My Bungu Box Review by Katie – December 2017

Firstly I’d like to say a massive thank you to the guys over at for sending out this delightful box of Stationery products.
My Bungu Box is a Japanese stationery based subscription box, I am obsessed with Asian products and also stationery; so this was right up my street and I was looking forward to receiving it. As you can imagine it contains all of the unique and quirky designs we expect from Japanese products.
It was sent direct from Japan and I received within ten days of it being sent which I was surprised at; and more than pleased with as you know it can sometimes feel like waiting for Xmas waiting for things to be sent from overseas. The box I received for the review was the summer edition, the subscription is a quarterly subscription so you are never going to end up with too much stationery (if that’s even possible haha…). I can say I was impressed with this box and it was everything I expected it to be… funky, quirky, fun and bright.
The summer edition was a collaboration with a Tokyo based, Brit designer called Duncan Shotton. His designs are fun and colourful while being simple at the same time. The items featuring his designs are very cute, I am tempted to look at his other stuff. You can see my live unboxing here…

Here’s a full written review featuring my own personal thoughts and opinions of each item and my overall view of the box, it’s a good one, I really did like it.
The first two items I am going to tell you about are the ones by the designer mentioned above, Duncan Shotton design studio. The “rainbow pencils” and the “sky sticky page markers”. Both these items were very cute and fit well with a summer theme, the whole concept of this box has got me dreaming of summer and clear sky’s already.
The “Rainbow Pencils” are one of my favourite items in the box, they are a pack of three HB pencils, the graphite itself is encased in a rainbow of recycled paper so that when you sharpen your pencils you achieve a perfect rainbow of sharpening. The pencils are simple to look at, plain white with the text rainbow pencil by Duncan Shotton printed down the side of them. I think these are so fun and unique and love trying to form perfect rainbows when sharpening them. The packaging is very cute too and features an image of a perfect pencil sharpening rainbow, the kind of packaging you want to keep the product in rather than throwing away. I feel every effort and thought has been put into all aspects of this product even if it is just a pack of three pencils, I can imagine the designer is a perfectionist and does not cut corners.
The next item from the designer are the “sky sticky page markers”, again these are fun, funky and simple in design. The packaging again is super cute and features clouds and rainbows and makes me dream yet again of clear skies and hot summer days. The pack contains 4 different designs of page markers and 20 of each design, it has a cloud design with a rainbow and then 3 other simple different sized cloud design. These are again made from eco-friendly recycled paper and state the adhesives will not damage your pages therefore I assume it’s acid free.
The next item I absolutely love are the “paper index clips”; these are simple bird paper clips made from paper, they are sturdy and strong and come in a pack of 18 in grey, yellow and white. They are contained in a cute little storage box too so you won’t lose any. These are by far the cutest paperclips I have ever seen. They won a best product award in 2016 at a Tokyo stationery fair and you can see why when you see these. The colour combination is lovely too, and I will be only using these around the home as I think I would cry if I lost one at work, as much as I would love to show them off I will be keeping them close by.

Washi tape, I don’t need to tell anyone how much I love washi tape. This washi tape features different shapes in a colourful design, it will look great used in journals and planners or used to reinforce hole punched papers in a binder or planner. I also use it when crafting, I love upcycling too and old jars with a little bit of funky washi tape make fab pencil pots of tea light holders. Washi tape has a multitude of uses and you can really go all out with it and get really creative. Always a winner for me in a stationery box.
As I mentioned above that I love crafting I thought it would make sense to mention these next. Laser cut origami papers, I received two packs of these in blue and in white. These feature a small intricate laser cut patterns of stars on the white and rainbows on the blue. Each pack contained 3 sheets. These will look great used in any form of paper crafting for example card making and scrapbooking, I am going to use them as they are intentionally designed and make some origami shapes with them though, I don’t want to waste them though so I will definitely be practicing with scrap paper first. The patterns are so small and intricate that they are truly beautiful, very pretty and feminine in my opinion, will make very beautiful origami flower heads mounted on some paper stems and put in a pretty jar on your desktop. This is what I plan to do with them anyway.

Oh my word, the “shell notecards” are most certainly the prettiest item in the box. These are never gonna be used as a notecard by me as they are far too pretty, I will not be parting with these. They are seashell shaped paper notecards and are the prettiest, sparkliest design of an iridescent ombré of rainbow colours. They almost take on a watercolor effect with extra shimmer. These are right on trend at the moment as the mermaid theme is everywhere. These will be loved by everyone I believe, they are truly beautiful. If anyone receives one of these from me they can guarantee they are important to me as I will find it really hard to part with these, I love them.
The “peel off film stickers” are the last item in the box. I would personally use these as page markers or pointers in my planner. They are funky and bright little self adhesive triangles, perfect to use as pointers in a planner. They come in a pack of ten in bright coloured plain and striped designs. They can also be used as decoration on notebooks, in crafts and as mentioned in the description leaflet they will make very cute bunting around the top of a plain pencil pot, making it unique and fun. I thought this was a great tip and also think making a line of bunting across the top of a plain notebook cover would be cute and simple too.
My Bungu Box is a quarterly subscription box, therefore you would receive it every 3 months. As with most stationery boxes I review I am not going to price the items individually as I would not be able to do this fairly. The price of it is £25 plus shipping from Japan of £6 so £31 all inclusive every 3 months. I personally think the box is well worth the money and it is unique and quirky and a lovely collection of different but coordinating items. The items are all excellent quality and the designs are all original and different to anything you would find on the high street here in the U.K.
I think the price being quarterly is a great point too, it’s a treat every few months that you could save towards. I think buying stationery at this price monthly would definitely be too much but quarterly it is a lovely seasonal treat. This is the best stationery box I have reviewed for BoXession, and I would be over the moon to review it again. I’m dying to see the winter edition of the box and I am going to be stalking their social media accounts too for more info on it.
Thanks for reading,

Katieemma xoxo

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