Time Monthly Review by Mel – May 2018

Welcome to the very FIRST, yes that’s right, never been done before, UK watch subscription!

I have been keeping this one under wraps, I had a fantastic conversation with Sunny, the founder of Time Monthly; and he asked me to review and reveal on the launch date of his Website. I of course obliged, I knew for a fact this is something that Rob (my other half) would be interested in.

He hates shopping, as do most men. But he really has expensive taste. No idea how or why, to look at him he is a born and bred Yorkshireman, very laid back and happiest with a fishing rod by his side. But when it comes to watches, suits, cars, aftershave… he costs me a fortune! So the opportunity to show him something like this, that he can get the same quality, but for a fraction of the dent to our bank balance; had my interest immediately.

Our American friends have watch subscriptions, as I can see from my research they are a big hit, so it is about time we get the good stuff too. I have had this for a couple of weeks now, but I had scheduled in my unboxing to tie in with the Time Monthly website launch. If you missed my unboxing, you can watch it back here…

What did I receive?

So lets talk about the Watch…

A very classy looking Time Piece by a brand called Pour Les Rois.

The name is ‘Verona’ and it is priced at £99! Which means that the value of this is a MASSIVE 4 times what you are paying. I knew it was an expensive looking item, but when I did my live I had not priced it up. I like to give my honest reaction to all products I review, and sometimes I find that if you look up any prices beforehand then you are influenced by that in your mind, without actually looking at the product and judging it on merit.

It is beautiful, I was genuinely shocked at the quality. I mean lets face it, I am northern, bargains are in my blood. But for £24 I did not expect it to be anywhere near this classy. It is very heavy, so you feel that it is on. For most men this is a good thing in my experience.

It is a see through skeletal design, automatic movement, stainless steel which is polished to gleam; with a genuine leather black strap.

The one thing I love the most, is the sweeping second hand and all 3 hands are in shiny electric blue, which makes it look so modern against the crisp white face.

If you watched my live, you will see me compare it to one I bought rob as a gift for £150, and I really prefer this one. when I put them side by side it was obvious which one looked better, and If I thought that the Time Monthly one was more expensive, then men would too. If you gift this for Fathers Day, they will think you spent a small fortune! Crikey you could buy them a 3 month sub, and you would be really in the good books then!

How does it work?

This subscription is really simple, you get one new watch every month. You can pay:

  • Monthly – £24
  • 3 Month prepay – £69 (£23 per month)
  • 6 Month prepay – £132 (£22 per month)
  • 12 Month prepay – £252 (£21 per month)

All of the options do not include the P&P, which is £4.95 – you do get the lovely box included in the P&P price though!

The renewal date for subscription payments is the 11th of each month, and their shipping date is 4th. So if you subscribe now your watch will be shipped on 4th June in time for Father’s Day! What a fantastic gift this would make!

If you are still undecided, we have an EXCLUSIVE code!! ‘MEL10’ will take 10% off your first month, getting your first timepiece for £21.60!!

Robs Thoughts

So the man of few words FaceTimed me, and I showed him this watch. I had not told him about Time Monthly at all. I said, I have been given a present for you. His reaction? ‘It is class that, where did you get it?’, I proceeded to explain how, why and about Time Monthly. I asked him how much he thought it was per month to subscribe. He said I dunno, £60? I said no, try again. He said ok, £70? When I told him it was £24 he swore! haha! So I won’t add that part in to my review.

He is going to ask some of the lads at my Brothers Wedding how much they think it was, I am really interested to see what they say and think; and it will make a good talking point to share the word of course!

My Verdict

I am really excited to see how this company grows, I have already seen quite a few famous people sharing their Time Monthly first delivery on Instagram. I am a supporter of small businesses, they don’t always take off. This one in my opinion will. The branding is perfect, the website is as simple and sleek as it needs to be.

For any bloke wanting to subscribe, the process is so straight forward. For any ladies signing up for their men as a lot of us do, it is very easy to do, and there is no minimum term.

I am itching to see what the other watches look like, I have a feeling that the quality will be equally as good. Sunny has hand selected all of them to date, and he comes across to me as the type of person who is very particular.

With Fathers Day next month, this is a must buy. You can save yourselves a small fortune. I would pay £24 for this, I think it is a total steal. I also agree with several of our members who mentioned the need for a ladies version. Just food for thought there Sunny!

The links are below to purchase, don’t forget to use my code!

Thank you my lovely lot for reading,

Mel x


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