Society Socks Review by Mel – January 2018

This is now my Fourth Month for receiving Society Socks, and hopefully not my last as it is a firm favourite in my household!

Thank you as always to Filip for sending me these, it always puts a huge smile on my face when this lovely little blue package lands on my doorstep.
It arrived really quickly this month, I was not expecting it until the end of the month. It is letterbox friendly so no waiting in for the postie or receiving one of those pesky red cards!

How does Society Socks work?

Now this is the part I love the most. Subscription Boxes are into the thousands, yes I do have a list ladies! But where this one differs is that they have a cause. For every pair of socks you receive, a pair are donated to those in need. Homeless shelters only accept new socks, I have only just learnt this… I am so glad that now I know, as I often donate locally too so I will be sure to include new socks when I do this Christmas.

Their mission is this:

‘To serve suffering children of the street, and protect and safeguard all children – with absolute respect and unconditional love.’

Now I personally find this so touching. When you work out the pricing, half of what you pay every month is going to charity. This makes it almost guilt free, you are buying essential items and giving to a worthy cause!

The pricing is as follows:

  • £13 per month for 2 pairs, FREE P&P
  • A 3 month Gift Subscription is £37 (£12.33 per month)
  • A 6 Month Gift Subscription is £71 (£11.83 per month)
  • A 12 Month Gift Subscription is £134 (£11.17 per month)

There is no tie in period, you can cancel at any time. The gift subscriptions are payable upfront but do save you money if you can afford to do it this way, as outlined above.

They also have a Sock Store on their Website where you can buy their Socks for £8 per pair.

You can watch my live unboxing here…

So What did I receive?

2 Pairs of Funky, stylish socks! These are both size 7-13, mens size, so one size fits all. He is a size 11 so they fit perfectly! They are 80% combed cotton, 15% polyester and 5%.

One pair are Navy Blue, with multi coloured polka dot spots, and red trims. The second pair are Penguins!! These have a red background and black trim. I adore both of these, possibly my favourite patterns to date.
The designs are always unique, I have never seen similar ones in the shops either. I have noticed that they always send one patterned pair and one with animal print.
The man is away at the moment for work but I will be sending him my review to read so that he can get excited, and I will be sure to pack them in my suitcase as we are going for a weekend break on 2nd February as a family so I will take his treats then!

The code ‘FUNKY50’ can be used for 50% off your first monthly order!

I highly recommend this subscription, yes I know they are just socks… but with a social cause and for £6.50 for your first order you really cannot lose on this one, it is pocket change!

The Verdict?

I mention this a lot in my live videos, but we love this Subscription. Rob is always asking me when it will be arriving, he is 36, but I always joke and say I have 3 Children and not 2!
There are very few subscriptions out there who give to charity, some do but it tends to be a small amount for example £1, or 10% of what you pay. This one is giving literally half of your money every month to people in need, in the form of essential everyday items.
The pricing at £13 is so good, I for one could justify this knowing that I was doing something good every month. This also keeps him indoors very happy, so if you have a man who loves unique and funky socks, this will absolutely NOT disappoint!
Thank You my lovelies for reading…

Mel x

Below are the links to their Website and Social Media:
Twitter: @societysocks