Simply Argan Deluxe Mystery Box Review by Nazia – March 2018

A big thank you to Darren for sending me this wonderfully packaged box! Simply Argan oil is the finest quality 100% pure organic and ethically sourced Argan oil. Every batch of Argan oil imported by Simply Argan is tested and certified in a UK laboratory to ensure consistent quality and purity. They have gone to great lengths to find the best quality Argan oil, so you don’t have to. Since launching in 2010 Simply Argan has expanded its range and now has over 30 high quality hair and beauty products all of which, contain the signature Simply Argan oil. Their oil is 100% genuine and has not been diluted or mixed with any other product which would impair the effectiveness of this amazing product.
Mystery gift boxes contain an assortment of exciting treats and products worth over £45 for a mystery box or over £100 for the deluxe box, all beautifully presented in a Simply Argan gift box with optional wrapping.
If you missed my live unboxing you can check it out here:

How it works

  1. Beauty Box £25 with free delivery. No contract monthly subscription – cancel your subscription at any time.
  2. Mystery Box £25 plus postage (£3.99 for 1st class tracked or £3.49 for 2nd class tracked)
  3. Deluxe Mystery box £45 includes Royal Mail 2nd class tracked postage

Box options available for women, men with beard and men without a beard. Choose a free travel sized product with any order.

What’s in the box?

The Simply Argan Deluxe Mystery box promptly arrived via Royal Mail 2nd class tracking. I absolutely love the box design, very sleek and sophisticated with their logo printed in gold on the front of the box. It came packaged in an outer cardboard box to protect the beautiful chic patterned black box inside. The box also contains an envelope encompassing a certificate of authenticity, several samples, product information and price list for items available on their website but no booklet with information on what products I received. This box is a true mystery until unboxed. However, all information for their products can be found on their very detailed website. Please note that box contents can also vary.

  • Simple Beauty De-crease 15ml RRP £49

Significantly and instantly reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores and improves uneven skin texture. Will also make your skin soft and silky and acts as the perfect base for foundation and make up.

  • SOS Oil 15ml RRP £18

Formulated to intensively soothe and heal dry, itchy and flaky skin. The SOS oils are a great all-round treatment for a variety of skin conditions and are a must have for a completely natural, organic and non-steroidal solution to a variety of skin conditions.

  • Ruby Red Tinted Lip Balm 5g RRP £7.50

Created with the highest quality Argan oil, Beeswax, Olive oil, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera to make a super soothing, rehydrating and protecting balm.  It will leave your lips feeling soft, healthy and smooth, helping to seal in moisture and shield your lips from all elements. Coloured using the highest quality mineral powders.

  • Argan & Aloe Vera Hand Cream 300ml RRP £24

This is an ultra-hydrating hand cream that is also very fast-absorbing. This hand cream is enriched with Argan oil and Aloe Vera. Suitable for sensitive skin and colourant-free.

  • Argan Gold Body Lotion 30ml RRP £3.50

This body lotion is extremely nourishing and moisturising, it will make your skin beautifully soft to touch with a noticeable difference in the condition and will leave you with a golden glow and shimmer.

  • Arbre D’or Body Lotion 30ml RRP £3.50

Extremely nourishing and moisturising, this lotion will make your skin beautifully soft to touch with a noticeable difference in the condition and not to mention smelling beautiful!
Extras: Certificate of authenticity, 4 x samples, Simply Argan pen & Milk chocolate square.

** Total cost of products £105.50 saving you a whopping £65.50 **

What I thought

As the most expensive item in the box Simple Beauty De-crease retails at £49 and this one item is worth more than the box value alone! It has a soft rubbery feel to it but when applied is more like a balm texture and it feels like you’re applying silk to your face. Beautifully smooth and sinks into the skin wonderfully. Great with makeup but can also be used without for a smoother complexion. A little goes a long well so although small will last a while.
I have combination skin – oily T zone and normal/dry on the rest of my face. With the heating being on and the cold weather outside my skin has really been suffering and my cheeks have become very dry and flaky. No matter what I use nothing seems to help however, since using the SOS oil I have seen a great improvement in my skin! This oil has a very strong medicinal herb like smell, when applied isn’t greasy as other oils can be and absorbs really well into the skin. This oil has some great additional benefits for example good for bites and sunburn which, if proven effective will be part of my essential travelling bag!
Highly pigmented and extremely hydrating the ruby red tinted lip balm leaves my lips soft and smooth. This wouldn’t be a product that I would usually choose to buy as it is more expensive than other lip balms but having received it in the mystery box I’m thrilled to be testing it out and I love that it leaves a lovely orangey red tint on my lips.
Since receiving this box I have been using the Argan & Aloe Vera Hand Cream on a daily basis. This cream’s absorption is amazing. It leaves my hands feeling soft and moisturised without leaving a sticky residue. Instead of the usual twist cap this bottle has a pump dispenser making it easy and handy to apply. A very generous size too so should last me a good while.
Also included in this mystery box are two travelled sized products. Argan gold is a lovely body lotion which, like the hand cream this lotion absorbs into the skin really well but leaves a touch of golden shimmer on the skin. Arbre D’or body lotion is similar to the Argan gold but instead of leaving a shimmer this is fragranced with their signature fragrance Arbre D’or which leaves your skin smelling absolutely divine.
This box is amazingly good value for money as buying the products would cost a lot more individually. The box contains very generous sized products and is worth more than double what you pay. It is one of the few boxes that caters to both men and woman, so makes a lovely gift for friends and family to experience. The quality of all the products is second to none. The fact that the company has batch tested and certified their products shows just how dedicated they are to ensuring they only sell the very best. Argan oil has such versatile uses and Simple Argan have utilised these uses in all their items as they have such a vast range of products from hair and beauty to children and men’s grooming range – there is something for everyone!


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Hope you enjoyed reading…

Nazia x