Bubbas Meltys Review by Chloe – February 2018

Thank you Bubbas Meltys for sending me some of your custom-made wax melts. They make homemade scented beeswax or vegan soy candle wax melts using only local UK and Irish ingredients, inspired by Chronic Illness, Mental Illness and Disability all to help raise awareness and improve lifestyles. Everything is cruelty free too. On their website they have a scent list, surprise boxes, gift vouchers, and even special occasion melts such as mother’s day. They are currently taking pre orders for April’s box which is only £12 and may include Easter inspired meltys!
If you missed my live unboxing of these beauties, you can watch it back here…

Current Scents

  • Arachnophobia – Bubblegum
  • Anxiety – Rose Musk
  • Amazon Warrior – Chocolate Orange
  • Bad to the Bone – Strawberries and Cream
  • Brainfog – Vanilla
  • Cuddle Buddy – Candyfloss and Vanilla
  • Depression – Black Cherry
  • Ease the Pain – Lemon and Lime
  • F**k M.E. – Lemongrass
  • Feel like S**T – Sandalwood and Patchouli
  • Fibro Warrior – Berries
  • Fury – Dragons Blood
  • Heartbroken -Dragons Blood
  • Here Lies – Orange
  • Hit By A Shark – Seabreeze
  • Insomnia – Lavender
  • Just love – Rose musk
  • Lyme Warrior – Lemon and Lime
  • Never Judge – Vanilla and Dragons Blood
  • Not Alone – Black skull is Woodland Walk scent White Skull is Peppermint
  • Protection – Black Cherry
  • Spoonie Warrior – Violet
  • Understand Me – Apple Spice
  • Unicorn Power – Strawberry
  • Wax from the Dead – Cherry Spice
  • Waxcraft – Coconut

These are their current scents however you can request a custom scent at an extra charge to make your meltys completely unique!

What I received

In my mystery box I received a bag of insomnia melts, a bag of cuddle buddy melts and a wax from the dead. First of all I love the way everything is packaged, the bags are resealable which makes it easy to store and they don’t lose their smell. The unique shapes of the melts are amazing, so much effort and attention goes into the details. I was super impressed with the skull shaped meltys, they are a work of art! Each order comes with a list of ingredients too.

My thoughts

Out of the scents I received my favourite has to to be insomnia. I struggle getting to sleep and maintaining a decent sleep pattern and surprisingly these melts have helped enormously. The lavender is relaxing and puts your mind at ease. As for the throw, the scent spread throughout my flat and lasted for about 2 hours after putting the burner out. This is pretty good as I struggle to find wax melts that have a strong fragrance and find most of the time I can’t particularly smell them. After using the melts I will definitely be repurchasing as they are worth every penny. The scents, packaging, and whole concept is brilliant.

The wax melts/candles start at £2 and range up to £8.99 depending on size, weight and scent. They also sell wax burners and merchandise which can also be found on their website. I would recommend checking out their website and have a nose around as I can guarantee something will catch your eye!

Chloe x

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