Cure & Simple Review by Mel – December 2017

As you all know, this is not the first time I have reviewed for Cure & Simple. I was so very impressed last time that I have been drooling over this Bacon ever since. The man of the house said before that he has NEVER tried better bacon, he loves to cook, and he said this is as good as it gets!
So we were chatting about the Bacon shortage (The Admin ladies and I), and I got onto the subject of when I reviewed for Cure & Simple last time. Striking while the iron was hot, I decided to pop Carrie an e-mail to see if our members could get a first pack code like last time. It went down really well and was used by lots of us.
She kindly offered to send me out another Box containing a variety of their products to review. You can watch my unboxing here…

So what was in the Box?


4 Packs of 200g Bacon

  • 1 Pack of Oak Smoked Pancetta – Dry Cured with Thyme & Sage
  • 1 Pack of Bourbon – Dry Cured with malt extract & golden syrup
  • 1 Pack of Streaky Original – Dry Cured with a hint of sugar
  • 1 Pack of Christmas Unsmoked Back Bacon – flavoured with dark muscavado sugar, cinnamon, cloves and orange pulp.

Plus a lovely note from Carrie!
The most important part of this review is obviously the testing. I literally snapped the photos of the box contents and then hand delivered it to the in built Chef to whip us up some Bacon Sarnies!!
We of course were dying to try the Christmas Bacon out first, with it also having my name on the packaging it was begging to be eaten. I got told off for this next photo as I was so fast to take the photo so that I could eat the yummy bacon I did not realise that there is no bacon showing in the photo. However the bread is as fresh as it gets which is absolutely important for making the very best Sarnie!
image1We also used the Bourbon one to make more Bacon sarnies the next day, we truly do love this one. I actually preferred this to the Christmas one due to the flavour being more deep and intense. The Christmas one was more fruity.
The following day we had a day off Bacon, this is only due to my 3 year olds Birthday however… the day later we made this beauty!

image3Yes we used the Pancetta Bacon and I say we (he) made a Carbonara from scratch. No cream in sight, traditional way is the only way! Freshly grated parmesan to boot!
Well this was an absolute delight, I highly recommend this over using lardons, it was a taste sensation. Every single plate was clean.
There is only one pack remaining – the only reason for that is it is the streaky bacon. We are going to use some of this for the pigs in blankets for Christmas Day Dinner.

The Verdict?

Bacon by post!! It is an absolutely amazing thing. You do not need to refrigerate this due to the way it is cured. Yes you can take this pretty much anywhere with you.
It is genuinely the best we have eaten and we are foodies, we love the highest quality items as when you have children and you don’t get to eat out often then there is a need to recreate restaurant standard in the home, well there is for us anyway.
You all need to try this out, especially since we have a discount code that gives you more than 50% off your first pack!!!

The code ‘Bacon4Xmas17’ gets your first pack for just £3!!!!

Usual price of £6.40 including postage.
Twitter: @CureSimple
Thank you my lovelies,
Mel x