The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Review by Mel – January 2018

This is the third time BoXession have collaborated with The Cruelty Free Beauty Box; we have reviews for their July and October boxes on our Website. The last two I have not reviewed, but have swooned over the amazing items in the boxes and wished that I had.
I would like to thank Chloe, the Owner and Founder of The Cruelty Free Beauty Box, for her continued collaboration with us, and not only that but someone I have gained a rapport with via our conversations during the last 6 months. I applaud all small business owners, it is not an easy task, however it has its rewards.
The ethics behind this box stem from the passion that Chloe has to change the world in regards to stopping the testing of cosmetics and beauty products on animals. We all think of mice and rats, but it is so much more than that. We all love our furry friends, my house would resemble a Zoo if the man of the house had his way, and the thought of someone using our pets to inflict pain for the sake of beauty doesn’t bear thinking about.
I would say out of the BoXession Team, I am the biggest skincare lover. My motto is simple, skin first makeup later. I have been actively seeking out cruelty free, paraben free and organic products over the last year. I have found some amazing items either from product testing or from receiving them in subscription boxes. The Beauty game has changed, the sheer quality of these products is better than some of the well known brands. You have to try them to believe it, and I do just that! It used to be the case years ago that they were more expensive, harder to find and not readily available to buy…but not any longer.

So how does it work?

Each box will contain 5 items each month. These can be full size, travel size or samples. There is a questionnaire to complete when subscribing that allows the boxes to be personalised to you. This is quite rare in the box world, and a great idea!. You can select your Skin tone, Skin type, Makeup style, hair length and type, and there are even questions asking if you sunbathe or use fake tan. This is great for the pasty types (i.e me), I am not a sun soaker at all in the slightest. I have accepted the pale, ha!

  • Month by Month – £14.95 including P&P
  • 3 Month Prepay – £43.50 (making it £14.50 per box)
  • 6 Month Prepay – £84 (making it £14 per box)

They also do a Makeup only Box, which is priced at £19.95 including P&P on a monthly subscription, again this will reduce for pre paid options.
Their customer service is fab, if you wanted both boxes they will also ensure that you don’t get duplicate items as some of the makeup items cross over into their beauty box.
You are billed on the 1st of each month, and shipping is around 10th of the month.

If you missed me live, you can still watch it on the BoXession Group, or see it on our YouTube Channel here…

So what’s in the Box?

  • Maggie Anne Nail Polish – FULL SIZE – RRP £10.50
  • Green Frog Botanic Body Wash – 100ml – RRP £3.95
  • Lucky Cloud Lip Butter – FULL SIZE – RRP £4.50
  • PHB Ethical Beauty Organic Eyeliner – FULL SIZE – RRP £8.95
  • Tisserand Aromatherapy Body Lotion – FULL SIZE – RRP £10.95

Total Box Value = £38.85

Actual Cost = £14.95, or if you use the discount code ‘BOXESSION’ you can get it for £13.45.

Saving after discount = £25.40

Time to test the goodies….

First of all I tried the Green Frog Natural Bodywash. I am a mum to my two boys aged 3 and 10 (as a lot of you know). The smell of this burst out of the tube almost when I squeezed it. It was thick and creamy and I didn’t need very much of it. The peppermint wasn’t too cooling, and the geranium was smelt on the entire third floor of my house. I have an en suite so no sharing with the little ones, it is my secret hideout up here. I would say that this is unisex, I would have no issue sharing this with the man, if he can get his hands on it that is. I have used Green Frog products before and they are high quality. It states that it is Travel Size, but its a huge 100ml so you would almost mistake it for a full size product.
Next up was the Tisserand Aromatherapy Body Lotion. Now I would personally use this as a bedside hand lotion. I love pump bottles and I am obsessed with caring for my hands. I am usually in too much of a mad rush out of the shower to cover my entire body. Speed showering is an art form in my house. I love Rose and geranium and again I could smell this all day. I went for an eye test and the optician even asked me what it was! So that is a good sign. It is a huge 195ml, so this is going to last me for months!
Now this next item is by far my favourite. The Lucky Cloud Coconut Lip Butter. I am so impressed with this. Two reasons, firstly my long nails do not permit me to use round jars of lip balm, so the shape of it is perfect! secondly it smells of summer, and we all need reminding of that at the moment with these sub zero temperatures. It was snowing here today so this little beauty kept me getting a whiff of the months ahead all day, and dreaming of Pina Coladas by the poolside for my upcoming holiday to Greece in May. I will be using all of this, and I will definitely buy it again.
The Maggie Anne Nail Polish I got a tad excited over in my live video. My pet hate is dull coloured Nails. The brighter the better for me! I haven’t had the chance to use this yet only as the man is away working as he does my pedicures. Yes ladies he is a keeper ha! I have used this brand before and they are gel like and great coverage. Again a full size item too… really impressed.
Last of all is the PHB Ethical Beauty Organic Eyeliner. The colour is brown, it says that it is long lasting and smudge proof. I am not going to lie, I am actually going to use this for my eyebrows. I have dark brows, and this is an exact colour match. I cannot for the life of me master this winged liner malarkey, but I like to try to use products for multi purpose where possible so all is not lost.

My Verdict?

All 5 products in this box I will use, the price of it is amazing value for money! I also have a bug bear for added postage so the fact that the price is all inclusive is just another bonus.

We have 2 discount codes: ‘BOXESSION’ will get you 10% off the first month of a subscription, and ‘BOXESSION15’ will get you 15% off in The Cruelty Free Beauty Shop section of their Website.

They are currently undergoing a website update which means that from mid February you will be able to save on shipping for any extra items purchased from their shop if you choose ‘Add to my Subscription’. This is a great addition if you are happy to wait for them all to be sent together.
This is not a box to be overlooked. The pricing is both affordable and value for money, the products are quality and plenty, and the customer service friendly and caring. I have to say, boxes like this really do show me that you do not have to buy these brands that test on animals any longer, there are Cruelty Free options that are just as good and in some cases better.
Order it, you won’t be disappointed…
Thank you to all of my members as always,

Mel x
Twitter: @crueltyfreebox