Belgibeer Review by Nazia & Darren – May 2018

Firstly, I’d like to say a big thank you to Dario for sending me this exciting box! I am a massive fan of craft beer as is my partner Darren, especially the Belgian kind so I decided to let him experience and enjoy this box with me. Although when I told Darren I would be reviewing this box he was extremely excited at the prospect and believed this box would be solely for him – I had to set him straight and told him he had to share! As a hobby we brew our own beer so this box is perfect for us. We absolutely love the distinct taste and vast array of flavours of Belgian beers.

If you missed our live unboxing you can catch it here:

What is BelgiBeer?

Each month, BelgiBeer experts search for the most authentic, and even sometimes hidden gems in Belgian beer. They track down craft breweries that have used the same traditional techniques and recipes for decades, even centuries. 

Belgian beers are known worldwide for their variety and quality, there are around 150 different breweries in Belgium and more than 1000 different beers with so many different tastes! However, many ignore 99% of them. BelgiBeer has three main aims; their first and foremost aim is to bring awareness to this great Belgian heritage. Their second aim is to help support artisan brewers in their work and lastly their third aim is to make you ambassadors of this new experience.

How much beer is in each BelgiBeer Box? 

A BelgiBeer Box contains 8 beers in 33 cl or 25 cl bottles, depending on the brewery. Occasionally, they may replace them with 4 x 75 cl bottles or 6 x 50 cl bottles.

How does it work?

There are a few different monthly subscription options available to suit all, from those just starting to enjoy craft beer to the craft beer enthusiasts!

  1. Best seller box – for beer lovers. Includes 8 bottles for £28.90 (£3.60 per bottle)
  2. Starter box – ideal for gifts. Includes 4 bottles for £20.90 (£5.22 per bottle)
  3. Jumbo box – for beer experts. Includes 12 bottles + 2 free gifts for £35.90 (£2.99 per bottle)

Gift subscriptions are also available.

Delivery is through DPD and costs £4.90

Damage insurance – Don’t worry they have less than 0.1% of damages but in case of breakage, you’ll get a refund! My box was carefully packaged and arrived perfectly intact.


What did the box contain?

So, this month’s beers were from Brasserie De Cazeau which was founded in 1753 and since then, 8 generation have run the brewery. From this brewery we received:

  1. The Belgian beer discoverer magazine
  2. Tournay Blond 6.7% 75cl bottle RRP £6.66

Colour: Orange – blond

Smell: Aromas of fruity hops

Taste: Slightly fruity with a bitter aftertaste.

  1. Tournay Triple 9% 75cl bottle RRP £8.33

Colour: Orange-blond

Smell: hops and flowery aromas

Taste: Strong bitterness with a wine aftertaste

  1. Tournay Noire 7.6% 75cl bottle RRP £7.83

Colour: Black beer

Smell: Aromas of roasted malts and hops

Taste: Strong coffee aftertaste, touch of bitterness

  1. Saison Cazeau 5% 75cl bottle RRP £6.66

Colour: Blond Beer

Smell: Floral aromas

Taste: Fresh taste, leaving a slightly dry touch

Extra freebies also included:

  1. Rebelse Strop 6.9% 33cl. RRP £1.79
  2. Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel 11% 33cl. RRP £3.60
  3. Brasserie De Cazeau Glass
  4. Magnetic BelgiBeer bottle opener

Prices were found searching online.

Total cost of box £ 34.87 Saving £5.97

What we thought:

The magazine is a helpful leaflet that provides background information on the brewery of the month and also a tasting guide for the beers you receive in your box like ABV, smell, colour and taste. I love that they gave us a magnetic bottle opener which is always handy. A glass from their chosen brewery was included in the box which is a really nice way to enjoy the beer.


Tournay Blonde – Nice balanced flavour with a sweet malty taste followed by the bitterness from the hops, the 6.7% strength is hidden by the taste making it an easy beer to drink. It is an extremely smooth and delicious beer that we both really enjoyed.


Tournay Tripel – Wonderful fruity grapefruit aromas with a slight taste of grapefruit and orange flavours from the hops. It tastes quite strong (which it is at 9%) but still has a nicely balanced flavour. The spicy taste from the yeast helps to cover the bitterness from the high alcohol content. Not something I could drink all evening (although I’m sure Darren could) but a glass or 2 was perfect to drink with a meal.

Tournay Noire –  Stouts are one type of beer I tend to stay away from as I don’t like the coffee notes in them so Darren had the pleasure of enjoying this all to himself. What he said – A dark beer that has a fantastic aroma of roasted malts and hops, tastes very smooth with a sweetness that balances with the spicy taste imparted by the Belgian yeast. Perfect to drink with your dessert as a nice end to a meal.

Saison Cazeau – This was a big thumbs up from both of us! Light easy drinking beer with a fresh taste with hits of grape and pear. This is the perfect beer to sit in the garden and enjoy on a summers afternoon – which is exactly what we did and needless to say, we finished the bottle quite quickly!

Straffe Hendrik quadrupel – pours a lovely dark red-brown colour with the aroma of brown sugar and dark fruits. Tastes include a hint of cherry with an aftertaste of alcohol (11% so not surprising) but this balances well with the earthy fruity tastes. Enjoyable to drink but good thing it’s only a small bottle as it’s so strong!

Rebelse Strop – A light hazy golden beer with a sweet, spicy orange taste with a smell and taste of brett (a specific yeast which gives a very distinct aroma and flavour to any beer made with it) not to either mine or Darren’s taste but made an interesting beer to drink.


BelgiBeer offers a supply of carefully choose beers from a different Belgian brewery every month. This approach guarantees a range of styles, with limited editions alongside core products, and comes with a magazine which includes tasting notes on each of the beers provided. With BelgiBeer, you help support and preserve these authentic, small and independent breweries. This box has truly amazing value, not only did we receive 4 large bottles of beer but they also sent two extras and to buy and import 8 individual craft beers would usually cost more than the value of this box. The different subscription packages are also appealing to both the novice and expert drinkers. We were really impressed with these products, it’s definitely the kind of box that Darren and I would subscribe to and with our exclusive code this is a real steal! With a BelgiBeer box you can enjoy a unique and original experience that can be shared with friends and family and embark on an adventure of discovery into the world of exceptional Belgian craft beer.

If you’d like to know more about BelgiBeer visit their website or social media here:

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Thank you so much for reading…

Nazia & Darren xx