bettybox Review by Jen & Kaitlen – March 2018

What is bettybox?

Good question…. bettybox is a subscription box for young girls who have joined us ladies in the experience of periods! A box full to the brim of sanitary products this is not. Sure, you receive those vital monthly additions but this box is much more than that….
You can watch Kaitlen & I jointly unboxing bettybox and Pink Parcel here:

How much will I Pay?

There are currently three membership options, all with free delivery:

  • Monthly – recurring payment of £12.99
  • 3 Months – one off payment of £35.97 saving £1 per month
  • 6 Months – one off payment of £64.95 6 months for the price of 5

When will it arrive?

The simple answer to this is……when you want it to.
That’s correct, it runs in sync with your monthly cycle. You order it for the date you expect your period to arrive and betty box will be that fairy godmother, there to help! The box is also the perfect size to fit through most letterboxes and is discretely packaged meaning no embarrassing moments.

What’s inside?

If you watched the live unboxing you will have seen just how impressed Kaitlen was with the number of sanitary products provided. Based on an average cycle of 5 days, this box provided ample supplies of both daytime pads along with nighttime and liners. When placing your order you can choose between pads, tampons or a mixture; even changing each month the sizes or brands. In total betty box supplied 14 daytime pads, 5 nighttime pads and 6 liners along with a snazzy cotton bag to keep them inside during the day. The drawstring ensures they stay inside and doesn’t give any clues as to the contents. I think the only criticism I could find with the bag is the size, it would be fantastic if it were the same size as the one I received in Pink Parcel as that was more roomy and wasn’t a squeeze for the pads.
The packaging of the whole contents is really colourful, you can tell a lot of thought has gone into making this box as pre-teen/teen friendly as possible. The addition of an extract of Laura Dockrills Big Bones novel also shows young females that what they are experiencing is perfectly normal. The hormones, tears, food cravings, changes in body….. what better time to champion this than around International Women’s Day!
Kaitlen was immediately drawn to the box labelled ‘for you’ and in her desperate attempts emptied the contents of the box all over the dining table!
So, what was inside…….

  1. Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm in Mint 10g RRP £2.79

 In a refreshing mint flavour, Kaitlen keeps this as a staple handbag product. We’re both fans of this brand as their lip balms are moisturising without leaving a horrible residue. Given the weather has been cold of late, chapped lips are the result. This lip balm will banish dry lips and keep them in tip top condition.

  1. Balance Me Congested Skin Serum 7ml RRP £16 (15ml)

 A fantastic addition to a teen box, this serum is an on the spot treatment for any spot breakouts. The serum has a feint herbal scent and helps to banish blemishes and reduce redness. Kaitlen has used this a couple of times and commented how she likes the fact it doesn’t feel greasy whilst be effective. A big thumbs up from one 13 year old!

  1. The Beauty Crop 3 Amigos Eyeshadow Trio in Coco Loco RRP £7

 These three shades are very much Kaitlen’s colours and are suited to any skin tone. Small enough to pop into a make up bag yet big enough in colour to give impact, they are also a perfect introduction to eyeshadows for younger subscribers. Kaitlen liked the pigment and shimmer of the colours, combining them with other shadows she regularly uses. Another selling point for Kaitlen is the fact this brand is cruelty free. We’ve two pets of our own and the thought of animal testing is horrendous.

  1. Drink Me Chai Free From Chai Latte 18g RRP £2.30 (200g tub)

 Kaitlen isn’t a big fan of hot drinks unless it consists of chocolate so decided to let me try this instead. It’s different, for some reason I expected it to be a coffee drink but upon trying and reading the ingredients list it became apparent I was wrong. It tastes like a milky, spiced latte but minus the coffee! Different, but a nice different.

  1. Nip+Fab Teen Skin Zero Shine Moisturiser 40ml RRP £10

 This is yet again another fab addition to a teens box. Hormones during puberty can wreak havoc with skin, never mind during the week Mother Nature comes calling. The moisturiser is essentially a god send to teens who suffer with oily skin, helping to reduce and matting the facial skin. Kaitlen has used this daily and has now added it to my shopping list! At full size this is a winner for Kaitlen and any teens wanting to banish that oily t-zone.

  1. Vitamasques Manuka Honey Hydrating + Moisturising Sheet Mast RRP 3.99

 We’re fans of masks in this house, be it a sheet mask or peeling mask. Kaitlen has tried this particular mask previously and loved it, mainly the sweet scent and the way her skin was left smooth afterwards.

  1. Monty Bojangles Truffles x3 RRP £5 (200g box)

If you watched the live unboxing you will know that Kaitlen scoffed all three truffles without even allowing me as much as a smell of them! Chocolate is always a winner, especially when it’s that time of the month. Kaitlen thoroughly enjoyed them, however has one question…..where are the rest hiding?!

Is it worth it?

When totalled Up this box value is approximately £35.75. When selecting the £12.99 monthly subscription plan, this box has paid for itself nearly three times over. This box has items that are most definitely suited to Kaitlen, your average 13 year old. During the live unboxing there was also several BoXession members commenting that they too loved the contents enough to consider subscribing, proving how immensely connected betty box are to the female population and current trends. It also makes perfect sense for betty box to introduce their own brand of pad, something I’m sure will be just as impressive as their curation. Cue bettypads, available in four different sizes related to underwear size. Ranging from underwear size 8-9 years up to 14 years plus, these will be available as a sanitary choice when ordering in the future.
Kaitlen can’t wait for the April box, who’d have thought a girl would actually look forward to Mother Nature calling??

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Thank you for taking the time to read my review,

Stay beautiful

Jen X