Tiddly Box Review by Jasmine – January 2018

Welcome everyone to BoXession’s Review of Tiddly Box by Jasmine.
Tiddly Box is a Baby & Toddler Subscription Box tailored to children aged 0-4 years old. When ordering a Tiddly Box you can specify the age group from a choice of four. For example age group 2-3 years old, then you can choose to have the box suited more to a girl, boy or a surprise so this helps to make the box a little bit more tailored to the child you are buying for.

Tiddly Box was founded by two sisters and the Tiddly Box doesn’t charge Postage (UK only) which personally I love, as I hate postage and sometimes that can put me off buying a sub box.

Tiddly Box fits perfectly through your letterbox so no staying in waiting for delivery or having to answer your door unprepared which lets face it as parents/guardians when the door goes and all you have on is a dressing gown with messy hair you really don’t want to answer that door. Personally for myself I breastfeed my daughter and the post/delivery men always come when she is feeding and trying to hide behind a door and grab a parcel with one hand is hard work.

Tiddly Box will consist of 3-5 products from various categories from fun to educational, and there are two individual tea bags in every box so the parents/guardians can sit and have a wee cuppa.

You can watch my live unboxing of Tiddly Box here on our YouTube channel:

So now lets talk about the products I received from Tiddly Box this month:

  • Brush Baby soft chewable toothbrush – RRP £4.99
  • Peppa Pig: Out and About ladybird books – RRP £3.99
  • Tommee Tippee Explora First Grown Up Cutlery Set (Variable Colours) – RRP £5.39
  • Flash Cards My First Words – RRP £5.99
  • Bear Artic Paws raspberry & blueberry – RRP £0.55
  • Twinings Gingerbread Indulgence Green Tea – RRP £0.25
  • Twinings Lemon Drizzle Indulgence Green Tea – RRP £0.25
  • Brush Baby reward stickers pack of 24 (stickers work out at £0.05 each) – RRP£1.20

The Box Value adds up to £22.61

The Tiddly Box is only £14.99 a month so that’s a saving of £7.62 and if you use our exclusive discount code:


That will take a further £5 off your first box so you will be saving a massive £12.62 on your first box making your first box only £9.99 and remember no extra charge for postage as it is free to subscribers in the UK!

You can order your box here https://tiddlybox.com/

Time to review the products…

Brush Baby Soft Chewable Toothbrush
I already love this product and so does my daughter Ariana-Joy who sat chewing it for over an hour refusing to give it back. The product seems safe and clean and will definitely be used a lot.

Peppa Pig: Out and About
This is a great little book, very sturdy but unfortunately Ariana-Joy does not like Peppa Pig and I know you are probably gobsmacked a child who doesnt like Peppa Pig surely this isn’t true but unfortunately it is, so I will be passing the book to Boxession’s founder Mel, as her youngest likes Peppa Pig and I think it is better to go to someone who would love the book.

Tommee Tippee Explora First Grown Up Cutlery Set (Variable Colours)
I love this product and had actually just bought three sets over the last few weeks so I was happy to see them in this box because they are an essential especially since they don’t get too warm so perfect for dinner. Ariana-Joy loves them too. Tommee Tippee is also a well know brand and can be a bit pricey at times so I see this as a great product to receive.

Flash Cards My First Words
Ariana-Joy loves her flash cards and has a few different sets now so she was really excited when I brought them out of the Tiddly Box and we sat looking at them and saying the words while she would shout and smile then have a chew at them. I think these will be a big help with her development as Ariana-Joy is 19 months old now so she is looking to us her parents for guidance and we are doing everything possible to help her.

BEAR Artic Paws Raspberry & Blueberry
Ariana-Joy got so excited when she saw these as she loves most of the BEAR range, but to be honest I hate the taste but I’m not the one eating them so it doesn’t matter what I think about the taste as she loves them so that’s that. BEAR products are made with whole fresh fruit that has been baked slowly at low temperatures then once the dried fruit is ready it is cut into shapes so basically its a whole load of goodness.

Twinings Gingerbread Indulgence Green Tea & Twinings Lemon Drizzle Indulgence Green Tea
I haven’t opened these yet as I have already tried them before and I loved them but personally I love coffee more but I do take the odd notion for a cuppa tea and these will definitely satisfy my tea craving when it comes about. I personally love green tea especially early in the morning as the sun is coming up and the air is crisp. I would definitely recommend tea lovers to give them a try.

Brush Baby Reward Stickers
I think the stickers are a great idea especially to encourage little Tiddly’s to brush their teeth, thankfully Ariana-Joy absolutely loves brushing her teeth so I don’t have to try to persuade her just yet but I think sticking them to her toy box along with her other stickers will make her smile.

Tiddly Box is available as a month to month subscription, 3 month subscription, 6 month subscription, 12 month subscription or you can buy as a gift via the link https://tiddlybox.com/

Dont forget to use the code BOXESSION5 for £5 off your first box.

You can also follow Tiddly Box on social media via the links below:

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