ILoveGin Box Review by Jacey – December 2017

This box is me all over! I have been so excited to receive this as if you know me well enough, I love gin! So what a great name to name a box as it’s exactly what I would call it too.
When I arrived it was quite heavy which got me wanting to rip it straight open because these weren’t going to be tiny bottles by the feel of them! I have seen other subscription companies that do gin boxes but they have been very expensive in my opinion.
When I looked at the website for I love gin I couldn’t believe the price for this box, it was amazing! I decided to do my unboxing on the Friday night as it’s my usual tipple night and I always love to have a nice strong drink with my partner when it isn’t a work night so we don’t wake up with fuzzy heads!
You can catch my unboxing here:

You get 4 gin and mixers every month, which for the price is absolutely brilliant. But when I opened the box I realised by 4 they meant single measures, as the bottles were double measure bottles at 25ml each. Which is the UK measure. Unfortunately I take double measures in my drinks so to me this only counted at 2 drinks. Which is fine though because it still works out great for the price of the box!
Inside the box there was a 50ml bottle of Malfy Con Limone, which is a gin that is made at Torino Distillati, which is a family, owned distillery in Moncaliere near Turin. Malfy is a premium gin bottled in an extra flint Italian made glass bottle.
The feel of the bottle feels expensive and the taste of the gin itself feels pure and clean. It had a very subtle hint of lemon that wasn’t too over powering but enough to take the sweetness of the gin and combine it with a dash of sour after taste. I mixed this with the Franklin & Sons Indian Tonic water, which was extremely refreshing. This is called a Limone Gin Tonico. I used the tonic water because any flavoured mixer would have masked the lemon in the gin.
According to the information booklet, Franklin & Sons products were first introduced in 1886, which I love as I have a thing for the more vintage mixers. It gives the drink a bit more satisfaction knowing that the recipe has probably been going around for years. The tonic water is a mix of Staffordshire water, British sugar, and cinchona bark extract from Ecuador according to the booklet and you can tell by the taste that a lot of care had gone into it.
The next drink I made up out of the box was what was called a Zenzero Originale. I used the other gin bottle, which was the Malfy Originale, which was a classical style gin with a herbal, juniper nose with light citrus and anise notes. Juniper is the prominent flavour, with coriander, citrus and cassia to round and balance the taste. You can tell that these are premium gins, as they taste rather clean. You know when you drink a spirit and you can just taste the amount of unfiltered rubbish in them and you just know you are going to wake up with a bad hangover? Well with these gins you wouldn’t, the flavour is impeccable. I paired this with the Franklin & Dons ginger ale. I have never actually tasted ginger ale before so was quite delighted to do so. I do like ginger so I had no qualms in trying it. It was delicious and I knew for a fact that I Love Gin had paired this because of the great flavour. The light heat of the ginger complimented the herbal and light citrus of the gin. Warming the notes slightly. I have to say that this is probably going to be one of my new favourite combinations for this Christmas!
I have to say I am very pleased with this box overall, I am delighted that they have included an information booklet which I’ve been able to reference to as it got me interested in reading more about the products and the fabulous company. I love how it lets you know where you can buy the products from and included the social media handles to look into them even more. I love the little recipes and ideas that are included in the booklet so a novice at drink making can be directed to making a fabulous drink. The booklet even has a verdict section where you can write how much you loved the products in each section and give them a rating. So in the future you will be able to look back on the different products you tried and which worked better than others.

The box is £14 per month. What an amazing price is that for 4 standard measure drinks, that works out at £3.50 per drink, which is incredible for premium quality products!

They deliver in the UK only and members are charged on the 15th of the month and boxes are shipped soon after.
They also do 3, 6, and 12-month memberships, which start from £42, but you don’t save money with these but they would be good for gifting if you struggling for gift ideas this is great for a gin lover like me.
They don’t just do drinks either they also sell gin and tonic chocolate and lip balms which is great for stocking fillers. They do exclusive discounts and competitions for all members of the ILOVEGIN club, which is great as it feels like they really care about their members.
In the back of the booklet it also tells you that you can double up which means that if you love the monthly box, but do not want to share it (like I wouldn’t with curt!) you can double up for just £10 more! So for £24 a month you get two boxes that means twice as much gin! Who can say no to that! That works out at £3 a drink saving £4.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this box even if I did get a little tipsy while writing down my notes! You can check them out on these links:

Website –
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Instagram –

Thank you for reading; and a very big thank you to ILoveGin for sending me such a brilliant box!


Love Jacey xox


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