The Mummy Club Box Review by Jasmine – January 2018

Welcome to BoXession’s first review of The Mummy Club Subscription Box!
So ladies, my name is Jasmine; and this is my very first blog on BoXession. When Mel (BoXession’s founder) told me that I was going to be the lucky one of seven bloggers to receive our first The Mummy Club subscription box I was so excited! In fact I rushed onto their webpage followed soon by their social media pages to learn all about the box and who created it. Upon arrival on the website I found all the information I needed as the webpage is so easy to use so finding information wast fast and stress free.
The Mummy Club box was created by a lovely woman named Christie who is a mum to two beautiful little girls. On the website I also saw that The Mummy Club donates £1 from every box sold to PANDAS foundation who support parents who suffer from Pre & Post natal mental illnesses. Christie herself has personally been battling Post-Natal depression and anxiety over the years.
The Mummy Club Box is a box created with love to help the recipient know they aren’t alone. It is filled with pampering products guaranteed to put a smile on their face and maybe even a little giggle.
You Can watch my unboxing video that was done live on the BoXession Facebook group here via our YouTube channel:

So now ladies do you want to see whats inside? Of course you do!

January’s The Mummy Club Subscription Box contents are:

  • Sketchymuama hardcover book – £12.99
  • Spacemask ×1 – £3.00 (spacemasks can only be bought in a multipack of 5 for £15)
  • AlbusandFlora Multi Action Balm – £10.00
  • Memyselfandernest card – £2.50
  • Memyselfandernest print – £5.00
  • Optiat Pamper Kit – £3.49

The box contents value adds up to £36.98

The box costs just £18.00 a month plus £2.75 p&p (£20.75 in total a month)

So you are saving a massive jaw dropping £16.23!!


And if you use our exclusive discount code ‘BOX20’  you will save an extra 20%!!

You can also order The Mini Mummy Club Box, or one off gift boxes you can add personal messages to.
Orders for the February Box are being taken now, oh and I forgot the best bit all Febuary Boxes (Subscription & One Off boxes ) receive a free Spacemask!

So time to test out the goodies…

Sketchymuama Hardcover Book
The book has over 138 pages full of sketches about becoming a mother. From the very first two lines on the pregnancy test up to the toddler stages; and it is so relatable and hilarious at the same time so it has truly put a smile on my face. The sketches are done so well too I have fallen in love with this book.

Spacemasks are a self heating eyemask that helps relive tiredness, eyestrain and many other tensions. The eyemask contains essence of Jasmine and no I don’t mean me; but that beautiful flower that is also a herb and the other ingredient is iron powder.
Albusandflora Multi Action balm
Albus & Flora multi action balm with alpine botanicals spf30 UVB/UVA is for everyday use and is deeply nourishing, highly anti-oxidant, vitamin and rich with omega. The packaging and lip balm are very eye catching and beautiful. After only a few minutes my lips start to feel smoother and less dry/cracked, so hopefully this little balm will nourish my lips and make them look and feel healthy again.

I love the card and print so much they are lovely pieces of art and are created simply to share love and happiness.
The print depicts a pregnant mother talking to her unborn child promising never to lie to them, then an after birth where the child is at that age when they ask lots of questions like where do babies come from and the mother replies ‘the farm’.
The card was created to be sent to someone you know who needs reminded that they aren’t alone even if they are overwhelmed or don’t want to see anyone this card could lift their spirits.
Optiat Pamper Kit
The Optiat Pamper Kit contains 4 sachet samples of their coffee scrub. Optiat coffee scrubs are naturally scented and made from repurposed coffee grounds that are collected from London coffee shops and restaurants. I love Optiat and personally think it is the best coffee scrub on the market! Not only because it repurposes coffee beans from cafes as well as restaurants, but because the smell is so beautiful and lasts for a good while and it’s less messy than other brands on the market. The scrub itself helps relax as well as exfoliate my body and I especially love using it on my stretch marks. (Remember if breastfeeding or pregnant ask your gp/pharmacist before using coffee scrubs).


To be honest when I first went on to the webpage I instantly fell in love with The Mummy Club Box and after reviving it I love it even more. The box as whole brings a smile to my face and I know I will use everything in the box. Unfortunately I can’t pick one product from this months box I love more than the others because everything is perfect for me and I would be so happy to subscribe to this box forever. This box is a must have even for non Mummy’s.

If you want to get your hands on February’s box you can do so by going to:

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