LooveLippy by DKUK Review by Bonnie-Jo – February 2018

Wow wow wow…sign me up!
From the elegant white magnetic snap shut box with removable stickers, to the pink sparkly glitter tissue paper. I am already in love with this box before even checking out the content, which you can see for yourself in my live unboxing…

Raine, named after one of the Glamour Managers beautiful baby, each box will be named after special people involved in the business each month.
Loovelippy costs just £29.50 a month with postage included. Each box is filled with carefully selected branded makeup, skincare and hair care.
 “We are dedicated to delivering the best in customer service and up to date styles. The Glamour product range is all hand picked by our team for the best quality and value. Our promise to you is to NEVER supply any real Fur or Animal tested goods.”
Glamour by DKUK sell lots of amazing bits…shoes, boots, clothes, accessories, make up and more…and the Loovelippy Box is an add on to their ever growing business!
So Raine is their first box, and what a way to start! This box is amazing and included the following products…
These are the perfect going out lashes; with a glitter on them they add the extra sparkly for any evening out with glue included. I haven’t yet tried these, as I would like to save them for a night out clubbing.
I couldn’t find these exact lashes, but based on other eyelashes from the Eylure range I would say you are looking at spending at least £5.


GLOWII PROFESSIONAL COSMETICS flat and concave flawless foundation brush
This brush is amazingly soft and sturdy.
I hunted to find this brush and couldn’t believe the price! I found it for 75p, but the softness and look of this brush I would have expected to pay a LOT more!
The hypnotising swirl of this has my head spinning with a gorgeous smell of what I believe to be raspberries. It has left my cuticles feeling soft and less damaged.
I managed to find this, as a set of 6 for £3 so would be 50p each.


 URBAN DECAY DELUXE EYESHADOW mono eye (peace) 2.5g
The design on this is brilliant, and I have never before seen these designs… OMG the colour is amazing like all UD products the pigmentation is brilliant. This is perfect for me to do a mermaid look.
Again trying to price up all these products from the box was very hard… I eventually found it for £10.50.
ALMAY Ideal Gloss 325 clear shimmer 6.4ml
This is so pretty with the shimmer and hint of pink it could be worn on its own or on top of another lip product… which if you saw my live unboxing you would have seen, I did just that.
I found this at £18.68.


WET ‘N’ WILD crème lip liner pencil 1.4g
This is something that will last for life; well I would say it should for the size of it! This red/burgundy colour is gorgeous and bold – my kind of lips.
This would cost you £12.28.
In an elegant silver tube with a twist bottom to push the concealer up, and brush style head the ease to apply this is great and saves so much time no having to find a concealer brush out and clean it afterwards.
This would cost £17.82
 And last but not least…
 HARD CANDY starfish tinted lip balm 3.6g
The design is beautiful and detailed like most hard candy products. I’m terrible I always end up losing lip balms, so never get to the end… this is meant to be a tinted balm but I couldn’t really see any colour difference when I was doing my live unboxing… after I looked under a different light and I can see the tint it is a very subtle pink. Unfortunately on my lips it isn’t noticeably at all. But it has left them feeling soft and not chapped.
I found this for £4.29.
All of my prices have been found using a Google search and I cannot guarantee that some of these prices aren’t for fakes, which is another good reason for this box.
So altogether the box would cost £29.50; and I make the price to buy these products to be £69.82, which is over double!

So this box gives you a saving of £40.32!

Don’t forget to check out their Website: https://glamourbydkuk.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/glamourbydkuk/
Thank you for reading,

Xx Bonnie xX

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