Secret Scent Box Review by Mel – February 2018

So, we have worked with Secret Scent Box on a few occasions over the 10 month life span of BoXession, but never to this extent! Anil, the owner and founder, hatched a plan with me for us all to review this month’s edit, along with a week long Valentines Competition for one lucky member to win His & Hers Secret Scent Boxes! Exciting I know!
I have never personally reviewed this box, since we have a Team of Bloggers, I always share out the Collaborations with my ladies. So needless to say, I was excited to get my hands on one of these for the first time.
The box arrived via Royal Mail, in the cutest little packet. Letterbox friendly I may add! It is double boxed, and inside is a gorgeous little black box, embossed with the Secret Scent Logo in silver. The box reminds me of a Jewellery box, and I think it could be re used for that purpose, or even storing any testers you may have lying around?
If you missed my unboxing live on the BoXession group, you can now watch it back on our YouTube Channel here…

So how does Secret Scent Box work?

It is a monthly fragrance subscription, that lets you discover new designer fragrances. The idea is that these 3 little bottles will last you an entire 30 days (based on 4 sprays per day), and then the following month you will receive different scents.
The pricing is as follows:

  • Monthly recurring Subscription – £15, Free P&P
  • 6 Monthly Subscription – £14 per month, Free P&P (Billed upfront £84)
  • 12 Monthly Subscription – £13 per month, Free P&P (Billed upfront £156)


What did I receive?

  1. FCUK – FCUK3 for Her
  2. Davidoff Cool Water Women
  3. Gucci Bloom

So here is what I thought of them…

FCUK for Her

image5This is really fruity and fresh. I would say this is suitable to the younger generation. I love anything really sweet smelling, so I actually really like this one. In my opinion it is the stronger of the three, and has brilliant staying power. I can really smell the orange and berries in this and I could still smell this the next day.

Davidoff Cool Water Women

image4I have owned this scent before, in a full size bottle. It is a perfect Spring/Summer fragrance. It is a cross between cool and fruity, including notes of Mint and Pineapple you can see why. I have used the bottle, so it was great to see this one in the box as I already know I like it.

Gucci Bloom

image3Now this one really packs a punch. You need to let it settle and use it sparingly so that it is not too overpowering. I think this would be suited to young and old alike. I could even see my Gran liking this. It quite literally reminds me of a flower garden. This was only launched last year, I have seen the packaging in full size and I really like it. It is very feminine and modern.

My Verdict?

On first smell my favourite is by far the FCUK. But actually even though the Gucci Bloom is very overpowering at first, after it has settled on my skin this became my favourite of the three, much to my surprise.
I spoke in my video about how when you go into department stores and try perfumes you are never really getting a full reflection of what it is like. You can only really tell if you like something after a few days in my opinion. I recently had a bad experience and an allergic reaction to a very well known fragrance that I bought in a High Street Department Store. The fragrance burnt the skin on my neck which has never happened to me before. I had bought a 50ml bottle of it too at a whopping £76!!
If I had chance to take this away and test it, rather than a quick squirt on my wrists, or a card tester. Then I would have known this and not been out of pocket. Secret Scent Box allows you to do this, and for a small monthly fee. If you were to then love a scent, you could scout around online and get the best price for the full size bottle.
The added card inserts explaining the top, middle and bottom notes will help you choose future fragrances too, as you can look out for ones that contain similar ingredients.

If you wish to subscribe to Secret Scent Box we have the added bonus of 15% off, with our exclusive code ‘BOXESSION15’.

This will get your first month only £12.75!

The links are below to their Website and Social Media…
Thank you to my lovely members as always for taking the time to read,

Mel x