Boxxx 'The Naughty List' Christmas Edition Review by Katie – December 2017

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Lucinda, CEO of Boxxx for sending me this amazing Christmas edition of Boxxx.
I reviewed this box back in October and I absolutely loved it so I was more than excited at learning that she wanted to send me the Christmas edition. The Xmas edition is limited and aptly named “The Naughty List”. I was more than happy to be put on the naughty list to receive this box.
Boxxx is an Adult Subscription Box featuring a range of sex toys and sex aids to spice up anyone’s sex life whether you are single, married dating or same sex couple. They do a varied range of subscriptions and one off boxes and regularly have special edition boxes available with different themes whatever your kink might be.

The Xmas 2017 Limited Edition Boxxx is called “The Naughty List” and costs £49.99 plus p&p, you can order it with a special BoXession discount of £5 off using the code ‘JINGLEBELL’.

I received the box by courier, it was discreetly wrapped in a black plastic postage bag and inside that a large, fantastic quality white gift box with magnetic closing flap. All the items inside were wrapped individually in silver tissue paper and each sealed with a sticker featuring the colourful Boxxx logo. Having to unwrap each one of these felt like Christmas had come early!
See my unboxing here …

The first thing I opened was a little black envelope, inside it contained three sample sachets of flavoured lubes. These are great for slipping in your makeup bag for a weekend away or in your purse just in case you unexpectedly end up staying over somewhere. The next thing I opened was another little black envelope feature a pair of batteries, a clue that one if the items I was going to be opening was going to be battery operated.IMG_0140
From here on I’m going to list each product complete with RRP’s and personal views. So let’s get started…
Ice Breaker Lube, RRP £10.00
This tube of lube is new to me, it has a cooling effect. I have never used a lube with a cooling sensation before so this was a new sensation to me. The coolness felt like a cold breeze on my genitals and made me feel extra sensitive and every touch more intense. I imagine this would be an amazing feeling for a male partner too. I tried this first out of everything else with one of the toys and one of the accessories and I could really feel every little bump on the accessory. I would definitely recommend this lube, I’m not altogether sure it was compatible with my toys but I took the chance anyway.

Jo, H20 gelato gel lube, RRP £6.00
This water based lube tasted absolutely amazing, it tasted so delicious that giving oral would be a pleasure always using this, almost as much as a pleasure as receiving it. I received the hazelnut espresso flavour. Imagine the dark syrup you get on top of a Creme caramel and that’s exactly what this tasted like, rich sweet and divine. I can’t imagine anyone turning down tasting your genital area when it taste this good. I’m curious to taste and experience the other flavours from this collection of lubes.
Silver Touch Love Balls, RRP £8.00
These sleek and stylish looking love balls are weighted for extra pleasure, a pair of balls with small oscillating weights inside them held together with a cord. They are easily and smoothly inserted into the vagina with or without lube and feature a cord loop so you can easily slide them out after use. Love balls can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles making sex more enjoyable for you and your partner. These feel amazing inside you, just pop them in and go around with your duties as usual, certain angles and tasks will give you a certain sensation and have you gagging to take them out and finish yourself off with one of the toys in your box, or have you calling in the other half to give you hand. Pop them in secretly before popping to supermarket with the other half but let him know while you are out that you have them in, let them hear your muted moans and groans while reaching and bending for your shopping and I’ll guarantee you they will not let you put the shopping away before they have their wicked way with you when you are home. It will drive them insane.

The Icicles No44, RRP £23.00
This is from the same range as the glass dildo handled whip I received in the last boxxx I reviewed. This collection is beautiful to look at. This item is a hand blown glass butt plug, again stylish and simple looking. It’s very smooth and tapered for easier insertion, it had a slim neck for your muscle to grasp around and hold it in place. Glass is great to experience the different sensations of different temperatures, run it under the hot tap to warm it up or under the cold tap to cool it down, even pop it in the fridge, just don’t forget to take it out when the parents/in-laws visit. Glass is non porous so it is compatible with most lubes, a necessity when playing at the rear entrance. Glass toys are ultra hygienic as they are easily cleaned under a running tap with toy cleaner and dry instantly.
Classic Rabbit Cock Ring, £10.00
This cock ring is a stretchy rubber ring featuring a poussin rabbit attachment. The cock ring itself is ridged for extra sensation and friction and the rabbit attachment pulses and vibrates against your clitoris while having sex when your partner is wearing it. I love clitoral stimulation more than penetration so this was something I really did enjoy as I got the best of both worlds. Wearing a cock ring will make the penis harder and harder for longer and prolong orgasm ensuring that he does not come before you are satisfied. It also intensifies his orgasm so a great sex aid for both. Also the attachment is part of the cock ring itself therefore used handsfree ensuring your hands are free to wander and pleasure other areas of the body. BATTERIES INCLUDED.

Blossom Bullet in silver, RRP £11.00
Again this bullet is very chic and sleek in design, a small, neat, attractive silver bullet vibrator. It has ten different pulse and vibrate settings in a variety of rhythm and speeds, it is tapered and finishes at a small rounded point so perfect for specific pinpointed pleasure. Obviously bullets can be used alone for solo masturbation but my favourite way of using them is to get my partner to take control of it and tease my clitoris and entrance to my vagina until I’m begging to have him inside me and then tease some more. It is controlled by a single button that you press repeatedly for different settings and very powerful for a small vibrator. BATTERIES INCLUDED.
Sensuous Smooth Silver Vibrator, RRP £8.00
The minx is very similar in design to the bullet, a long slim silver multi speed vibrator controlled by twisting the bottom to find your perfect speed to deliver ultimate pleasure. It is chic and sleek looking and neat and tidy looking just like its friend the bullet. The end is again tapered to a rounded point perfect for guiding to the g-spot or resting on your clitoris, it’s starts at a slow barely their vibrate and twists right up to a fast throbbing, pulsing vibrate. It feels great on full sliding back and forth over a wet clitoris. And feels even more amazing inside me when paired with the following item. BATTERIES INCLUDED.

Orgasma Sleeve, RRP £5.00
This item is my favourite item out of the box and I confess that this has been used practically daily since receiving it. It is a rubber sleeve designed to be worn on the penis or put on your vibes or dildo’s. it features a ribbed pattern and little nob’s with a little pointed tickler at the end. Perfect for solo masturbation or playtime with the other half. I use this on the vibe I received in the box and also one of the vibes I already owned. The sensation and friction from the ribbed effect is amazing and when used with lube it is extra amazing as you can feel every little rib and nob moving back and forth inside every part of your vagina. Every little movement from the embossed pattern brought me closer and closer to orgasm, I can’t wait to try this with the other half wearing it.
Overall I loved this box, I expected it to be Xmas themed due to the name so I was surprised to find it was not at all Christmassy. But I was still more than impressed with the contents, I think I would definitely subscribe to this one if I had a little more free cash, the quality of the items are always great and variety is also always great. I love trying new toys and this box has really impressed me both times now. The value for money is great and also the items were all well put together and looked really great together with an overall sleek, simple and chic design. An absolute winner for me again this month.

Katieemma xoxo

The Naughty List – £49.99 – don’t forget to use the code ‘JINGLEBELL’ for £5 off!

Contents Full RRP – £81.00

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