The Smile Parcel Review by Mel – June 2018

This box had me intrigued just by the name. ‘The Smile Parcel’, I mean who doesn’t want a box that instantly cheers you up?! It has to be the biggest reason I buy boxes, the excitement of opening a box of unknown treats, a parcel arriving with your name on. I am a very busy mum, I don’t really get any time to myself. In fact the reason I do what I do is I am so passionate about sharing the world of subscription boxes with everyone and anyone who will listen; to tell of the joy that I get from them to others.

Karen is the founder of The Smile Parcel, having previously owned an online home and accessories business, she decided that her plan was to spread happiness by way of creating this box. I have to applaud the ethos, mental health should NOT be a taboo subject. It is good to talk, and I am often an ear to our members and always will be.

When I spoke to Karen about reviewing the box, I really wanted to take on this one personally. I could sense her passion about her business even through our email discussion, I can relate to this as I too am a very passionate person about what I do. I will support small businesses as much as I can; and sharing boxes like The Smile Parcel is spreading happiness like confetti!

So it arrived via my hermes, which is fab for me as I have a lovely courier, Claire, who often pops me a message to say she has parcels for me. She even lets herself in my house now to leave deliveries in the porch. I knew what it was, as the outside box had the company logo’s stamped on either side. Inside was a crisp white box with their logo, and the slogan ‘a small box with a big mission’.

It was a hard task to stop me from peeking at this box, in fact I picked it up and stopped myself several times. I love a surprise. If you missed my unboxing live on the BoXession group, you can watch it back now on our YouTube Channel…

So what’s inside the box?


  • Heart Suncatcher
  • Tea Light Holder & Tea Light
  • Bunting
  • Metal Bird
  • ‘Bee Yourself’ Sticker
  • Smile Cards
  • Parcel Assistant

How much does it cost?

  • A one off parcel – £19
  • 3 Month Subscription – £17.50 per month
  • 6 Month Subscription – £16 per month

All options include FREE Uk delivery! The above are also payable in instalments, and NOT a lump sum which is fab, not a lot of subscriptions do this.

What did I think of the contents?

Heart Suncatcher

I have never owned one of these before, and I don’t know why either as it is lovely. My kitchen window gets the sun all day and so I have hung it there. The colours twinkling all over my kitchen is such a mood lifter.

Tea Light Holder & Tea Light

If anything, this has given me a kick to order some new outdoor furniture. Now that we have the weather mine is looking a little tired. So roll on the summer BBQ’s, this will be lovely as a centrepiece in the evening and very relaxing.

Door Bunting

I love bunting! I have some beautiful Christmas designed one that is similar to this except for the print. I have found a place for this above my door frame that leads from my bedroom to my en suite. I enjoy quirky little items, and have lots of items in my house that don’t match, but make it very homely. A welcome addition to the box.

Metal Bird

As above, this is a perfect item for my home. Even if it did not suit your taste this would also make a cute gift to make someone smile. I love the sound of the birds in the morning, it is an instant reminder that it is summer.

‘Bee Yourself’ Sticker

Although I love Bees, I have gifted this to my Son. I am always telling him the importance of being yourself. As I tell him often, everyone else is already taken! I love that Joel is different, I wish that when I was a youngster at School being unique was actively encouraged.

Smile Cards

What an amazing idea. Something so simple, yet it is the simple things in life that make me happiest. There is a blank one included, so watch out for me popping one randomly in one of my Beauty Boxes that I send out. Passing on the positivity!


Parcel Assistant

His name is Dave! This make me giggle, which I think is the intended purpose of his place in the box. Just a little friend who now resides in my house.

My Verdict?

This box is a unique concept, if you ask most of our box addicts on BoXession, they will tell you that the reason they buy their subscriptions is the joy it brings them when everyday life can get on top of you.

The fact that The Smile Parcel are using this in their ethos, is applaudable. We all enjoy our monthly treats, so why not a box that is intended JUST to bring you happiness and put a smile on your face.

If you want to subscribe, the links are below to their Website and Social Media, Thank you for reading ladies, and keep smiling!

Mel x

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