Freya’s Gluten Free World Review By Nazia – June 2018

I’d like to say a big thank you to Carleen the founder of Freya’s Gluten Free World, for sending me this delicious box to review. She came up with the initial idea of Freya’s Gluten Free World, inspired by the experiences of her niece Freya and her family. Freya’s Gluten Free World recognises that living life gluten free can be pretty challenging at times and those with coeliac disease often feel different. Their aim is to make the person receiving this box feel special, not different and feel excited to receive their very own box full of yummy goodies, which they can eat safe in the knowledge that these items do not contain gluten as they have been carefully checked!

The story behind Freya’s Gluten Free World

Freya’s Gluten Free World was borne from the fact that Carleen’s niece, Freya was diagnosed with coeliac disease in February 2017. Freya’s parents found themselves in a minefield of information and uncertainty and the way they ran their family life was changed forever. So, they created a website, where parents of coeliac children could come to for practical advice on dealing with the everyday and the occasional, tried and tested recipes, also the place where you could buy gluten free products or purchase their subscription box service.

If you missed my live unboxing, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel:

How does it work?

The products contained in each subscription box change monthly and are specially curated by Tanya, the co-founder and Buyer to ensure you are receiving the very best gluten free products available. Every item in each of their boxes has been sampled by Freya and they don’t put anything into a box which she hasn’t personally sanctioned!

There is a selection of gluten free boxes which can be purchased as a one-off or on monthly subscription:

  • Family Staples – £30.00/month (up to 10 items)
  • On-the-go – £27.50/month (up to 10 items)
  • Sweet Treats –  £27.50/month (up to 10 items)

Delivery is charged at £3.95 and will arrive within 2-3 working days from placement of your initial order. Items will be delivered by Hermes; a trackable service.

Choose from a 1,3,6,9 or ongoing subscription which is billed monthly.

Box Contents

  • A personalised letter
  • Organix Finger Foods – Apple Rice Cakes 50g
  • Nakd Crazy Cola Infused Raisins 25g RRP
  • Nakd Fruit Salad Fruit & Nut Nibbles 40g
  • Biona Organic Carnival Chocolate Drops 60g
  • Orgran Chocolate Muffin Mix 375g
  • Koko Dairy Free Drinks – Chocolate 250 x 3
  • Fruit Heros Fruit Bar – Apple & Raspberry 20g
  • Mini Moos – Original Organic Bar 20g
  • Frooty Fruits Vegebears 100g
  • Doves Farm Lemon Zest Cookies 150g x 2

What I thought

Organix Finger Foods – Apple Rice Cakes

I love the flavour combination of apple and cinnamon of this product, making this the perfect indulgent treat for snacking on the go. The flavours are strong without being overpowering and the rice cake starts to melt as soon as it hits your mouth; the bag is also a generous size and is big enough for sharing. Something I would definitely buy again.

Nakd Crazy Cola Infused Raisins

I’m not a huge fan of raisins however these really do taste like cola and are a good substitute for sweets because they’re made with all-natural flavours and ingredients. Perfect for cola flavour loving kids and adults that don’t want the added refined sugar and a great size to keep in lunchboxes or bags for on the go.

Nakd Fruit Salad Fruit & Nut Nibbles

Containing only 5 natural ingredients this is a brilliant substitute for sugary sweets or chocolate. I enjoyed the texture of the crunchy cashews and the sweetness from the dates and raisins. Eat it on its own or sprinkle on to a bowl of cereal for added taste.

Biona Organic Carnival Chocolate Drops

Rainbow coloured chocolate alternative to smarties that has no artificial colours or flavours. A chocolaty core surrounded by a crisp, colourful shell, these delicious Carnival Choc Drops are made using only the very best, most natural and wherever possible organic ingredients. They are made with minimum 30% cocoa content in chocolate and are gluten free, wheat free, yeast free and suitable for vegetarians. 

Orgran Chocolate Muffin Mix

I haven’t had a chance to make these yet as I’m in the middle of moving back into my house, but I can’t wait to get into my new kitchen and do some baking! It looks fairly straight forward and easy to prepare and is produced from natural ingredients, is naturally wheat free and gluten free. This product is totally vegetable based which allows you the option to prepare muffins that are 97% fat free, dairy free, egg free and suitable for vegans.

Koko Dairy Free Drinks – Chocolate

I always doubt any chocolate drink not made with milk, but I’d have this over a milk version any day as this is amazingly delicious! It is really nice to enjoy either hot or cold, has a great flavour and just about goes well with everything that you would normally use milk. It has a very slight coconut flavour but is not overpowering at all. This is a great product that will help you to realise that there are delicious non-dairy products out there.

Fruit Heros Fruit Bar – Apple & Raspberry

A tasty treat for all the family to enjoy, made with only natural ingredients so is extremely nutritious but delicious at the same time! Fruity and sweet this little treat makes it perfect for munching on when craving sugary snacks.

Mini Moos – Original Organic Bar

This tastes so yummy; you can barely tell the difference between this and dairy milk chocolate! Compared to other free from products, this has the creamy texture you would expect from standard chocolate and has a delicious milk chocolate taste too. A great alternative to chocolate especially for those with allergies and intolerances as this is vegan, wheat, dairy, soya & gluten free!

Frooty Fruits Vegebears

I was surprised by how much I liked these! Fruity, chewy and sweet this little treat makes it perfect when needing that little sugar rush without being too sickly sweet. These sweets are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and also 100% additive-free and gluten free.

Doves Farm Lemon Zest Cookies

Lemon biscuits are my absolute favourites so to receive two packs has made my day. The smell that escapes the packet on opening is so wonderfully enticing. They don’t taste how traditionally cookies would taste but the flavour is still very good – zesty albeit crumbly and best enjoyed alongside a cup of tea.

Overall Verdict

When the box arrived, I didn’t expect it to be so huge and I was excited to get stuck in! The products were well packed and accompanied with a lovely personalised letter welcoming me to my wonderful box. Their website is mainly aimed at parents with children who have been diagnosed with coeliac disease, it is colourful, informative and easy to navigate and really well thought out. They have included tried and tested recipe ideas, an online shop to buy those essential gluten free products and helpful information for parents to deal with a situation they may otherwise be unfamiliar with. The website is also great for adults with coeliac disease and those with certain food intolerances as many of the items in the online shop and subscription box are free from products. The products in the box are varied with generous sizes of some familiar and unfamiliar brands. It’s a great way of learning about what brands are suitable for those who can’t eat gluten and by using this service, you never have to compromise on taste and you can rest assured that these items will cause no harm as the products are sourced from approved gluten-free environments. This is a fantastic box of treats to share with the whole family.

If you’d like to know more about Freya’s Gluten Free World you can check out their website or social media:

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Thank you for reading…

Nazia x