The Cambridge Box Company Review by Mel – April 2018

A huge thank you to Hilary from The Cambridge Box Company, who not only offered to send me some of her stunning products to review, but also kindly posted them to my holiday cottage in the Cotswolds.
I love a good unboxing, and this is never work to me, it is a passion. So I was delighted when the Royal Mail van showed up on Monday morning (recorded delivery) with a big brown box for me! The parcel was double boxed, I am always a fan of that if there is a very pretty box inside to protect. There was a glossy gleaming white one on this occasion, beautifully branded with their very glamorous and chic looking logo.
I had to wait patiently all day, and I did not peek. This is really hard for me to do too! I got a whiff of what I suspected was a scented candle even from the outside of the box. The package was extremely heavy, always a good sign too.
If you missed my live unboxing all the way from the Cotswolds, you can watch it back here…

The Subscription Box options are as follows:

  • Home Fragrance Discovery Box – £59
  • Reed Diffuser Box – £25
  • Candle Box – £22.50

Shipping is £4.80 flat rate for each of these options.
You can receive them monthly or quarterly, they are sent out on the 1st of each month, or every 3rd month; which is the same time as you will be charged for the box.

What did I receive?

  • Sprited Reed Diffuser – RRP £29
  • Green Irish Tweed Candle – RRP £25
  • Black Pepper Room Spritz – RRP £15
  • Small Candle (free gift) – scent number 3, Pomegranate Rouge


Total RRP of £69! So thats £10 more than the cost of the box, plus a little freebie!

So lets talk about these beauties. Firstly you will notice the matte black packaging, with foil gold. I did smile at this, as the man of the house is a huge fan of understated but elegant looking packaging. Needless to say he was very impressed. If you know a man who is into home fragrance these could even be gifted to them; it is very unisex.
I was blown away by the sheer quality of these products. I have genuinely lost count now of the amount of things I have tried over the years; not just in collaboration, but ones I have purchased. I have a WoodWick, and can compare that to these. These are a much higher standard. The weight, quality of materials and packaging. Of course I do need to test them out to see how they work for their intended use; but if first impressions were marked I would give these a 10/10!
So we will go by the order in which I tested these. First was the Green Irish Tweed Candle. I will just leave these photos right here…

Ok, my work here is done, they should be enough to make you buy alone. I am in a barn conversion, the living room ceiling is as high as a church, and I tell you this can be smelt in the entire building. In fact if I open the door the neighbours will get a free whiff too! Ha!
It is a 30ml hand poured candle, using a blend of premium natural waxes, including coconut wax. As the card suggests it really is a cross between musk and citrus. It gives you a kind of old-fashioned homely feeling, which is perfect given my surroundings.
The burn time is approximately 40 hours, which is a very long time! I will let you all know how I get on there.
The next product I tried is the Black Pepper Room Spritz. I have to say, this is the type of fragrance you would use in a bedroom, but that is not a negative. It is very masculine but romantic. You can really smell the bergamot. My partner Rob absolutely loves this. He said it is nice for the bedroom not to smell too feminine. I presume he means my perfume.
The bottle is going to last for ages, 2 small sprays filled the entire room and I could still smell it the next morning.
The small candle was a free gift with this box. This is a scent that was numbered, and to find out which one you had been given you had to visit a special area on their website. This is a fun and unique idea. I guessed mine correctly, it is Pomegranate Rouge. I love this, it is so sweet and fruity with a tinge of floral. I would definitely buy this in a bigger size.
The last item is the absolutely stunning Spirited Reed Diffuser. I cannot bring myself to use this here, as I really want this in my living room at home. It is so expensive looking, the frosted black glass and gold lid, and the black reeds. I have never seen one like this. It would make an amazing gift. I think when you hold it and see, it is worth every penny.
The scent is so relaxing and soothing, and as the card suggests, sensual. It is the kind of fragrance that will really help me to unwind after a busy day. So I have boxed this back up to take it home with me to use.

My Verdict?

What can I say, this box is a fragrance lovers paradise! It is really the higher end of the market, but as the same time I would pay that in the shop if I was to physically see these items, as you can tell they are worth that price tag once you do.
I know some people who pay twice this for certain high-end brands, who could save themselves a small fortune by switching to these.
I really want to try the more fruity fragrances from this brand, as I have three storeys in my house and my upstairs is my retreat. I do not share that with my children, I mean we have to have somewhere to escape from them right?
We have been given an exclusive discount code which is:


This will give you 10% off all subscriptions, and all products from their Website (link below). I have also included links to all of their Social Media.
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, just a shame we can’t provide smellovision!

Mel x

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