LOWTOXBOX Review by Rachel – December 2017

Lucy over at LOWTOXBOX has kindly sent me Decembers box to try the products and review. Thank you, Lucy.
Lowtoxbox is an ecofriendly subscription box that includes items that are organic, vegan, healthy, natural, ethical, Fairtrade and cruelty free! They can refer you straight to the source from where products are made which I think is fantastic. For every box that is sold, one tree is planted to help with sustainability.
LOWTOXBOX costs £25 including postage and packaging for a one-off box or you can subscribe to them on a month by month basis for £22.50 including postage and packaging.
You can sign up here: https://www.lowtoxbox.com/get-started
I was eager to receive this box as I have never subscribed to anything like this before.
You can watch me unboxing this month’s box here: 

The items I received in this month’s box are as follows:
Emily fruit crisps – crunchy red apple – rrp £1.50 30g
I’ve never tried fruit crisps before and I wouldn’t hesitate to try them again. I really haven’t been well the last week and not been able to eat much at all, these were perfect as they are a light option, nutritious and contain one of your 5 a day. I’m a lover of all crisps and these had an outstanding crunch. I will be purchasing these for my niece who has multiple food allergies as this is a little treat she can enjoy.

Bubbly badger – apple pie and custard giant bath bomb – rrp £3.95
I used this bath bomb Tuesday night as a little pick me up, on opening the cellophane the wonderful aroma of sweetness was apparent through my severely blocked nose and this in its self should show how fragranced it was! I popped the bath bomb into a roasting hot bath and jumped in to the get the full experience. The fizz lasted a lot longer than any other bath bombs I have used recently. It started as a nice green colour which deepened for a few minutes and then followed by a bright yellow. This bath bomb is vegan which is great if you are stuck on gift ideas! For £3.95 this is an absolute bargain.
Real handful – blood orange and dark chocolate – rrp £1.29 40g
Unfortunately, I am not a fan of chocolate and orange combined so I have gifted this product to my other half.

Iam by nature – medhini face scrub £6.25
This is a fantastic idea providing you with all the ingredients to make your own facial scrub. My skin is very sore and sensitive right now so for this reason I have put this in with my sisters Christmas box. I’m a bit gutted I cannot use this but I know this is something she absolutely loves and i’m looking forward to hearing how she rates this.
Soapy skin – handmade lemongrass soap £2.00
You can never have too much soap and this is one for your collection. Handmade soap with lemongrass and tea tree oil is a revitalizing combination for cleaning yourself. This soap helps clear up acne, dry skin and fungal infections due to the natural antiseptic properties. I’ve used this for now as a hand soap and love how clean it leaves my hands feeling.

Stoats – apple and cinnamon porridge oat bar – rrp 89p
I’m so glad I took a picture of this item as soon as I finished the unboxing. It was speedily put in my bag on Wednesday morning for a hectic day at work then Christmas shopping. I was on the move early doors and needed something to eat to keep my energy going and this was the one for the job. It’s a very dense and therefore took my longer to eat than my normal slice of toast, the cinnamon within the bar was very mild however the apple was what stood out the most. This certainly done the job and kept me going until late afternoon. I’ll be stocking up on these the next time I take a trip to the supermarket.
Eco glitter fun – exclusive to LOWTOXBOX – rrp glitter approx. £2.33 1,75g & Aloe Vera Gel £2
WOW, this is gorgeous! Green and red sparkles are perfect for the Christmas season and I absolutely adore these traditional colors. I wore this on my lids for the last day of work and people were commenting on how festive I looked. The glitter came with a small pot of gel like adhesive which was long-lasting (I have since found out this is aloe vera gel). Due to it being on my lids I did get some coming off however, it wasn’t too noticeable. I’ll be honest it was a bit out there for my normal look however I will definitely be looking out for a more natural colour on their website.

Help me organics – Lowtoxbox soy wax candle – rrp £9.50
This is another LOWTOXBOX exclusive, how fab! It contains the scents frankincense, geranium bourbon and lavender which are also great scents for the festive season! This burned with a clean wick and no black smoke to been seen unlike my usual go to brand. I loved how delicate the smell of this candle was when burning. It wasn’t too powerful but was strong enough to be noticed. This would make a wonderful gift to anyone and I’ll be purchasing one very soon for my gran.

Kabloom – Seed Bomb – cornflower fairy lights – rrp £3.95
This is so unique, I love how it literally looked like a little grenade it suits its name perfectly. The grenade type packaging is bio-degradable which means you can literally throw and leave the seeds to grow. Another option is to open the lid at the top and sprinkle the flower seeds anywhere that needs a little perking up. I haven’t used this yet but I’m looking forward to using this when the weather turns for the better.
Veda Soul – Awaken Lemon & Ginger – rrp £8
I tried one of these whilst unboxing LOWTOXBOX and it was lovely. I could taste the quality of the cocoa that was used which was a milestone apart from your usual big branded chocolate bar. These oat delights are organic, vegan and contain no refined sugar, making them a much healthier choice. There may only be 4 in the box, but 1 at a time was more than enough with the rich velvety taste. I think this is a brilliant idea as it has stopped me over indulging!

The total cost of this month’s box is £25.00 (£21.25 plus £3.75 P&P)

The approximate value of the items in this month’s box come to the value of £41.66

Total saving if purchased individually: £16.66 including p&p.

My over all verdict of this box is that it is great value for money. I would certainly recommend this for anyone who is looking to try natural, cruelty free and vegan products and find this is a great way to be introduced to new products.

We have an excusive discount code too! Use the code ‘BOXESSION10’ for 10% off your first Month by Month

If you’d like to check them out, here are there social media channels:
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lowtoxbox
Twitter – https://twitter.com/lowtoxbox
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/lowtoxbox/
Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx

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