Sensory Play Box Review by Mel, Joel & Archie – February 2018

A huge Thank You to Chloe from Sensory Play Box for sending Archie, Joel & I this box to review. She has been a pleasure to communicate with throughout. This is always a good sign as to what her customer service levels will be like for subscribers.
I have been looking forward to receiving this box. I admit it, I do stalk their Instagram as the posts are so bright, colourful and eye-catching. This is mimicked in their box design. Even the external box arrived with rainbow tape on, as you can see! There is then an inner box which is personalised with Archie’s name on, it has a magnetic flap lid closure. When you open this you are greeted with a mass of the brightest tissue I have ever seen. I smiled profusely at this, and if it makes an adult excited, imagine what reaction you will get from Children!

image2So this is the first time I have done an unboxing with Archie, and he was really engaged! (phew). I enlisted the help of Daddy and big brother Joel in the background too. You can watch this back on our YouTube Channel below, or it is also saved in the video section of the BoXession Group.

So what’s in the Box?


  • Glitter Ball – RRP £4.99
  • Textured Tangle – RRP £4.99
  • UV Ooze Tube – RRP £4.99
  • Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Foam – RRP £2
  • Galaxy Goo – RRP £2
  • Fuzzy Brush (Bubblegum) – RRP approx. 55p
  • Coconut Sieve – RRP £3.50
  • Stress Ball – 4 pack RRP £14.99 so worth £3.75
  • Sensory OT Brush – RRP £3.50

9 items!! It is literally packed to the brim! Total RRP is £30.27!

It is worth mentioning that you would need to pay postage on all of the items above, most are not available in mainstream stores but from specialised sensory play websites.
Cost of the Box = £25 + £3.95 P&P

We also have a SPECIAL OFFER exclusive to BoXession Members!


So what did the boys think?

I say boys here, as my elder, Joel has ASD. I did not even think to be honest that this box would grab his attention, but I was so very wrong!! I actually think Joel has had the most benefit from it!

Firstly we had the Glitter Ball, which lights up and is like a little snow globe. I sat for ages shaking this around. I have claimed this myself, sorry but I had to get something out of it! Ha!

The OOZE Tube has also been claimed by Joel who is fascinated that it glows in the dark. Joel does not like to sleep without any lights on, so this has actually been a help to me as to see it glow you have to turn the light off.
Archie loves the Tangle, I have bought these before. He thought he had broken it when he pulled it and it came apart, but they snap back together with ease. This again is a product which could be used by adults, very handy to keep at work or in your car for when you are stuck in traffic.
The putty is amazing, again Joel has asked if he can keep this. He has been squishing and moulding it for hours. He wants to take it to School too. I think things like this are a good idea in School for ASD Children, it can channel their concentration.
The price of this is very reasonable, one of the few items you can find locally in Hobbycraft, so I will buy him some more. He had some of that magnetic putty from the Science Museum and that is very expensive, this will be a great alternative.

The Crazy Foam was a HUGE hit with Joel, he is very very impressed. I used a bowl to demonstrate him using it as he said he is too old to let Mum take bath photos! He said it smells fruity and I had to take the can away in the end to stop him from using it all.
He also used the Fuzzy Brush (it was Bubblegum). I have problems getting Joel to brush his teeth, he needs telling all of the time. I am now wondering if me buying some more of these may encourage him a bit more. You can buy them in bulk online, he seems to think he can put it away and re-use it though, I haven’t broke the news yet as he is currently still chewing it.
All members of my household own Tangle Teezer brushes. But both boys seem to prefer this OT Brush. The bristles are softer, Joel has asked if he can use this one now instead as it doesn’t hurt his head. I have never seen these before, I was researching what they are used for and saw them being used on skin and feet too. My feet are very ticklish so I will not be telling Joel that, as he is a little comedian at the best of times
image2-2Archie has claimed the Stress Ball, which is by far his favourite item in this box. He has not put it down since our unboxing, declaring it is ‘Archie’s Ball’ at every available opportunity.
We haven’t got around to using the Coconut Sieve yet, it is the only item we haven’t tried out. Archie loves bath play so I am certain that it will get used.

How can you buy one?

From what I believe, they do sell out fast. I am not surprised to be honest.
Your first Box will be billed immediately at £25 + P&P, then following that your subscription will renew on the 20th of each month.
The special offer we have above is available immediately, please remember that the code will expire and is only for the March Box.
You can cancel easily via the Manage Subscription section on your Account.

The Verdict?

I love this box, really I do. Even the flip side of the Menu card says ”YOU are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think & loved more than you know”.
To me that shows the sheer passion Chloe puts into this box, the fact she has 2 boys herself (Leo & Ollie) and one has been diagnosed with Autism with sensory processing difficulties makes it crystal clear to me that her heart is in this. It is a daily challenge being a parent to a child with extra needs. Some days are bright like rainbows, and others it rains. But rain clouds move along as I always say.
The attention to detail in this box is what grabbed me the most. The personalisation, the bright tissue. These are all things that are thought of with the children (and Adults) in mind who unbox them. They are greeted with the exciting colourful explosion!
There really isn’t an age limit on this box, it is aimed at ages 3+, so I thought Archie would initially be the better candidate, but in fact 6 items have been used by Joel (age 10) and 3 by Archie. The fact that both boys have had use from it is even better really as nothing has gone to waste, which is the best you can hope for when buying a box.
Would I buy it again? Oh yes, I would! I am relocating so I won’t subscribe at the moment as I have to pack (I am crying at the thought), but Joel has already asked if we can get another box, and I feel Archie’s interest will grow as he gets older too.
I have included the links below, don’t forget to use the code ‘BOXESSIONGIFT’ to get the extra free item. Thank you as always for reading. I hope you all check this one out…

Mel x
Twitter: @Sensoryplaybox