LoveDrop Box Review by Mel – May 2018

When I first made contact with Ben from LoveDrop, one of the very first things I noticed was his e-mail signature. ‘Husband, Gin Enthusiast & Date Night Designer’; it really caught my eye. I am an over thinker, but things like that give away a lot to someone like me. I expected greatness from this box before it even arrived, and I wasn’t wrong.

In the world of subscription boxes, and there are 650 in the UK alone at the moment (yes I have a list), you really have to do something a little outside of the box, forgive the expression, for it to make an impression. I think Ben has created something rather clever with this one, and it has been the talking point of the BoXession team since the 4 boxes started to arrive.

It landed via Royal Mail, the box itself was bubble wrapped and also bagged. There was no giveaway at all as to its contents, which is a good thing; no red faces in front of your postie!

I was the first out of the 4 of us to unbox, and if you missed my live (over 18’s only), then click play below to watch it back on our YouTube Channel…

The box design has been updated so I believe from following their Instagram, which I may add is also very good. Ben, you are either very good at what you do; or you have an exceptional woman behind you? I am intrigued to know, ha!

I love the new box, it is fun and flirty without being over the top. Both the box and the inside packaging are fully recyclable.

So what is in the Box?

  • Twenty One by Bijoux Indiscrets – RRP £50
  • Salcombe Gin with Pink Grapefruit Fudge by the Devon Fudge Co. – RRP £4.25
  • Bath Truffle Selection by GK Natural Creations – RRP £8.85
  • LoveDrop Prompt Cards – RRP £9.95

Free Samples from Bijoux Indiscrets:

  • Aphrodisia Clitoral Orgasm enhancer balm
  • Warming Massage Oil, Light my fire: soft caramel & salt
  • Warming Massage Oil, Light my fire: wild strawberry & honey
  • Aphrodisia 2 in 1 Scented Silicon Massage & Love Gel

Free Neroli Soap Sample from GK Creations

Free Condoms x 2 by LELO HEX

Total RRP = £73.05, and this is NOT counting the freebies/samples!


We have a DISCOUNT and a FREE GIFT!!! The code ‘BOXESSION18’ gets you £5 off, and you will get a free gift which could be either of the following:

How it works?

This is a bi-monthly subscription that despatches on or around the 10th of every second month. You are billed on the 5th of the shipping month.

When you sign up, you will be sent the current box (unless it has sold out, then you will get the next release). Which means there is still chance to get your hands on this one, hurry!

For 2018 the shipping dates are:

  • 10th June
  • 10th August
  • 10th October
  • 10th December

How much is it?

£45 including P&P, or with our discount you can get £5 off and a free gift (see links above).

A bit about me & the Mr

So, we have 2 boys, they are aged 3 and 10. We are total opposites (personalities); yet some things we both enjoy. We are both foodies, we both have an unhealthy addiction to Italian cars, and still after all these years we are madly in love. Pass the bucket indeed. We are currently 300 miles apart and have been since Christmas due to work, and we are like a pair of love sick teens. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Apple for inventing FaceTime, ha!

This box appealed to us both, I actually showed it to Rob, and he agreed entirely that it would be a great idea for when we meet up for weekends. We do this every few weeks as the 300 mile drive is just too much for one day; so we do 150 each. We are a very open couple; we don’t take life too seriously and literally talk about anything. So subjects like this have never been embarrassing to us; we are definitely up for trying new experiences!

So lets talk about the goodies…

Twenty One by Bijoux Indiscrets

On first sight I thought this was a bottle of perfume, a very well-known designer one. The packaging is sleek, elegant and simply divine. It is one classy object. It is rechargeable, and waterproof.

I would like to give you the low down on how good this is, but I am not entirely sure I want my Dad to read that!

What I can tell you is it had 10 settings, it is light and easy to operate, and most importantly it is discreet. I am absolutely taking this away with me in my suitcase to Greece, Rob and I have already spoken about it. Nothing like a bit of sun, and erm sex on the beach… I mean the cocktail you filthy lot!

Salcombe Gin with Pink Grapefruit Fudge

I was going to wait for Rob to share this with, he loves fudge! But sadly I did have a little nibble. I have saved him some of course! It is divine, I could eat the whole packet with ease.

Bath Truffle Selection

These smell and look amazing! They look like they type you would buy from a boutique style shop, not at all mass produced. I really do want to use them, but I want to share the romantic bath with the Mr, so I am saving them for when we next meet for a weekend.

LoveDrop Prompt Cards

Fab idea, the one thing I thought with these is that it takes away the embarrassment of having to discuss things in detail. Not that Rob and I are shy in the slightest about these subjects; but for people who were, you could each read them and then carry out the tasks. These are also coming in my suitcase!

My Verdict?

Surely you have all been reading my reviews long enough now to know when I am genuine. This box is bang on in every sense. I have seen hundreds, ordered hundreds and reviewed hundreds. I am very honest in my reviews, I firmly state over and over that although we are sent boxes to review, I would never influence someone to buy a box that I would not buy myself.

So on that basis, go and BUY THIS BOX. Ladies, you can thank me later for the happy partners, and men I can tell you now that if the man sent me this I would be very impressed with him. I may even let him buy another fishing rod. Not entirely sure if he still reads my reviews, but that was worth a punt!

This is one box that will keep on giving, in more ways than one!

Thank you all for reading, links are below, and don’t forget the discount code…

Mel x

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