Latest in Beauty Review by Mel – May 2018

A massive Thank you to the lovely Jemma, who is the Social Media Manager over at Latest in Beauty; for collaborating with BoXession.

This is a subscription that is well known by our members; one which I have purchased and subscribed to a lot over the years of my Box Obsession. I won’t deny that I often click on their website at midnight to see the newest items they have added for that day. I have had some brilliant items, and most recently some very interesting ones (you all know what I am talking about).

If you missed my live unboxing on our Facebook group, fear not, it is now on YouTube too. Just press play below…

So I was given a code to order my 9 item Beauty Guru Box, which I ordered as a one-off box. If you choose this option you will pay postage, so it is much better to subscribe (see the options further down); as you will get free delivery not only on your monthly choices, but any further one-off purchases!

I carefully scoured through over 200 choices, it is like being in the beauty version of a sweet shop! So many to choose from, what do I get? I decided to choose items I have either wanted to try, or things that will be very useful to me for my upcoming holiday to Greece for my Brother’s Wedding this month.

Here is a full list of what I received:

  • Paulas Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment – Full Size 30ml – RRP £53
  • WHOOSH Scent Stik (Cassis, Strawberry & Raspberry) – RRP £4.95
  • Dr Organic Hemp Hair Mask 200ml – RRP £11.99
  • Physicool Pink Bag & Cooling Mist (35ml) – RRP £8.99
  • Wellwoman Energy Pack of 10 Lime Flavour Effervescent Tablets – RRP £5.39
  • TISHU Original Microfibre Cloth – RRP £4
  • SBC Collagen 3 in 1 Cleanser 100ml – RRP £12
  • Urban Beauty Powder Brush – RRP £7
  • White Rabbit Chocolate Orange Lip Balm – RRP £7

TOTAL RRP = £114.32!!

Plus a gorgeous bag, which you usually get when you first subscribe as I recall.

A saving of £99.92 based on having a 9 item subscription using our 20% off code!

Wait for it… we have a DISCOUNT!!!!

BoXession20 will bag you 20% off, which means you can get 9 items for £14.40 with free delivery! Are you seriously still reading my review?

You have 3 options with a LIB subscription:

  1. Beauty Novice – 3 items with free P&P £9
  2. Beauty Enthusiast – 6 items with free P&P £15
  3. Beauty Guru – 9 items with free P&P £18

The brilliant thing about this subscription, is that you will never receive anything you do not want, or will not use. You are in complete control of what you are getting. Once a month you will be able to re select products you would like to receive, you can even alter your subscription amount if you saw some extra products you wanted that month for example.

If you wanted to look at it the way I do, for a 9 item box, its £2 per item (or £1.60 if you use our code), so it really is a bargain. I have made up gift hampers with items I have bought from here before, and it looked like I had spent a small fortune. The recipient was very impressed. As you can see above from my selections, the items are always worth more, and in some cases a massive amount more.

So what have I tried so far?

I am saving some items for my holiday, so I will talk about the items I have opened and used, and explain my reasons for why I have ordered the other items.

Paulas Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment

I have been dying to try this, but with the hefty price tag it would be a guilty splurge to pay out full price. Well LIB you have made my day, this is what I love the most about subscription boxes, getting high end products for a fraction of the price. It is impossible to tell yet if this will make a difference, it needs to be used over a few weeks at least to notice any results, but I will keep you all posted on the BoXession group as to how I get on.

WHOOSH Scent Stik (Cassis, Strawberry & Raspberry)

This smells like summer!! It is so light and easy to use. It is like a felt tip pen that you rub onto your wrists or wherever. I am happy that this is very safe to carry around with me, no danger of breaking or spillages. It would also be suited to younger girls/teens.

Dr Organic Hemp Hair Mask

My hair will take a battering whilst I am away. A mixture of sea swimming and the Hotel Pool (Chlorine) will mean it is going to get dried out and tangled. Plus the obvious sweltering heat on top of that! I will use this every night while away to ensure that I restore the moisture that will inevitably be lost throughout the day. This is a huge full size, hemp is an amazing attribute to a lot of skin and haircare products. This has to be one of my favourite choices in the box.

Physicool Pink Bag & Cooling Mist

How cute is this?! It is a pink handbag that you flip open and spray to cool down. I will chuck this in my beach bag, sit sipping cocktails and cooling myself down, can’t wait!

Wellwoman Energy Pack of 10 Lime Flavour Effervescent Tablets

I saw these and laughed! Tired? YES, Travel? most definitely! They seemed like a perfect addition to my 9 item selection. They are effervescent tablets so you dissolve them in water. Lets hope they can assist me on a 5 hour flight with 2 boys, or with a slightly heavy head from the all inclusive!

TISHU Original Microfibre Cloth

I use microfibre cloths religiously as part of my beauty routine. They are great for washing off makeup and face masks, without the need for anything but water. I mask twice weekly, and use one of these to remove my mask. It makes the process quick and simple. I chose this to have a spare one, and it is a new brand for me to try.

SBC Collagen 3 in 1 Cleanser

I use cream cleansers when I am tweezing my eyebrows. I find they help before and after the process to smooth and cool my skin. The bottle I am currently working my way through is huge, so I wanted to try a new type that is in a more compact bottle. Still a great size at 100ml, but saving on the all important luggage capacity.

Urban Beauty Powder Brush

I was drawn to this firstly for its colour! It is so fluffy and pink! I have not used this brand of brush before but it feels very soft. I will be using this to apply powder and my blush for my wedding makeup. It means I don’t have to take my full brush set away with me, just this and a couple of eye brushes. They are very reasonably priced, so if I get along with this I will buy more of these.

White Rabbit Chocolate Orange Lip Balm

I am already a fan of White Rabbit skincare. Having used a few of their products I knew this would not disappoint me. Apart from the fact it smells good enough to eat; it is also cruelty free – bonus!

My Verdict?

Are you crazy? I applaud you for reading this far without just swooshing to the bottom for the link by the way. Subscribing to Latest in Beauty is a clear winner on every level.

I am not the biggest makeup person, so it is absolutely ideal for me. There are new products added daily, over 200 items to choose from, and you can change how many items you want if you find you want more or less that month.

It is more of a what you want, when you want it type of subscription. Which lets face it, is suited to anyone and everyone. So off you pop, links are below, and don’t forget the 20% off discount code!

Thank you my lovely lot for reading,

Mel x

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