LifeBox (Marie Claire) Review by Nazia – March 2018

I’d like to say a really big thank you to Howard for sending me this amazing box to review. Marie Claire made by Lifebox ‘Restore’ is the second edition of this lovingly curated collection of healthy food, drink, ingredients, supplements and natural beauty products. Packaged in a beautiful monochrome box and wrapped in black and white spotted tissue paper are all the things you need if you’re a health-conscious foodie, just starting on your well-being journey or looking for healthy new products to try. I’m always on the lookout for healthy delicious alternatives to incorporate into my diet so I am extremely pleased to be reviewing this box.

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How it works
Choose from an ongoing monthly subscription, or a fixed term of 3, 6 or 12 months with free delivery via Royal Mail. You can cancel a monthly subscription any time and fixed term subscriptions do not renew automatically. Each box is despatched in the first few days of the following month.

  • 1 monthly ongoing renewal £22.95
  • 3 monthly subscription £68.85
  • 6 monthly subscription £137.70
  • 12 monthly subscription £275.40

Choose from two different subscriptions:

  1. Lifebox Classic – the Everyday Wellness Lifebox.
  2. Lifebox Energy subscription – the Men’s Health & Women’s Health Lifeboxes

Gift boxes and one-off box options also available plus postage.

Box Contents & Info.

Special edition March ‘Restore box’ is a one-off box that can be purchased for £32.00 plus £3.50 tracked postage. Inside the box you receive two booklets, one for the box contents and includes a ‘use me’ description under each product which I have included below. The other booklet contains a welcome note, a beauty journalist’s column, 2 recipes, a 5-minute workout and background details on the founder of Deliciously Ella, Ella Mills which, made for an interesting read.

  • NOM Salted Maple Popcorn 25g RRP £1.49

Use me: Organic gluten free wholegrain corn popped with virgin coconut oil.
Free from: Gluten free, Dairy free and refined sugars
Suitable for: Vegetarian, Vegan and Coeliac
What I thought: I’m a big lover of popcorn and prefer the sweeter flavours opposed to savoury or salty. I was very much looking forward to trying these and I’ll tell you they did not disappoint! Naturally sweetened but not overly sickly sweet, I’d describe it like a kiss of sweetness on the tongue followed with a slightly salty after taste. A perfect combination to satisfy those sweet and salty taste buds and only 121 calories per bag! One of my favourite products in this box.

  • Inspiral Protein Kale Crisps 30g RRP £2.19

Use me: Gently air-dried, these organic, nutrient dense crisps make a nourishing and sustainable snack
Free from: Gluten free, Soya free, Trans-fat free, GMO free
Suitable for: Vegetarian and Vegan
What I thought: I really thought I would like these but I’m sad to say that I really didn’t. They tasted very dry and the flavour combination is very strong and extremely odd, I’m not convinced that it goes well together. I wouldn’t say they were crisps either as they were small crumbly pieces at the bottom of the packet, quite messy to eat and not to my taste unfortunately.

  • Linwoods Snackettes Banana and Coconut 30g RRP £1.69

Use me: Packed with flaxseed and organic protein, these tangy triangles are a great pre – or post -workout snack.
Free from: Gluten free, No added Sugar or Salt, 100% Natural & Organic
Suitable for: Vegetarian and Vegan
What I thought: These were really tasty. I initially thought the flavour combination wouldn’t work but somehow it does. The banana is the dominant flavour and the coconut comes through as an after taste. Great for when you’re feeling peckish and as an afternoon snack.

  • Naturya Organic Super Berry Super bar 40g £1.99

Use me: Delicious low sugar snack bar packed with protein, fibre and superfoods.
Free from: Gluten free and Organic.
Suitable for: Vegetarian and Vegan
What I thought: Packed with 9 superfoods and half the sugar of other bars this bar is still delicious. I love berries and this contains several different berries which adds sweetness to this super bar. Out of the three bars this was definitely my favourite.

  • Deliciously Ella Apricot & Coconut Oat Bar 50g £1.29

Use me: A great all-day snack packed with fruits, oats and fibre
Free from: Gluten free, Raw, Wheat free, Egg free and No added sugar.
Suitable for: Vegetarian and Vegan
What I thought: A brand that I am familiar with but a flavour I have not yet tried. Apricot is a favourite flavour of mine so I was very happy eating this. This is delicious and filling, containing only 6 ingredients, it makes a perfect mid-morning snack to beat those pre-lunch hunger pangs or to eat whilst on the go. I love that you can also make these treats at home – I found the recipe readily available on the Deliciously Ella website.

  • Squirrel Sisters Bar Raspberry Ripple 2 x 20g £2.49

Use me: A filling filler between meals, or a 4pm pick me up, or a post dinner sweet spot
Free from: Gluten free, Grain free, Egg free, Raw and No added sugar.
Suitable for: Vegetarian and Vegan
What I thought: Another great bar! Sticky and gooey and only 87 calories you can enjoy this treat guilt free. Bursting with raspberries, chewy goji berries and crunchy almonds, this raw fruit bar is wonderfully tasty.

  • Qnola Breakfast Pot 30g RRP £7.80 for 250g (Approx. 94p)

Use me: Quinoa based breakfast cereal rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants – the perfect way to start your day.
Free from: Nut free, Gluten free, Wheat and Grain free, Dairy free, Soy free, Refined sugar, Additives, Flavourings, Colourings or Preservatives.
Suitable for: Vegetarian & Vegan
What I thought: I eat quinoa quite regularly as I add it into my salads for lunch. I thought it might be too dry but mixed with some almond milk it went down a treat. A very innovative way of using quinoa, it has a lovely ratio of Qnola, seeds and berries which are delicious.

  • Geo Mitchell Naturally Bath Salts 35g RRP £14.50 for a Jar (Approx. £1.45)

Use me: A mineral rich combination of Epsom and Dead sea salts blended with pure essentials oils.
Free from: 100% natural, and mineral rich
Suitable for: Vegetarian and Vegan
What I thought: On opening this box there was a beautiful fresh smell drifting out that was absolutely divine. I was pleasantly surprised that the smell was coming from the bath salts which contains eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary and peppermint essential oils. I’ve never used bath salts before as I’m more of a shower person but these may have converted me! An extremely soothing and relaxing experience and the smell is incredible! I will definitely be investing in some of these.

  • Better You Magnesium Body Butter 200ml £9.99

Use me: A deep rich, intensely moisturising body butter containing the perfect balance of skin kind ingredients
Suitable for: Use in pregnancy, Vegetarian and Vegan
What I thought: Leaves my skin feeling soft with the added benefit of magnesium which is said to help with restless legs – not something I have issues with but good to know for those who do. The cream is easily applied, is light and isn’t at all greasy like some products can be .

  • Skin & Tonic Lip Balm 4.3g RRP £3.5

Use me: Apply a coat whenever your lips feel a little thirsty and the moisturising ingredients will instantly get to work.
Suitable for: Vegetarian and Vegan
What I thought: Made using only 3 ingredients this lip balm keeps lips hydrated, soft and kissable. I suffer terribly with dry lips in cold weather but using this lip balm over the last week has kept them from flaking and cracking. Big thumbs up from me!

  • Erbology Organic Aloe Vera Shot 40ml £2.99

Use me: A cleansing and alkalising shot, which helps keep your body balanced, hydrated and nourished.
Free from: Gluten free, No added sugar, Non-GMO, Organic
Suitable for: Vegetarian & Vegan
What I thought: On first impressions I wasn’t sure what to expect with this, but I’m the kind of person that will try anything once. Containing only 2 ingredients and 6 calories it has a nice clean taste with a hint of sourness, not an unpleasant taste but tolerable. I thought it would have a gel like consistency but was surprised it was quite the opposite, like drinking juice. Aloe Vera is said to have many health benefits so I see the appeal to it, not something I would drink daily but perhaps once a week.

  • Eat Cham – Chia Seed Jam 30g RRP £4.00 for 200g (Approx. 60p)

Use me: Fruit, chia seeds, and a sprinkle of vanilla powder; spread on toast or use in dessert recipes
Free from: Gluten free, Dairy free, Pectin free, Refined sugar free, No artificial flavour, No artificial colours and preservative free.
Suitable for:  Vegetarian & Vegan
What I thought: Oh wow! I’m not a big lover of jam but I absolutely loved this. I thoroughly enjoyed this jam; the fresh fruit taste is so much better compared to other jams I have tried that have additives and preservatives in. I like that it has natural products – I would highly recommend this product.

  • Porshn Superfood Powders 2 x 8g (1 berry blend & 1 green blend) RRP £2.98

Use me: Nutrient dense, plant-based superfood powders; pour in a bottle of water/ juice, or blend into your favourite smoothies.
Free from: 100% Organic, Gluten Free and Dairy Free.
Suitable for: Vegetarian & Vegan
What I thought: Included with these sachets is a recipe idea which I decided to use as the ingredients stated I actually keep these around the house. The recipe is as follows, 1 banana, 1 cup nut milk (I used almond milk) and 1 tbsp nut butter (I used Almond butter). Blend all together until smooth. I’m so glad this recipe was included as it certainly enhanced the flavour of the sachets, the berry blend was certainly the nicer of the two and I would try that one again.

  • Rosemary Water No.1 Rosemary Sparkling Spring Water 330ml RRP £1.99

Use me: Perfect on the go or with a sit-down evening meal, it’s a great way to stay hydrated, happy and healthy
Free from: No colours, Sweeteners, Preservatives, Salt or Sugar and Allergen free
Suitable for: Vegetarian & Vegan
What I thought: Sparkling water is not something that I would usually drink and with the inclusion of rosemary I wasn’t overly keen. Not the worst thing I’ve tasted but not the best either.
1p for every bottle sold is donated to Alzheimer’s Research UK

  • Botanic Lab Plant Milk Chocolate & Yerba Mate 2 250ml £2.50

Use me: Plant proteins and antioxidants with the supreme goodness of raw cacao and virgin olive oil
Free from: Organic, Dairy free, Nut free, Refined sugar free, Allergen free, Lactose free, No Additives or Preservatives.
Suitable for: Vegetarian, Vegan and Milk alternative
What I thought: I had high hopes for this drink but unfortunately it didn’t deliver. Although the coconut cream is wonderfully creamy the raw cacao is far too bitter and made it hard to finish.

  • Tea Pigs Feel Good Tea Bag 1 Bag – RRP 4.15 for a box of 15 (approx. 28p each)

Use me: Refreshing and slightly sweet tasting – delicious hot or iced and will turn you into a morning person in no time!
Free from: Caffeine free, Gluten free
Suitable for: Vegetarian & Vegan
What I thought: Being a tea drinker I always like to try new types of tea. This taste is so comforting with the blend of apple, lavender, chamomile and with a flowery hint instantly relaxed me and although didn’t make me sleepy I enjoyed it none-the-less and may become my new firm favourite.

  • Raw Halo Pure Dark Chocolate Bar 35g £2.79

Use me: A bittersweet treat that is full of flavour using only the finest organic ingredients.
Free from: Organic, No refined sugar, Dairy-free, Gluten-free
Suitable for: Vegetarian & Vegan
What I thought: A brand that I am quite familiar with, pricier than other chocolate bars but well worth the money for such great quality artisan chocolate bar. I know not many people like dark, chocolate but lucky for me I love it so this did not last long. A delicious bite sized treat!

  • Vivid Matcha Green Tea Powder 30g £14.99

Use me: Improves concentration, relaxation & attention; add 1 teaspoon (1g) to hot water or use in smoothies and recipes.
Free from: Organic, Gluten free
Suitable for: Vegetarian & Vegan
What I thought: Not as bitter as I first anticipated it would taste but does have a slight grassy after taste though. Definitely a healthier alternative to coffee or caffeinated drinks and best enjoyed in a smoothie or with porridge. Tastes healthy and leaves you feeling sharp and alert.
Box cost is approximately £56.14 based on prices I found online. SAVINGS of approximately £24.14

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Overall verdict

I can’t believe how much is in this box and for the price an absolute steal! Jam-packed with 18 items – a lot more than I was expecting which means lots of products for me to test! I am a serial snacker and I don’t know how I’d get throughout the day without a couple of snacks keeping me going so this is the perfect indulgent treat for guilt free snacking. I am absolutely thrilled to have received this box because this box contains a few familiar brands but my eyes have been opened to new brands that I would definitely like to continuing trying the jam, bath salts and popcorn to name but a few. Considering the number of products, there were only a few I didn’t like so for me this box is totally worth the price. I know this is a higher end box but the concept behind is it is fantastic. I know it can be difficult to source products that are a 100% suitable but all the hard work has already been done with this box as all products are vegan, gluten and dairy free and many of the products are also organic. Many of the products only have a few ingredients and it great knowing that none of these contain added nasties. This box makes a great gift to those who are vegan, have certain allergies or for those looking for healthier snack options.
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Thank you for reading

Nazia xx