Society Socks Review by Mel – December 2017

This is my third month of receiving a lovely parcel containing funky pairs from Society Socks!
I mentioned this on the live video, and the group when chatting to members. This has to be one of my favourite monthly parcels. I know that they are socks, but to me there are very few Subscriptions out there with a worthy cause as part of the package. I have a list of 520 as I do extensive research into all Subscriptions, and there are literally only a handful who give back in this way. You are paying half of your money each month to donate to Homeless Shelters. I had no idea before reviewing these that you can only donate new underwear, and in the past it has never even crossed my mind to donate items of this nature. Society Socks are increasing that awareness, which is fab!
I think there should be more Subscription Services like this, not necessarily underwear but other items too. The packaging this month is again their brand new resealable foil packet/Envelope. Navy Blue with a matte finish, and white print in the form of symbols.

How does Society Socks work?

Now this is the part I love the most. Subscription Boxes are into the thousands, yes I do have a list ladies! But where this one differs is that they have a cause. For every pair of socks you receive, a pair are donated to those in need. Homeless shelters only accept new socks, I have only just learnt this… I am so glad that now I know, as I often donate locally too so I will be sure to include new socks when I do this Christmas.

Their mission is this:

‘To serve suffering children of the street, and protect and safeguard all children – with absolute respect and unconditional love.’

Now I personally find this so touching. When you work out the pricing, half of what you pay every month is going to charity. This makes it almost guilt free, you are buying essential items and giving to a worthy cause!

The pricing is as follows:

  • £13 per month for 2 pairs, FREE P&P
  • A 3 month Gift Subscription is £37 (£12.33 per month)
  • A 6 Month Gift Subscription is £71 (£11.83 per month)
  • A 12 Month Gift Subscription is £134 (£11.17 per month)

There is no tie in period, you can cancel at any time. The gift subscriptions are payable upfront but do save you money if you can afford to do it this way, as outlined above.

They also have a Sock Store on their Website where you can buy their Socks for £8 per pair.

You can watch my live unboxing here…

So What did I receive?

2 Pairs of Funky, stylish socks! These are both size 7-13, mens size, so one size fits all. He is a size 11 so they fit perfectly! They are 80% combed cotton, 15% polyester and 5%.
One pair are a deep Cranberry and White fairisle print, with light grey trim, very seasonal for this time of year.
The second pair I adore! Bright Yellow, Grey trim with Lion’s printed on them. These are so unique and I almost kept these for myself!

The code ‘FUNKY50’ can be used for 50% off your first monthly order!

I highly recommend this subscription, yes I know they are just socks… but with a social cause and for £6.50 for your first order you really cannot lose on this one, it is pocket change!

The Verdict?

The man loves them. He has just left for a new job 300 miles away and has packed all 6 pairs that he has received so far. He said they are the best quality he has had, and has never seen similar designs so they are very unique. The added benefit of elastane/spandex in these really does mean they wash like new and wear like new. I have not noticed any wear to the first pairs he received even after 2 months of washing them.
I am more than happy to continue reviewing for Society Socks, their Customer Service is also worth a mention as I always get polite replies from Filip to my emails.
I would recommend this to anyone, genuinely hoping they start doing a Children’s version. As I know a 10 year old who has had his eyes on these 😉
Thank You my lovelies for reading…

Mel x

Below are the links to their Website and Social Media:
Twitter: @societysocks