The Personal Barber Review by Sam & Paul – January 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Bradley from The Personal Barber for sending BoXession this box to review. It’s so nice to get a treat for the man shape (mainly so he can’t moan about all my deliveries as much hahaha).
In all honesty though there is an abundance of subscription boxes geared towards woman but men’s ones are few and far between, so I was super excited to unbox.
If you missed the live you can catch it here (and give it a cheeky like)…

The box we received was the starter kit, It has everything in it you need to kickstart the perfect wet shave. Each following box gives you new things to try, and more variety in products so it’s not just the same stuff over and over.

Delivery was fast via Royal Mail in a branded The Personal Barber Box.
Inside the box wrapped in black tissue paper and swaddling (as the man shape put it) was:

  • 2 Index cards

These not only detailed the products in the box and how to look after them but also gave you instructions to get the perfect shave, even down to how to find the sweet spot (the correct angle) to give you maximum results for minimum effort.

  • The Personal Barber double-edged safety razor RRP £12.50

This is meant to be the perfect razor for the beginner wet shaver. It was easy to assemble, sturdy, well balanced and had a good weight to it. The head is thin allowing a close shave without the need for being heavy handed and it Being super easy to care for is an added bonus. It gave a close, smooth shave with no nick or irritation.
2 packs of Blades 

  • Sputnik 5 pack RRP £1.95

Is a brand from Russia the blades are coated in PTFE to increase razor glide. Each blade lasts 3-7 shaves.

  • Lord platinum class 5 pack RRP £1.95

These are a mid sharpness blade from Egypt and should be the perfect all rounder for most beard types.


  • The Personal Barber synthetic hair shaving brush RRP £14.95

The high quality of this brush puts somewhere between badger and boar hair it’s super soft and cruelty free. Not only that but it’s also super easy to care for (a huge must in any busy mans life).

  • Professional Shaving towel approx RRP £12

This luxurious soft towel helps soften the beard ready for shaving. It adds a manly pampering touch to shaving.

  • Merry Band Pine Forest pre shaving oil RRP £13.99

This is an independent brand from Yorkshire. All it’s oils are handmade in small batches to the highest standard. Not only did it help soften and smooth leaving skin felling nicer than a baby’s numb it also smelt good enough to drink.

  • Razor master toivo shaving soap RRP £11.50

I love the fact that it is an artisan brand. Each soap is handmade in small batches in Finland. This one is made with pine tar (not something I have come across before) and has a gorgeous smoked scent to it. It was easy to use and lathered up fast making shaving a breeze.

Total RRP £68.84

Meaning you save a whopping £43.85

Paul absolutely loved this box he is so impressed by it he said it was the best shave he’s ever had! It has brought a luxurious aspect to what was otherwise a chore and It literally has everything he needs for the perfect manly pamper. The quality and finish are outstanding and the box has become a talking point over a pint.
I love the fact it contains natural cruelty free and artisan products, it’s well put together and screams quality throughout (and that I don’t get moaned at for my boxes). I think they have filled a gap in the market in a spectacular way it really has brought back the old time joy of shaving , and eliminated the misery of shopping. Plus it’s amazing value for money to boot!
What’s even better is Your safety razor and brush is guaranteed for life. If there is ever a problem just get in touch and they will endeavour to fix it.
Who would love this box ? 
Any man who shaves, it would make the perfect gift for a loved one.
How do I get it ? 

  •  Monthly rolling Subscription = £24.99

Your first box is sent as soon as you order then each subsequent box is billed and posted every 6 weeks. It’s easy to cancel online or skip if you are away and resume when you come back.

  •  6 Month Subscription = £91.80

This works out cheaper and ships along the same terms of the rolling sub.

  • Annually = £174.65

This is the cheapest option and also ships the same as the rolling sub.
You can also gift a 6 or 12 month subscription making it the perfect present for a loved one. The website is smart and well put together, plus easy to navigate.

We also have an exclusive discount code – ‘BOXESSION15’ will grab you 15% off this amazing box!

The TPB blog is well worth checking out for hints and tips and you can pick up gifts extras and accessories in the shop here…
You can also find them on:
And Twitter: @TPersonalBarber

Thanks for reading and have a smooth shaving x

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