Boxcitement Review by Mel – March 2018

And the theme of this month’s Boxcitement is…


This is not the first time I have reviewed for Deb and her Team at Boxcitement, it seems so long ago now that I last reviewed for them, but I never forget a good box! It seems that Boxcitement are just as busy as I have been, as their last two months boxes sold out, which is never a bad thing. I was pleased to be getting to review another box, not only because I loved it; but to see how far they have come.
I do follow boxes on Instagram religiously, this is one I always like to have a peek at, and to swoon over the spoilers. I tried to stay away this month, knowing that I would be getting it and wanting a surprise. I only managed to see one item from the box, which for me is good, ha!
The box landed last Saturday, straight through my letterbox. I agreed with Deb to hold off on the unboxing until Thursday though, so I had to get my son Joel to hide it from me so I didn’t give into temptation.
As usual there is a hand written note (I am a huge fan of the personal touch as you all know), they are still using the printed tissue I am pleased to see, and there are some gorgeous little gold heart tissue confetti. Every time I see the inside of this box it just screams perfectionist to me. I imagine each one being checked meticulously, there isn’t a single thing out of place. You almost feel guilty opening it!
So you can see my very first live unboxing for Boxcitement here…

Now into the box of goodies…

This months box has the following items:

  • A union Jack Felt Pouch to keep your sunglasses or phone safe on your travels
  • A pair of hand crafted drop earrings inspired by the Orient
  • A set of stylish travel postcards
  • A yummy chopstick set for your next takeaway
  • A cute Russian Doll keyring – lock your luggage and go!
  • A set of vinyl wall stickers based on traditional Portuguese azulejos tiles
  • A pair of lucky socks – making your next journey a bit more comfortable

The Earrings are so beautiful, I really like the way they are a clip as this makes it easier for me to put on as I struggle with butterfly backs. I will definitely be wearing these!
The tiles, I am unsure what to use them for. I am thinking I could make some drinks coasters out of them. I fo try to be crafty, so I will try my hand and let you all know how I get on.
The lucky socks have been claimed by me, much to my other half disappointment as he clocked those when I sent him the photos. He loves funky socks as you will have heard me talk about in my previous reviews.
I am impressed by the case, as I often do not carry my glasses case in my handbag as it is too bulky. This is perfect! It will fit in my bag with ease as it is so compact, and the inside will stop my Cath Kidston glasses from scratching. Possibly my favourite item in this box.
The Russian Doll keyring has to be my second favourite item, as I am already a collector. I have bags, shoes, brooches and jewellery already that have Russian Dolls on, so this could have been hand selected to suit me.
As promised I used the chopsticks with my Chinese Takeaway (it is Bank Holiday Weekend after all, any excuse). I struggled a little much to my sons amusement, and he had a go with them too. He asked me why people just don’t use spoons in China ha ha, he does have a valid point there though!
I really think that the postcards would be better used on my pin board. They are very positive and a good reminder of my upcoming holiday to Greece in May, which I am looking forward to immensely.

The biggest change to the box, is the new addition of the ‘Boxcitement etc’ leaflet. It contains info on the curation of the box, and how they came up with the idea. It also has a link to some free easter downloadable print outs. On the reverse there is even a sneak peek for next months box, which I have to admit I have been swooning over already.

The pricing of this Box depends on the length of Subscription:

  • 12 Months will cost you £15 a month but you have to pay this upfront (£180).
  • 6 months at £16 a month (£96 upfront), 3 months at £17 a month (£51 upfront).
  • Recurring monthly payments of £18.

All of the prices include P&P, so no extra hidden fees.

My Verdict?

Boxcitement have it nailed when it comes to their creations. Every item in the boxes are hand made/crafted, selected by them and you cannot buy them anywhere else. So you really are getting a box full of exciting goodies that you will have never seen before.
Their concept is unique, I do not know of another similar style box out there, and I make it my business to research them all. My list of UK boxes is over 600. So it is difficult to stand out from the rest, and Boxcitement does just that.
Every single element of this box is carefully thought out and planned, it is not just suitable for crafty people, but for anyone. I have not seen a box of theirs that isn’t suited to any age group either. I look forward to seeing more from Boxcitement, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing them for the third time.
Thank you to all of my lovely members for reading,

Mel x

To purchase one of these Boxes, or to find out more about Boxcitement, here are the links:

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  1. Aw what a fab review – thank you! We love designing our exclusive goodies, I’m glad you like them! Deb, Boxcitement