Mask Time Box Review by Sam – January 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Estee from Mask Time for sending BoXession one of the first ever boxes to review. Last month I was super lucky and got to review the pre launch Christmas Box!
So this month is the first ever Mask Time Subscription Box! As you all know I’m a lover of a good face mask, …ok…. I have a huge mask addiction and should probably attend a Mask rehab! so this box is right up my street.
Mask Time send you 8 -10 masks and Korean beauty treats in a carefully curated box tailored to the season, so your skin gets what it needs all year long. Estee a busy Mum, has hit the nail on the head creating this box!
This is the ready… set… glow! Box, designed to help hydrate and replenish your skin after all the over indulging and lets face it slacking on our skincare routine. It came delivered via Royal Mail wrapped in a pink Jiffy bag, I patiently waited to Open it until my live video. If you missed it, you can check out here (and give me a cheeky like)…

You can get 15% off your first box using code SAM15

This box is always jam packed and amazing value so let’s dive in. Opening it I was met with a thank you card and 2 samples.
Underneath that was a crisp clean looking sparkly tissue paper sealed with a cute masktime sticker. I opened that to revel the mask time product booklet and…

2 x Samples approx RRP 50p each so £1 total

  • Crecell ultimate intensive Aquacatch cream
  • A’PIEU power block sun cream

These K Beauty extras were a brilliant touch, allowing me to try new products without a risk and great to pop in your hand bag for on the go.

1. The Face Shop Real Nature Kelp Mask £2.50

This mask has Laminara Japonica (an edible seaweed from the waters of east Asia). I’m so intrigued by this one and can’t wait to try it.

2. SNP Fresh Vita C Jelly Mask RRP £2.50

I’ve never tried a jelly mask before, and wow this felt so strange, but it was so cool and refreshing. It left my skin soft and revitalised with a subtle glow to it.

3. Leaders Insolution Aquablend Oil Pocket Mask RRP £4.50

I’ve never come across a face mask like this before and I’m wondering why now ! It’s truly amazing it’s more like an intensive oil treatment than a quick pop on mask. It left my skin feeling wonderful for days! It might be something to do with it being infused with Italian white truffle!

4. Mediheal Stress Zero Solution Soothing Care Mask RRP £3.50

This mask literally de stresses your skin. I noticed a dramatic difference in my pores and a sneaky pimple that was starting to come up on my chin and left my skin feeling a lot plumper.

5. Youth Over Flower Iceland Aqua Pass Mask RRP £3.50

This is another one I can’t wait to try!its said to target dry skin giving it much needed refreshment using Icelandic glacier water!  Balancing the moisture and oil levels within the skin, revitalising, soothing and nourishing your skin.

6. Etude House Black Hydrogel Eye Patch RRP £3.50

OMG! Every one needs this mask in there life! I need more! Not only does it leave your eyes feeling refreshed, firmed and I swear it helped my mum bags. It’s the most amazing shape, I actually looked like batman! and took great joy in running round my house and telling my kids anytime they said anything (in my deepest voice) “cos batman says” haha it’s brought a whole new joy to parenting.

7. Etude House Honey Jelly Lips Patch RRP £3.50

Who said skincare had to be boring? Yet another mask with the fun factor!
I’ve not tried a lip mask before, this felt soft like jelly, stayed on well and I must say it left my lips a lot softer. These are a must for the cold winter months! Just don’t try to do a live video with it on! And surprisingly every time I said “give us a kiss” I was met with a resounding no, no idea why hahaha.

8. Tony Moly Tako Pore One Shot Nose Pack RRP £3.50

I must say this has to be my favourite ever nose strip, ok I may have looked like I had a mini octopus but not only does it cover the nose it also goes up to the T Zone. This is the first mask like this I have found and after seeing how much that area needed a good cleanse will definitely be re-purchased.

9. MISSHA Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask RRP £2.50

I LOVE a good rice mask, I always find the scent so relaxing and spa like and this one did not disappoint. This one is twice fermented. As soon as I took it off my I noticed my skin was more radiant and I could not stop stroking my face it honestly felt like a baby’s bum. So soft, smoothed and refreshed!

10. BOH Air jet Daily Mask RRP £2.50

This is an amazing moisturising mask! This thick 0.2mm mask is made with Hyaluronic Acid. It left my skin feeling fresh, soft and feeling firmer.

11. VERITE Real Power Cool Down Mask RRP £3.00

This is the perfect pick me up after all the festivities have passed. It cooled and soothed all my stressed away leaving me feeling revitalised .

12. IT’S SKIN Boarding Pass Kit RRP £3.90

This is a special bonus item for subscribing to the first ever Mask Time Subscription Box, And wow it’s so handy, perfect to take on a flight in fact that is exactly what it’s designed for. It consists of a cleansing wipe, a toner, and a ceramide moisturiser! It’s every thing you need to combat the jet lag your skin experiences.

Is it worth it?

Are you sheeting me? This box had 12 products and a few samples with a Total RRP of £40! Giving you an impressive saving of £15.01, and even more when you use code SAM15 giving you 15% off your first box! If I was to walk into a shop near me and by these masks I would have to pay over the RRP for them due to them being imported!

What do I think?

Ummm are you really going to ask a mask addict? I love it, it’s brilliant value for money! My skin is now amazing after trying most of the masks in the box, I have even gone foundation free some days – in the winter months that’s saying something!
Korean skincare is far superior, they are miles ahead. But that makes it expensive to import so by the time the masks hit our local shops they carry a hefty price tag. This is a brilliant way to try out new things and find what suits your skin without a huge outlay and hassle of shopping around. Let’s face it we all need a bit of time out every now and again and what better way that putting on a soothing mask and letting the January blues drift away.

Who would love it?

Mask addicts around the world rejoice! I know loads of people – men, women and children that love to relax with a face mask! Some even have family mask nights and it’s a must for any pamper session or sleepover. Some of the masks included are for sensitive skin as well so it really caters to everyone, It would make the perfect present.

How do I get it?

One simple option here:

  • Monthly rolling plan £24.99 and shipping is free to mainland U.K.

Last day to order for that month is the 20th and boxes ship out on the 24th. Subscriptions are easy to cancel and have no hidden fees, making it a great gift, hint hint.

Once again you get 15% off your first box when you use code: SAM15, would be rude not to!

You can buy some really cool masks from brands such as Tony Moly (Pokémon) sheet masks, and the Star Wars ones. Also Etude House and less well known Korean brands from their online shop and have them sent out with your Subscription. They also offer a points reward scheme meaning you can get extra free goodies!
The website is well laid out, cute and easy to navigate! It’s also well worth checking out the blog section on there as well it gives you hints and tips in a masking 101.

you can check them out at:

You can also find them on:


Thank you for reading and Happy Masking! XOXO


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