BakedIn Box Review by Jasmine – March 2018

BakedIn Baking Club Subscription Box is all the fun of baking from scratch, with no waste as the dry ingredients included in the box is the perfect amount needed. The recipe card inside will tell you how much of other ingredients like milk or water you may need. Inside the box there is also a little card that helps you measure out milk or butter and so on.
PicsArt_03-23-02.46.52All of the recipes for BakedIn are approved by the great Michael Roux who is one of the world’s finest pastry chef’s and has also accomplished so much more, the box will also include handy extras like greaseproof paper if needed.
I have one other good bit of news delivery is FREE!
You can watch my unboxing video that was recorded live on the BoXession Facebook group here via our YouTube channel:

So, lets have a look at what’s inside this month’s scrumptious box!

  • Recipe by Michael Roux – price unknown
  • 34g of Cocoa powder – £2.00 for a 200g
  • 200g Self raising flour – £0.45 for 500g
  • 200g caster sugar – £1.10 for 500g
  • 60g icing sugar – £1.00 for 500g
  • 5g baking powder – £1.20 for 6 x 5g
  • 100g dark chocolate chips – £1.85 for 100g
  • 10g white chocolate curls – £8.95 for a 100g
  • 20g mini eggs – £0.50 for 41.5g
  • 2x 18cm round cake grease proof paper – £2.84 for pack of 50

£19.89 is how much you would need to spend minimum to get the amount of ingredients you need to make the recipe, and that is not including delivery cost or a price for the recipe.

The BakedIn box is £8 a month so you are saving £11.89 at least as remember delivery is FREE.

If you use our Exclusive Discount Code BAKEDINBOXESSION399 your first box will only cost you £3.99!

BakedIn subscription prices are as follows:

  • Monthly     £8 a month
  • 3 Months   £22 making it only £7.33 per box
  • 6 Months   £42 making it only £7.00 per box

Or alternatively you can buy one-off boxes and/or gift subscription.

My Verdict 

I absolutely loved unboxing this box as it was so bright and beautifully packaged. They even have the best before date on the top left corner inside the box. I enjoyed getting to have fun baking again, I also didn’t have to fork out a fortune on ingredients to then be left with bulky boxes at the end full of ingredients I may not use again. BakedIn had all the ingredients I needed and the rest I already had in my fridge this meant I could just bake away. The steps where perfectly timed as it gave me enough time between steps to get my 2 year old ready for bed and stay with her until she fell asleep. After the chocolate ganache had set, I took pictures obviously and then cut a slice for my other half so he could taste test for me.

My other half Ryan said it was delicious and described it as fluffy and the next day my future father in law gave the same description of this cake so I decided it was time to try a bit myself.
How to describe this cake… Fluffy and creamy all at the same time, the cake to butter cream icing & chocolate ganache ratio is just simply perfect and divine. The cake reminded my other half of the large chocolate cake from the much-loved family film Matilda that was originally written by Roald Dahl. I keep wracking my brain trying to think of the word that could explain how delicious this cake is, my 2 year old daughter Ariana-Joy decided to try a little bit and to our surprise she didn’t put any her hair but ate the whole little piece of cake.

BakedIn website and social media links can be found below and orders can be placed on their Website.
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