Boxcitement Review by Mel – April 2018

And the theme of this month’s Boxcitement is…


I am always happy to be asked by Box owners to review for them. So a huge Thank You again to Debi, who is always a pleasure to collaborate with. What I do really is a labour of love. This box is no exception to that. Boxcitement is a play on words, and it lives up to its name perfectly!

It is no secret that my postie knows exactly what I do; and likely hates Monday mornings just a little bit more when they see all of my goodies in the van. This box always catches my eye, with its wrap around label letting me know exactly what it is.

I could not wait to unbox this, I was bouncing around like a small child. I took the opportunity to unbox away from said small children, so that I could ogle over the delights in peace and quiet. If you missed my unboxing, you can catch it back on BoXession under saved Videos, or on our YouTube Channel (just click play below) …

So what is inside this wonderful little box?

  • A handy foldable shopping bag
  • A dinky porcelain Owl pendant
  • A fox earphone tidy
  • Some Scandic-Inspired gift wrap
  • A set of mini notecards
  • A bundle of paper straws
  • A cute metallic ‘Lagom’ pin badge

The pricing of this Box depends on the length of Subscription:

  • 12 Months will cost you £15 a month but you have to pay this upfront (£180).
  • 6 months at £16 a month (£96 upfront), 3 months at £17 a month (£51 upfront).
  • Recurring monthly payments of £18.

All of the prices include P&P, so no extra hidden fees.

The code ‘FIRSTBOX’ will get you 10% off your first Box!

Lets talk about my treats…

I have had the wrap from Boxcitement in the past, and used it. One of the things I thought about with this one was the multi purpose use. I am considering using it to photograph some of my smaller items when I type reviews. It is a gorgeous grey wood grain design, which is perfect for me to use in photos.

The cute little notecards, with their Scandi-woodland designs will be put into parcels when I send off gift boxes to members or friends and family. These are blank so can be used for so many occasions. Teacher thank you notes is another possibility for these.

The pin badge, as suspected has been stolen by my Son, who collects mini pin badges and wears them on his jacket.

I am off to Greece on 21st May for my Brothers wedding. This cute little Fox earphone tidy is absolutely perfect for me to use on the plane! I was so happy with this. My earphones will no longer be tangled up in the bottom of my handbag. The straws can also be used on the plane, or for sipping cocktails at the poolside; which will be a daily event.

My favourite item in the box… the porcelain Owl Pendant Necklace. This I love. I have had so many people ask about this already. It has a tiny little silver heart on a silver chain. I have been wearing it daily and it has not discoloured at all. Plus please notice that it comes in the teeniest, cutest box I have ever seen. I genuinely love this.

Which takes me to my second favourite item in this box… the foldable tote bag. I know this is not the most exciting, but for me the practicality of this really got me giddy. I hate forgetting my bags at the shops, I am always doing it. This I can attach onto the trolley, Archie’s pushchair, or my handbag strap. I do a small top up shop every day almost. I try to buy essential items and fruit/veg locally. We also have a farmers market every Friday around the corner from my house.

My Verdict?

I am made up with this box. You never know what you are going to get, yet there are always things in there that I can and do get around to using. This months edit I will actually use all of it, and already have been.

I love that you cannot buy any of these items in the shops, and especially the items that I use and wear I get asked ‘Oh where is that from?’ and I of course tell them Boxcitement! Which means that you are a walking advert for the box too.

The mix of items means that there are not too many of the same type of products, and should you not like or use any items they are well presented so can make lovely little gifts.

I cannot go without mentioning the standard of how this box is wrapped, the neat printed paper, perfectly placed sticker and pretty little stars. This is box wrapping perfection! This box will be making an appearance in my April Faves video at the end of the month, that I am sure of!

Thank you to my lovely members and readers as always,

Mel x

The code ‘FIRSTBOX’ will get you 10% off your first Box!

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