My Made in Box Review by Mel – February 2018

I would like to Thank Julie, the owner of My Made in Box, for sending me the second edition of their Bi Monthly Subscription Box to review.
I have been stalking their Instagram, which is full of bright photos, clues as to their next destination, and of course sneaky peeks at some of the items to be included in their box!
With what I do being a love, interest and a passion, I make it my business to research the newcomers to the world of Subscription Boxes. This one particularly caught my eye, with the unique box design and overall professional feel to their new venture. I always notice these things, it is a real giveaway as to the level of love that is going into what they are creating.
The Concept
This is a unique one. They actually visit the places that they decide to curate the box theme on. This is only their second ever box, and this months theme is France.
They visit local markets, speak to independent makers, and hand select unique items to feature in the box. To me you can just imagine them chatting away, watching things be made and manufactured, and of course all the travelling so seeing the world at the same time.
To watch back my unboxing video, you can find it saved on the BoXession Facebook Group, or here on our YouTube Channel…

So what is in the Box?


  • Les Petits Prodiges, The Natural Balm – RRP £13.25
  • La Manufacture du Siècle Magic Soaps – RRP £7
  • Plum Jewellery Minimalist Boho Bracelet – RRP £12.90
  • Le Boudoir d’Heloise French Bow – RRP £10
  • Lolita Picco Postcard – RRP £1.80

Total RRP = 44.95

A saving of £9.95, but more when you account for the P&P costs, which are included in the price of the Box.


What did I think of the Items?

The Natural Balm is, as I suspected during my unboxing video, a Multi Purpose Balm. It is made using 7 natural ingredients. I am a huge fan of products like these, I am a self-confessed skin care addict and natural products are by far superior. I will often use them at night and leave them on my face while I sleep. This is the best anti ageing treatment, moisturised skin prevents wrinkles. I am very proud of the fact I am 35 this year and I don’t have a single wrinkle. I will definitely get my use from this, it is a perfect handbag size too, in a little screw lidded tin.

The Magic Soap is simply delicious! The smell, the feel, you can tell the high quality craftsmanship that has gone into making this. They are made using ingredients directly sourced from the farms. I have the Orange one, and I just love how french it is. You could imagine these in a boutique style French Hotel, very posh!
The Bracelet by Plum Jewelry I accidentally saw a sneaky spoiler of this on their Instagram, but that one had a red tassel, mine is blue. This is just so delicate, handmade with little pearl pieces, that look like a row of hearts when I am wearing it. It is so light, but that doesn’t detract from the quality, it is so intricate. I am lucky it does fit me as I do have small wrists and can never find watches to fit, but even if it did not fit you this would make a beautiful and unusual gift. It already comes in a little hessian gift bag too.

The French Bow, well what can I say? You all know by now I am a bow collector. So I was so impressed to see this little pretty in the box. It is so petite, and quaint that I just keep looking at it over and over. It can be clipped to an array of items including, hats, shoes, even to disguise a bra clip if you were wearing a backless top! I just adore this!
The Lolita Picco Postcard is the fifth and final item in this box. Even though we holiday in France, my understanding of the language is really terrible (I must brush up). So I googled this to find it actually has two meanings to the phrase. The literal meaning is between dog and wolf, but the popular phrase term is ‘at nightfall, dusk, twilight’. The card itself would be lovely in a shabby chic style photo frame, which is my intention once I find a pretty one.
Finally on the reverse of the insert leaflet, you are given a hint as to their next destination, and if you use #guessmybox and tell them which country, you can get 20% off the box!!!

How can I get it?

  • Bi-Monthly at £35, free P&P.
  • 6 Months upfront (so 3 boxes as it is Bi-Monthly) at £95, making it £31.66 per box.
  • 12 Months upfront (so 6 boxes) at £175, making it £29.16 per box.

You can also buy their first ever box as a one-off, The London Box, which is £38 including P&P.

My Verdict?

It is very well planned and put together. This is by no means an idea that was thought up overnight. You feel as though you have part of the country in the box you are receiving, these are products you could never just go and buy, or would even think to.
One thing I got from this box, is I could imagine myself wandering the markets in France,  or local cute little boutiques, picking up these items myself. Therefore you are not just buying the box, and its contents… but the entire experience.
I love France, it is somewhere we visit often on Holiday, and I never visit somewhere without really living. We eat locally, spend the entire time there living the relaxed lifestyle and enjoying it! It is such a quaint country, which is undoubtedly portrayed in this edit.
While the price of the box is higher range of the Subscription Box market, it is Bi-Monthly which equates to £17.50 per month over the year, or less if you were to purchase upfront. This isn’t your average box, it is something special and exciting, and I believe the price tag is befitting to that cost.
If you would like to learn more about My Made in Box, or to follow their Social Media, the links are below.
Thank you all for taking the time,
Au revoir!…

Mel x