Secret Scent Box Review by Chloe – February 2018

Every month you receive three different designer fragrances that will last you the entire month! It is delivered by Royal Mail and fits through your letter box (no missing this box yay). It gives you enough time to see how they wear on your skin and if you would like to buy the full size in the future. As well as the perfumes you also receive description cards on the scents. This is great as it goes into detail on the different notes, meaning if you find you like a specific perfume from the box you can look up similar ones based on their description.
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This month’s fragrances are:
Davidoff Cool Water Women EDT – Like a modern mermaid emerging from the sea in a wave of freshness, Cool Water Women captures the essence of natural sensual beauty.
Gucci Bloom EDP – Launched in late 2017, a rich white floral scent that transports to a colourful and diverse garden verdant with flowers and plants.
FCUK For Her EDT – A fun scent from popular UK brand FCUK. Fruity and floral, it is a great choice as a casual perfume which has a youthful trendy element.
My thoughts:
I have to agree with each description as it sums them up perfectly! There is a good variety of scents, some sweet, floral and fresh. My personal favourite would have to be Davidoff Cool Water for Women as I prefer citrus, fruity scents opposed to sweet ones. I found it lasted on my skin well and I could still smell it after 6 hours, this is great lasting power for those of you that work and don’t want to take a perfume with you. Gucci Bloom smelt quite mature and feminine, very classy and I would probably wear this as an evening perfume, the sample is an Eau de parfum which means it has better staying power then the eau de toilette version. Finally FCUK for her. This is a very girly sweet smell; it reminds me of my childhood as I used to wear similar perfumes. Over the years my choice of perfumes has changed and I tend to go for musky, fresh, citrus smells now so this is something I won’t reach for as much.
Is it worth it?
In my opinion this box has a great concept. Having three different designer fragrances delivered to your door every month for only £13 is an amazing way to try new scents! It would be especially great for those of you that struggle to find the time to travel to fragrance shops to test different perfumes, this saves time and stress. Another thing, when you test perfumes your nose finds it hard to test more than 2 in a row and they can blur together, so by having the 3 different ones for a month it gives you a proper chance to come to a conclusion on the scents. So all in all I think this box is worth your money, and is one I would personally buy!

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Chloe x