MINTD Box Review by Mel – June 2018

Having been buying subscription boxes for as long as I have, this is one that I discovered on Instagram and have been swooning over ever since. With its crisp white magnetic closure box, and the rose gold MINTD branding; the box alone has enough enticing beauty to get you interested.

So when Elsie from MINTD Box called me up, I had a lovely conversation with her and we agreed a collaboration. Of course, as always we review by best suited. This box could have my name on it. Being known on the group for my love of skincare, and my barely mediocre makeup skills; I am always chatting to ladies about great products and brands I have discovered.

When it comes to skincare, I firmly believe that you cannot scrimp on a few quid for the sake of finding something better but cheaper. I can say this with confidence, as it is something I have regularly done. My skin type is combination which I have had trouble with for years. When I tell you I have tried in the region of over 100 moisturisers, I am NOT kidding! I have found some amazing products, and I am continually discovering them. Which is why boxes like these are fantastic. You can get high end, high quality items for a fraction of the RRP.

This months edit is the ‘Explore’ box. The idea behind it is to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated whilst you are off on your travels. Sounds good for me, I am always heading off somewhere for short breaks or holidays!

The box arrived via Royal Mail 24 hour service. It was in a blue plastic mailing bag, and was double boxed to protect the white box.

If you missed my live unboxing on the BoXession Facebook Group, then you can watch it back here on our YouTube Channel…

So whats in the Box?

  • OM Skincare Mindful Traveller – Full Size – RRP £48
  • Skin Laundry Purifying Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes – Full Size – RRP £14
  • OSKIA Skincare Citylife I-Zone Lip & Eye Balm – Full Size – RRP £55
  • Omorovicza Instant Plumping Mask – Travel Size – RRP £33 (Full Size £110)
  • Stephie Ann Dawn Silk Eye Mask – Full Size – RRP £25
  • Malin & Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant – Travel Size – RRP £12 (Full Size £19)


How much is the Box?

The cost of the monthly subscription is £70, postage is free. Yes it is the higher end of the box market, but lets bear in mind the value of products and the saving you are getting. Not to mention the feeling of a luxurious treat you get when opening this stunning box.

How does it work?

When you subscribe you create a personalised beauty profile so that it helps them to tailor the box to you. You can have this box either monthly, or bi-monthly which is ideal for those who can’t justify the cost every month.

You get 4-5 deluxe luxury beauty products included every month, or in this box there are actually 6!

So, I will tell you a little bit about my thoughts on each product in the box.

OM Skincare Mindful Traveller

This is the item which caught my eye the most. The packaging just screams luxury. The white and gold combo and the sleek design of how the lids come off either end. This means you are carrying a cleanser and moisturiser in one. Perfect when you are on the go.

The cleanser is a gel consistency and clear in colour. I really liked this, it left no residue on my skin whatsoever. The moisturiser you need to bear with it a bit. I am used to gel types which soak into your skin instantly, whereas this is a white creamy texture and you need to give it a bit more of a massage for it to absorb fully.

I will be taking this away with me on my mini break this weekend. Saving space in my case is a must when you carry the amount of items I do!

Omorovicza Instant Plumping Mask

Yes! One of my favourite brands! I was excited when I saw a sneak that this would be featuring in this box. I have tried a couple of masks, a moisturiser, and the queen of hungary mist by this brand.

I am a huge fan of face masks, I already put on an intensive moisturiser in the evening before I go to sleep, so the fact I could pop this on and leave it overnight is ideal for me.

You apply it evenly all over the face and neck area, and go to sleep! Its claims are bold, that you will wake up with instantly plumped skin. Bold, and true! My word I absolutely love this. Was actually hard for this to not be my favourite product in the box. The only thing that makes me shy away is the price of the full size item. It is a whopping £110! But, this luxury travel size is going to go a fair way. I would guess around 10-15 uses out of this, of which I will be using every last drop. What amazing results, my skin was so peachy the next morning. Anyone would think I don’t have two boys who I run around after, ha!

Malin & Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

This is actually the item I love the most in the box. I have been looking for a good deodorant for a while. I dislike cream roll ons, and I am not a fan of aerosols, they are not only bad for the environment but they are bulky. I have my underarms waxed, so keeping them in tip top condition means using products that are not harsh or abrasive to ensure my skin stays moisturised and does not become irritated.

The smell of this is so fresh, you can really smell the Eucalyptus. It slides onto my underarm skin, and you can barely tell you are wearing any. I wouldn’t have known this was not a full size, it is going to last me a while I would say.

This is a must re buy for me.

OSKIA Skincare Citylife I-Zone Lip & Eye Balm

This is almost the colour of a BB cream, lightly tinted. It is fairly thick but this means you are not using too much product as you only need a small amount. It is a little too soon to tell if there is a huge difference to my outer eye and lip area, but I will continue to use it as so far I like it. I have used products from the brand before too, with great results; so I have high hopes for this.

Stephie Ann Dawn Silk Eye Mask

This is stunning, with black silk lining and a purple design. It comes in a little violet organza pouch. I have been using it, I used to use the throwaway type of masks, but not anymore. I feel very posh with this tucked away in my bedside drawer. I almost feel as if it should be out on show as it is so beautiful.

Skin Laundry Purifying Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes

This is the only item I have not yet used. I spoke in my live about the fact I do not wear much makeup. When I do it tends to affect my skin, and I take a lot of time to keep my skin in the best possible condition. I personally will keep these in the fridge box in my car, and use them for when I am travelling to refresh and cleanse.

My Verdict?

I utterly adore everything about this box! I was dubious when you consider the price, but if you were to ask me if I would buy it again? I would not hesitate. This is not your average subscription, it is a skincare lovers paradise. This is the kind of thing that if the man of the house were to buy for me, he would be eternally in the good books.

I will use everything in this box, and am genuinely thrilled that I was given the opportunity to review it. We all deserve a treat, this has the luxe factor that your average £20 subscription box will not give you. It was a completely new experience for me to dip my toe into the higher end of boxes; and it won’t be long before I go for a swim!

Should you feel the need to treat yourself, or nudge someone in the right direction towards buying this box for you, then the links are below as always.

Thank you for reading, and thank you again to Elsie & MINTD Box, I would absolutely love the opportunity to collaborate again in future.

Mel x

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