Secret Scent Box Review by Jen – February 2018

Firstly I’d like to say a very big thank you to Anil, owner of Secret Scent Box, for providing the opportunity to review this fabulous box. I’m a lover of perfumes and enjoy trying new scents, mainly as testers initially due to being a migraine sufferer. We’ve all been there in a shop or department store before, spraying numerous different scents on our quest to find a new perfume, only to find ourselves suffering with the onset of a headache. Worst case scenario, it can ruin a days planned shopping fest – not good!
That’s what I love about the theory of this subscription box, small samples of well known fragrances to trial at your convenience. Let’s not forget, each person is individual and your own pheromones react with scents differently over a period of minutes and hours. What smelt strongly when first sprayed, could tone down immensely on one individual but not on another.
Arriving through my letterbox (no typo, this really is small enough to be posted through your letterbox) and delivered by Royal Mail makes this box convenient. No more red cards and faffing around to rearrange delivery, it really is that simple!
If you missed my live unboxing, you can now watch it back on our YouTube Channel…

What’s inside?

Upon opening the outer packaging I’m greeted with a simplistic black box, declaring the name in silver writing. It reminds me of an expensive jewellery box, classy but effective.
A pink ‘February Edition’ card is enclosed, implying this box is for us girlies! Also enclosed are cards for each perfume, providing information on the notes of each corresponding scent. I particularly like this as it also helps you to identify any particular notes which you may or may not like in future fragrances.

So, onto the fragrances received……

  1. Gucci – Bloom

On my live unboxing you may have heard me describe this scent as “coconutty”. I don’t profess to know a great deal about perfumes, I’m very singular – if I like it, I will buy it. Gucci Bloom I absolutely love!
It appears rather strong in scent initially, toning down to a more gentler scent after approximately 30 minutes. This scent was still apparent after a couple of hours and I received compliments from work colleagues – a clear favourite of mine.

  1. Davidoff – Cool Water Women

 My instant reaction upon spraying this scent made a few BoXession members giggle on my live unboxing. The least favourite of mine unfortunately, not so dissimilar to a cleaning product. This is not a negative in any way, shape or form on the scent – just personal preference. I’m not a big fan of scents that depict a fresh or seaside scent, I prefer more floral and sweet smelling scents.
I did trial this scent however and can confirm that it did have staying power, becoming gentler and less noticeable on my nose after an hour.

  1. FCUK – FCUK3 For Her

 A popular brand in my teenage years, this scent is very suited to the young and old alike. Very sweet and fruity, this scent has a certain vibrancy about it, making it wearable for every day. I have perfumes I wear occasionally as I believe they would be too powerful a scent for every day use, however this perfume would most definitely be a ‘go to’ for every day wear. My eldest daughter commented she also liked the scent, a perfect introduction to a quality perfume at a fraction of the price!

What do I think?

I believe this box has tapped into something very important that makes it a worthy purchase – the chance to try designer fragrances for more than just one day. It’s an important aspect of investing in a new fragrance, nobody wants to waste in excess of £40-£50 on a fragrance they could ultimately regret purchasing. Also, having the opportunity to test not 1 but 3 different fragrances per month allows you the luxury to switch and change, introducing you to newer fragrances you may previously never have tried.

What will you pay?

  • Monthly recurring subscription – £15 per month including p&p
  • 6 Month subscription (prepaid) – £84 including p&p (saving £6)
  • 12 Month subscription (prepaid) – £156 including p&p (saving £24)

 Thank you to all for taking the time to have a read, links are provided below to the Secret Scent Box website where you can find further information about their fantastic subscription box.
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Jen X