The Natural Beauty Box Review by Mel – February 2018

I was elated when Emma asked me to review the February Edition of The Natural Beauty Box! This is the third time BoXession have reviewed this Monthly Subscription Box, yet only the first time I have managed to get the goodies! This months edit is ‘Flower Power’, and every item fits into the theme, which is different every month.
This box is the exact kind of box I would go for, being a skin care addict, and I have also been trying to make the switch to Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free Products. I follow this box, enjoy the spoilers every month on the BoXession Group and The Natural Beauty Box’s Instagram.
You get between 5-7 products per Month, and this Box has been named in popular magazines in the top 10 best Subscription Boxes to buy, and you will see exactly why when you read on. Boxes ship on 20th of each month, and they sell out at super speed, this one had sold out before I had even unboxed it.
The care and love that goes into the curation of this box is obvious, from the detailed leaflet, through to the matching tissue paper, and even the items being individually bubble wrapped to ensure no products get damaged in transit. It arrived via Royal Mail, and the sticker with the logo on gave it away. Inside was a lovely hand written note, which is aways a hit with me … the personal touch!
To watch back my unboxing video, you can find it saved on the BoXession Facebook Group, or here on our YouTube Channel…

What was in the Box?


  • The Natural Beauty Pot – Calendula and Lemongrass Bath Salts, RRP £16
  • Bodhi & Birch Chinois Blue Body Oil, RRP £7
  • Benecos Blush in Mallow Rose, RRP £5.95
  • OKKO Face Balm – Geranium & Clary Sage, RRP £4
  • Freya Luna – Calendula & Sweet Violet Seriously Soothing Salve, RRP £25

Total = £56.95

Thats a MASSIVE saving of £32!!

Use the code ‘BOX10’ for 10% off!!


Time to test out the treats!

The excitement I had over testing these products, I cannot even explain. Imagine putting a small child in the middle of a sweet shop, you get the picture. I am not getting any younger, I am not one for a face full of makeup, I have 2 young boys and very little time. The best time of day for me is the evening when I will happily sit in front of the TV, or typing up reviews (as I am now), pampering myself with my array of lotions and potions as the other half explains it.
The Freya Luna Seriously Soothing Salve being full size was the first thing I knew I would love. I buy and use products exactly like this. I often joke about my bedside tower, which is basically a stack of jars and tubs that I like to apply before I go to sleep. This particular product I decided to test with my facial massager. I love the fact it is a very soft balm as some harder ones are difficult to scoop from the jar. I massaged this into my face and neck while watching Hollyoaks, multi tasking at its finest. My skin felt amazing the next morning. Often with heavy-duty balms I have no need to apply any moisturiser in the morning, as my skin is still reaping the benefits of them even after I wake. To me using this is also saving me money and minimising my skin care routine. This has a price tag of £25, which is more than the cost of the entire box! Amazing right?
The Bodhi & Birch Oil, yet another perfect product for me. I used to hate oils, I won’t deny that I always used to give them away. Until I discovered natural oils that is. Well, what can I say, now I don’t go anywhere without one. I carry the smaller bottles with me at all times. I know for a fact that certain well known brands are sought after on the group. One that was in a recent Box was a popular ISO on BoXession. I can’t name the brand of oil, but it is absolutely rubbish (I tried it). The difference between a natural oil and some of the more common ones is that the Natural ones do not contain water. They are skin savers! They will not make your skin oily at all, and they absolutely work. If you don’t believe me then try one for yourself. This brand I have never tried before, but it is equally as good as some Natural Oils I have used, and I will use it all too.
The OKKO Face Balm, be careful not to mistake this for a lip balm. I am warning you as that is what I did all bleary eyed and not looking what I had grabbed from the bedside table. It does not taste very nice, ha! It smells divine though. This is ideal for using on extra dry parts, so for me I get dry skin around my brow area. In the winter more so. Because of its handbag size, it makes it perfect to carry around with you.
The Natural Beauty Pot Bath Salts, well what can I say, sherbet lemon in a glass bottle!! I cannot stop smelling these beauties. I can’t get over how amazing they are. They retail at £16, which is a hefty price tag, but because they are included in the box you aren’t even paying half of that for them. I am very impressed, the hotel room smelt of them all night! I can honestly say these are the type of item you expect to see in a high end boutique style bath store. The wooden lid and frosted glass jar just make them so luxurious.

The Benecos Blush is the only item I haven’t got around to using yet. But what I can say is it is very well priced when you consider a tiny Blush in a department store will set you back at least twice the price. The colour is definitely suited to me (mallow rose), so I will use it; I just don’t wear makeup daily. Also part of me doesn’t want to rub away the pretty flower pattern on it.

How can I get it?

There are a few options to Subscribe to this one:

  • Monthly is £24.95 including P&P
  • 3 Month Prepay is £71.10 (making it £23.70 per Box)
  • 6 Month Prepay is £138 (making it £23 per Box)
  • A one-off box is the same price as the Monthly, at just £24.95! Making a fantastic gift!

Use the code ‘BOX10’ for 10% off!!

My Verdict?

I honestly, genuinely want to subscribe to this. I have been on the Website so many times since receiving this box to review; itching to press the buy button. I am thinking of using the ‘it’s Mothers Day soon’ excuse, as I really do have a stash to rival a department store at home. But this box is so blooming good!!
I am told that the box is always at least double the value every month, if not more. The insert also tells me that next months box will include a body scrub worth over £30!!!
To those of you thinking this is higher end as it breaks the £20 mark, really, you are getting so much for your money every month it is worth it. Skincare addicts rejoice with this one, cannot wait to see the next box already.
Buy it, really, you will not regret it…

Mel x


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