Letterbox Lab Review by Sam & Katie – February 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Mia from Letterbox Lab for sending us this box to review.
We have had so much fun! Katie was awestruck by it in her live unboxing! If you missed her tearing into it you can catch it here…

If you haven’t guessed already Letterbox Lab is a Science discovery box delivered to your door, this one is the first box in the series and consisted of:

Lab Equipment 

Each box comes with different Lab  equipment you save and build up your collection with each box.

We received: 

  • Safety Goggles
  • Scissors
  • Petri Dish
  • Measuring Cylinder

We were also advised to hold on to the:

  • Rainbow Glasses
  • and Spinner

For later activities in the series.
Instruction Book
This told us everything we needed to know to do each experiment as well as allowing us to record our findings and find ideas for follow on experiments. You can also get Video instructions as well.
A Badge
A reward to say you have completed the experiments in the box. This is a great idea and Katie wants to collect all the badges to proudly display on her lab coat. Once you reach level 3 lab box also gives your child a reward.


6 Experiments

Each experiment has a messiness rating from 1 to 3 stars

Experiment 1 – Incredible Inks: Messiness rating 2 stars 

Katie had loads of fun exploring the inks and watching with fascination as they changed colours before her eyes. She insisted we did follow up experiments and ran round the house to find different materials to see how the inks would react with them compared to the contact paper. We spent a good 1-2 hours on this experiment alone!

Experiment 2 – Rainbow glasses: Messiness rating 1 star 

Katie loved designing her own funky glasses and this was one of the experiments she could mostly do on her own (she was pleased with that).

Experiment 3 – Rainbow spinners: Messiness rating 1 star

This was great fun and fairly simple to do Katie swore one of them hypnotised her haha it was great fun launching the spinner round and writing down our findings.

Experiment 4 – Liquid Rainbow: Messiness rating 3 stars

This one needed a lot of supervision well that’s my excuse anyway haha it was great fun and an amazing end result to the experiment even  if I did end up looking like a smurf.

Experiment 5 – Brilliant Breathless Balloons: Messiness rating 2 stars 

Katie was absolutely astounded by this experiment, though at one point she was freaking out because she thought it would pop. She loved the way it grew seeming like magic.

Experiment 6 – Squirmy Worms: Messiness rating 3 stars

Whilst I write this review I have mix settling in the dining room Katie is so excited to do this one. And it was definitely worth the wait! At first it looked like nothing happened until I convinced Katie to put a gloved hand in. Ewwwwwwww could be heard ringing though the house followed by a squeal of delight. This was definitely her favourite one and every time she put her hands in to pull out more squiggly worms another ewww followed by but I love it. She was fascinated by this and insisted on showing everyone she could the magic of science.

Katie’s thoughts

I love it! It’s super fun my favourite part was carrying out the experiments and playing with the squiggly worms, I felt like a scientist! it’s rarely something I do at home and now Iv tried it I really want to do more. I feel like Iv learned new things to say at school and I enjoyed spending time with mummy. It’s a lot more fun than my homework.

A Mum’s thoughts

What a fab concept, my daughter struggles to engage when it comes to learning and educational projects out side of school! But she has loved every second of this box, Iv never seen her so excited to learn at home. She has even woken me up at 4am Lab coat on ready to experiment haha.
I wish schools would set homework tasks like this, they could certainly learn a thing or two from Letterbox Lab. I honestly think I had just as much fun as Katie did and it was great getting her off her electrical equipment for a few hours and spending some quality time together!
The box includes literally everything you need beside from a bit of tap water and a bowl or two to complete the experiments. That in itself was a relief for me. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve bought a kit for Christmas and it has things listed on it I have to go out and buy, leaving the kids underwhelmed and upset they can’t do it there and then; resulting it being left in a cupboard and forgotten about.
With Letterbox lab you never miss a box! When you first subscribe you are sent the first box (the one that we have reviewed) then the 12 subsequent ones follow in sequence, allow you to build up your lab kit and explore new areas In a fun and exciting way.
Honestly it’s well worth subscribing, Katie loves dressing up in her lab coat and now we have a budding scientist in the making. She’s been telling all her class about the things she has learnt and done. You can see the thought and effort that goes into these boxes, and they are really helpful and quick to resolve any issues. I love the fact I won’t get the red card of doom with this box!

Price wise: 

It’s hard to tally up the savings but just to give you an idea. You can pay £15 for 1 kit in toy stores and this box gives you 6 experiments plus equipment and rewards in a fun collectible series delivered to your door . Plus no extras to buy! Combined together in a truly fun educational experience. So totally worth £22.50.

How do you get it? 

Investigate box is aimed at  8+ and gives you 3 to 4 hours of science fun in every box. We got a lot more time out of this box and did our own follow on experiments.

  • One off box £27.00 inc. postage

A brilliant way to try it and see its right for your child! This would also make a fantastic gift!

  • Monthly rolling subscription £24.00 per box inc. postage
  • 3 month subscription (pay per 3 boxes) £22.50 per box inc. postage

Both subscription options allow you to cancel or postpone payments at any point and choose to receive a new exciting science kit every month or every two months.

You can also get:

The Explorer box aimed at ages 6 plus. There is 1-2 hours of experiments in this box and it’s a great introduction to science. Prices on this one Start from £9.50

The Website is well laid out and easy to use: 


You can also find them on:

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Thank you for reading and I hope you have as much fun experimenting as we have!

Sam and Katie XOXO