TOPPBOX Review by Jacey – December 2017

Hi readers! I have to say this is one of my favourite boxes ever, even though it isn’t for me it’s nice to let Curt have some mail for once as it’s normally me with all the happy post! Every month he asks me “is it on is way?” “how long till TOPPBOX is here?”. He gets so excited as I can see why, this box is one of the best grooming boxes around I have literally recommended it to every male I know and Curt is telling his friends to look how good his skin has become and how shiny his beard is all thanks to the products he’s receiving. I have to laugh because he takes pride in his looks but it has recently gone to a whole new level. Not that I am complaining as who doesn’t love a well-groomed man?
He didn’t join me on this unboxing this time as he was unavailable but you can watch my unboxing here:

It arrived efficiently as ever in its usual brown protective postal bag, though when I opened it I got a lovely surprise. The box has turned blue! All the other boxes we have received have been brown but this time it’s blue! I don’t know if it’s just a Christmas thing or whether or not they are going to be blue from now on but it was a lovely surprise, as I like a bit of variety. This months box felt quite heavy so I knew it was going to be bursting with all kinds of different exciting products.
The first thing I pulled out was a We Are Tea fighting fit tea bag. This was a nice touch as this time of the year a lot of bugs and illnesses are floating around. I’m a big fan of herbal teas and I’m currently trying to get Curt into them, as they are great for when you are feeling under the weather. I don’t know why but I tend to feel slightly better after a nice hot mug of tea. If we enjoy this bag then I will definitely be ordering a box for the cupboard as we are currently trying to battle a cold!
The next item from the box is a full size tube of Hawkins and Brimble Elemi and Ginseng face wash. Curt was happy to be receiving this item as he had just used the last bit of his face wash so it saved me a job of running errands for his toiletries. It smelt quite nice and wasn’t over powering so it’s ideal for sensitive skin. We haven’t used this brand before so was excited to try it out. So after a couple of days he instructs me to buy him so other products by this brand so obviously it was a success!
Another item out the box was a travel-sized bottle of The Scottish Fine Soap Company sea kelp bath and shower gel. We love little travel-sized items as we go away a lot and stay in hotels, I feel like some of the hotels provide cheap gels and soaps and they feel awful. So to receive a little bottle from a lovely company who make some fantastic soaps it was a nice little surprise.
Now this next one was interesting, a tester vial of Jack Piccadilly 69. I was sad because the vial has leaked unfortunately so there was only a little bit left but it was enough to be able to smell it and wow did it smell nice! It smelt of patchouli and bergamot and something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. But looking into it I was shocked by what else was in the perfume. It included notes of petrol and leather, I don’t think we have come across anything like that before but it was very nice and smelt expensive!
The next item out of the box was a Christopher Courtney anti-oxidant enzyme chocolate foot exfoliant. Oh wow this smelt absolutely amazing! It was incredibly sweet and reminded me of chocolate mousse though I bet it wouldn’t taste like chocolate mousse! It’s boasts an incredible creamy texture with little bits to scrub your feet sparkling clean. I haven’t heard of Christopher Courtney before but after researching the product it has had some great reviews! And at an rrp of £29.95 this beats the value of the box alone. This is what excites me about this fantastic company; they always go way over the price of the box.
The very last thing I pulled out was another extremely exciting product! It was the S5 purity serum. After some research it says that this serum reduces the appearance of blemishes by 42% of 56 days. I was excited to try this product myself to be honest as the cold weather and general feeling of under the weather has caused me to break out terrible. Even after a couple of days my skin looks a lot clearer and curt had reported the same. The serum is a big winner in our eyes and priced at £44 for a bottle it literally blew our minds. So even with the two highly priced items, which gives a total of £73, this box is worth around the amazing £100 mark!!
We are over the moon by this months box though I have to say that we are happy with more or less every box we have received! TOPPBOX is a fantastic company, it has been featured in many publications and the customer service is fantastic. We always love that these boxes are completely tailored to your profile and you don’t receive the same items.
The price of the box has gone up to £19, which I didn’t notice until I was researching the products but it is, still a bargain! It is posted out on the 15th of every month and the plan automatically renews on the 25th. You can suspend, restart or cancel at anytime as long as it’s before the 25th so you don’t get charged for the next month.

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Thank you again to the lovely Alham for sending this box I will continue to buy this box every month as my partner absolutely loves receiving this box.
Thank you for reading and take care,

Jacey xox


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