found myself scouring through and hoping some of their items will feature in future boxes… well here is to hoping!

If you would like to subscribe, or shop, or even buy both boxes, check out their website and social media links below. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it (I did, yum!)

Mel x

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