Green Eco Box – Beauty in The Box Review by Mel – June 2018

Thank you to Christine for sending me both boxes by The Green Eco Box to review. This one is their bi-monthly Beauty in The Box.

Their ethos is clear, and with a strong focus on charity, vegan and cruelty free, I suspected before even seeing the box that this may be something I would love, and I truly wasn’t wrong!

”We selected more than 100 artisans from different countries and cultures including France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and UK.
This variety of cultural experiences in one box is unique. You’ll love it!”

The paper that grows! What a concept! I absolutely love this! You can grow carrots, off I went to the garden. I have 2 sheets, lots of yummy carrots. My boys have loved planting these. What a truly unique idea, I applaud you on this.

Donations to causes:

  • 3 euros to WWF, read all about them here
  • 1 tree planted in Haiti via ONETREEPLANTED, read more about them here

The box arrived via courier, very swiftly I may add! Inside were both the Beauty In the Box, and the Bee Happy Box. I was so excited. I could smell something amazing too, which you will later discover what that was.

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back below. Forgive my giddy child like excitement, I blame the heat!

So whats inside the Box?

  • Bath Melt Cranberry – Autour de bain – RRP 4.50 euros
  • Shampoo Bar Aloe Vera – Creamy Stuff – RRP 6.50 euros
  • Shower Gel Lemongrass & Cedarwood – The Handmade Soap Company – RRP 12.95 euros
  • Organic Soap Jojoba Mint – Lulu & Guite – RRP 8.50 euros

Total = 32.45 euros / £28.69

PLUS – Extra Treats are:

  • Higher Living Organic Very Berry Tea
  • Higher Living Organic Strawberry & Watermelon Tea
  • 2 x Milk Chocolate Cookies
  • Valrhona Noir Manjari Chocolate
  • Valrhona Lait Manjari Chocolate
  • Valyhona Noir Chocolate baton

How much is the Box?

33 euros, which converts to £29.18 (calculated 28/06/18)

They have a current discount code running until 15th July, ‘gebwelcome15’ will get you 15% off the box. So this will mean you get the box for 28.05 euros / £24.80!

SHIPPING IS FREE! In the EU, Switzerland and the UK!

* Note, this box is a bi-monthly subscription

Bath Melt Cranberry – Autour de bain

So after reading the leaflet, I was very pleased to discover that this has multiple uses. It is very hot, and Baths are not ideal this time of year, but it suggested to use it in the shower as a moisturising bar. Well that was me sold, not only does this smell incredible, it really truly does by the way, you can smell this as soon as you open the box; it is also a tiny little champion when it comes to how much moisture it gave my skin. I need more of these so badly, the thought of it makes my mouth water as it looks and smells good enough to eat!

Shampoo Bar Aloe Vera – Creamy Stuff

How excited was I to see this in the box?! Did you see my live? Giddy child alert! I am such a huge fan of shampoo bars, I use nothing else on my hair and haven’t for over a year now. My hair is in amazing condition now that there are no added nasties used to wash it. This is:

  • Vegan
  • Handmade
  • Without palm oil
  • Cruelty Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Without Parabens
  • Without Parafin
  • Without conservatives

That is a huge list of no no’s right there. Remove these from your hair and you will have mermaid hair again overnight. When I buy shampoo bars, I buy 5 at a time, they lather up amazingly and this one was no exception. You have no waste, it is convenient to travel with, I just love them. My hair felt squeaky clean after using this, and smelt fresh all day. My kids also love them, I was even happier when I realised I actually have 2 of these (see my Bee Happy Box review).

Shower Gel Lemongrass & Cedarwood – The Handmade Soap Company

Yet again another perfect item for me, I prefer showers to baths, and in this heat they are just amazing. Nothing better than that fresh clean feeling!

This packs a punch with the lemongrass, you could small it for hours afterwards. It is one of my favourite smells so that was a bonus. It is a really good size bottle, I love the pump bottles too. The packaging is luxurious while highlighting that it is again another cruelty free brand. Thank you Ireland and The Handmade Soap Co, I have another loved brand to add to my list.

Organic Soap Jojoba Mint – Lulu & Guite

This is the only item I haven’t used in the box, and not because I don’t love it, the exact opposite! I actually love the design, smell, shape, colour and packaging so much that I cannot bear to make it disappear. The french have a knack to providing stunningly made artisan products, I holiday there a lot and am no stranger to little boutique type shops while I am there. This is the kind of thing I would buy and bring back, therefore the perfect addition to the box.

My Verdict?

You must be kidding me? This box is so suited to me you could have put my name on the lid. I adore all of the products, the little touches like the cute brown paper bags and the cookies, chocolates and tea (which were delicious).

Green Eco Box is one to watch out for, I am itching to press the subscribe button for this box, I really am. The only issue I have is that I get so many boxes to review, but I haven’t stopped thinking about this and have typed the review up so excitedly so I can share my love for it. This even got the thumbs up from my other half who was incredibly impressed by the contents when I sent him the photos.

The charity aspect of this box will set it apart from other boxes, the artisan quality will leave you wanting more of the products, the seed sheets are great for kids, and the personal touch with the hand-made cards and focus on brands.

Honestly, I cannot fault it at all. I love every single thing. If you want to buy it, you would be mad not to for less than £25 (see above discount code) then the links are below…

Mel x

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