Travel Box @ Generation Jetlag Review by Mel – February 2018

Thank You yet again to Dee from Travel Box for sending me another box to review. This box was offered to me as a gift for my review last month, but of course I cannot pass up an opportunity to unbox live!
The theme this month is inspired by New Zealand, where one of the largest exports is Manuka Honey. I did not know that, so I have learned something new already. I did know that Manuka is used in an array of Skincare products, as I have used face masks before that contain it.
The Manuka Honey items are teamed up with monochrome items, and also some Kiwi Treats. I was very excited opening this box. One of the things I love the most about Travel Box is that it isn’t going to be filled with items that are either repeats from other boxes, or that you simply will not use.
If you want to see an excited me, then you can watch back my live unboxing on our YouTube Channel here…


So What’s inside the Box?

  • Manuka Doctor Clarifying Gel – RRP £14.99
  • Home Cushion – RRP £11.99
  • Manuka Honey Face Mask – RRP £1.99
  • Chocolates – RRP £1.99
  • Home Sign – RRP £1.99
  • Home Clips – RRP £4.00

Total Box Value = £39.95

Cost of the Box – £14.99 plus £3.99 P&P (£18.98)

A HUGE saving of £20.97!!

The best bit, time to test out the treats! …

Manuka Doctor Clarifying Gel

Oh my days, this actually works. I used it immediately after my live as I had a slight problem appearing on my chin. I dabbed a little on and the next morning it was all dried up and going. I love skincare, I am the biggest addict out of all of the Admin I would say; so this is a perfect item for me.

Manuka Honey Face Mask

I have used this brand before. K Beauty are at the top of the game when it comes to face masks, not even the UK equivalents can compete. I had not used this particular one before, but any excuse to get my mask on! This was really moisturising and softening. I do care for my skin a lot, I am not getting any younger after all. Sheet masks are the perfect top up for a busy mum, minimum fuss, quick and simple. I will re buy this mask, I will likely re buy the entire brand collection at some point, ha!

Cadbury Chocolates Kiwi Style

I was so happy to see some sweet treats included again, I scoffed the last month bar in no time with the help of my boys. I hid these in my bedside drawer for a night time treat when nobody was around, and I am glad I did. I often buy American sweeties as my eldest loves them, but never had I thought to buy ones from New Zealand. This has made me aware of the endless goodies I could be seeking out online that I now need to try, for research purposes of course!


Home Cushion, Sign & Clips

I am a sucker for any cute items for my home. I am at ‘that age’, I have 2 children, little time, and I like to see a nice tidy cosy home. No my house isn’t a show home, it says ”I live here”, and items such as this are the exact kind of thing I would buy from a Shop.
The clips are very handy at the moment as sadly for me I get all of the accounting duties, so I am already using 2 of them to hold receipts for this month. The sign and cushion are both now at home in my living room.

How can you get your hands on this box you ask?

This is the simple part, £18.98 (that is including postage) will get you this AMAZING box, and I have to say this is my favourite yet. They must keep getting better as I am sure I say this on every review, ha! But that’s a positive, no doubt!

The one thing that Travel Box do that is different to any other box I have seen is they offer a VIP Status for long-term subscribers. Here is how it works…

VIP Status

This is something that sets this Box aside from the rest… the VIP Treatment…

Bronze VIP Status

This kicks in once you have been a Subscriber for 3 month’s continuously. Your reward is that you receive your Box in the first batch, 5 days before everyone else

Silver VIP Status

6 Month’s continuous Subscription – You will already be receiving perks as a Bronze VIP member. As a Silver VIP you will also get an email shortly after the first of each month asking you to choose one of the items you want to receive from that month’s selection.

Gold VIP Status

9 Month’s continuous Subscription – You’re already benefitting from Bronze & Silver VIP perks – As an added extra you will also receive an additional item in all your future boxes.

Platinum VIP Status

12 Month’s continuous Subscription – You will continue to get Bronze, Silver and Gold VIP perks. Your items will now also get delivered in a deluxe box every month. You will also get an annual “birthday” gift.

My Verdict?

I don’t think I really need to add this bit?!
Ok, I will anyway. This box has the personal touch, it is suitable to all age groups, it is themed, and packed full of goodies (you all saw the size of the box in my video!). The boxes seem to get better and better as this box evolves and grows. This is still fairly new to the Subscription Box World, and I have not seen a bad box yet, which is rare.
You would be crazy not to try this one, and there are only so many a month so you need to be quick with this one, as once they sell out, that’s it! So let your fingers do the walking to the links below before you miss out…

If you would like to Subscribe to TravelBox, you can do so via their Website They now also do a TravelBox + Junior girl for £24.99 a month, so your Daughter, Niece, or Granddaughter can also grab a specially curated box designed for younger girls. I have seen one of these on the group and it was so cute! Well worth a buy.

You can also follow them on Social Media for Competitions and Giveaways…
Thank you as always to my lovely members and readers,

Mel x

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