RAW PASSION Review of BabyLicious Body Butter & Healing Lemon Peel Skin Oil by Mel

RAW PASSION – 100% organic, vegan and ethical skin food handmade in Sussex

Sexy Skin never goes out of fashion!

This isn’t the first time I have reviewed for RAW PASSION. I know it will not be the last either as I am very grateful to have received another 4 products from the fabulous owner, Viola. So I have split them up into 2 reviews to get a really good feel for the products and the chance to give you a thorough opinion on them
You can watch my reveal video below to see which 4 items I have received…

So the 2 items I have been testing this week are:

  • BabyLicious Mother Baby Delicate and Sensitive Skin Butter 15ml RRP £7

You can also buy this in 30ml for £11, and 60ml for £18

  • Healing Lemon Peel Skin Oil 10ml RRP £4

You can also buy this in 30ml for £10, and 50ml for £15
There are several different Scents:

  1. Calming Lavender & Mandarin
  2. Divine Rose Bergamot & Geranium
  3. Energising Mint & Tea Tree
  4. Festive Cinnamon & Orange
  5. Herbal Sage & Thyme
  6. Sacred Frankincense & Grapefruit

Firstly I am going to talk about the Skin Oil.
I have never been a fan of oil based products as they seem to always sit on my skin for hours after applying them. But not this one! I am in awe. I put it on my skin immediately after a shower and was expecting the usual thing to happen where I have to cleanse to remove the residue as I can’t cope with how it feels.
This one seeped into my skin and dried to leave a soft velvety faced Mel! I am left wondering if it is due to the fact all of the RAW PASSION products have absolutely no added water or nasties and therefore it is a pure oil. I am very sure Viola will tell me after this review; but from my point of view this is a clear winner! The smell is just an added bonus. I love lemon, but I think I would be more than happy with this in any of the 7 scents they do (see listed above).
It comes in a little bottle, handbag sized. I have been carrying this around with me along with the Heavenly Hemp Skin Oil (which is now almost empty). I am just in awe of this brand and I genuinely will be buying more. My skin is in amazing condition at the moment and considering the weather this is almost a miracle for me. This time of year my skin is usually terrible, flaky, dry and spot prone. I now have none of these issues and I am loving the brand so much I keep telling anyone who will listen. So I apologise to all of you now in advance as I now have another item to tell you all to buy.

The next item I am even more shocked about.
I never use Body Butter. I really truly just give it away. If you can get me to give this away then you are a brave person indeed.
I used this again after my shower. I thought ok I will just try it on my arms first. It comes out of the pot hard but then instantly starts melting between your fingertips when applying. This smells like white chocolate. I shouted the man of the house and shoved my arms under his nose saying ‘smell me’. I asked him what it was, he said ‘you are supposed to eat it Mel not cover yourself in it!’. Wrong again … it actually does smell good enough to eat though so in some respects he is correct.
I even pestered Viola via Facebook to tell her exactly how much I loved this. I have now been using it all over myself and the tub is empty! Viola tells me that this is a popular product for Breastfeeding mums and I can honestly see why. If us adults adore it then the babies will too haha.

My Verdict?

This brand is now my FAVOURITE skincare brand. Yes, you are getting 100% honesty. I am always truthful in my reviews and I am even shocked myself as to how good the products are.
I was not sure what to expect when receiving the first item to try, which I loved. I am now onto my third and I have two further ones awaiting. I won’t be wasting any time to get into them, and you all should waste no time in ordering. The RAW PASSION prices are amazing, the products are guilt free. To me it isn’t even questionable if you should try these out.
I don’t think I will ever go back to High Street Skincare again… a bold statement indeed!
Thank you my lovelies as always for reading…
Mel x

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