The Date Crate Box Review by Mel – December 2017

Emily from The Date Crate contacted me via our BoXession Facebook Page asking if we would like to review their Box.
I am always happy when people contact us, as to be recognised for what we do is fab! I usually ask the other ladies who would be best suited to review a box, but on this occasion I decided that this is something I would do myself. We have 2 boys and live in the middle of nowhere. Going out on Dates never happens in our house, and hasn’t in years as we relocated here so have no family locally to help out.
When I looked at The Date Crate Website I decided there and then that the mr and I would take on the challenge, and it would also mean that we get to experience a Date night, even if it is indoors!
The Box arrived via Royal Mail, it was clearly marked with their logo. When opening the box i was greeted with a lovely folded letter, sealed with a red wax stamp. The black tissue paper was also sealed with a wax stamp, a gold one; I love this added touch.
I unboxed this live on the BoXession Facebook group, which has now been uploaded to our YouTube Channel. You can watch this here ….

How Date Crate Works?

There are 2 options –

  • The Date Crate:

This includes everything you need for your creative surprise Date Night. These could be DIY activities, supplies, ingredients, unique treats or an adventure guide.

  • The Date Crate Intimate:

This box is intended for those aged 18+, it will include all the fin and creativity of the basic version, but will be more intimate themes.
The prices are in dollars as it is shipped from the US, I have converted to todays exchange rate in GBP:

  • Month by Month – $34.99 (£26.24)
  • 3 Month Prepay – $99 (£74.23)
  • 6 Month Prepay – $192 (£143.96)
  • 12 Month Prepay – $360  (£269.92)

The Shipping to the UK is $25 per month regardless of length of Subscription.

So What’s in the Box?

  • 2 Bath Safe Glasses
  • Silk Rose Petals
  • 2 Votive Candles
  • 2 Floating Candles
  • 4 Tealight Candles
  • 1 Bag Lavender Epson Bath Salts
  • 2 Bath Bombs – Lavender & Sweet Love scents
  • 1 Sharing Bath Sponge


The Testing

We were very lucky that when we visited our Boy’s School Christmas Fayre, we won a bottle of Chardonnay … talk about timing! So armed with this we set about on our Date Night. We followed the instructions, which were so beautifully laid out as you can see…

The man of the house made me a lovely meal, a home made Chicken, Bacon and Leek Pie. Then he ran the bath! I am spoilt I know, he is just earning his keep for another week ha ha !
As you can see it was beautiful, very relaxing and the cold weather meant that there was lots of steam from the hot bath, which added to the ambience.

The Verdict?

At first we were a struggling a bit to find the time to spend together, as with Christmas coming up I have been busy wrapping presents, and our youngest is 3 on Monday too. I kept saying we need to have our Date Night, so when we finally got around to it we had both earned a break.
The whole concept is fab, it inspires you to set that time aside to spend as a couple and inject a little romance back into everyday life.
The actual box itself, the contents I felt were lacking for the cost, there could have been some other added extras such as a half bottle of alcohol so you did not need to pop to the shop. Just enough for a glass each would have sufficed. The candles were not the best quality as the floating ones did not float so we improvised.
The cost of shipping to the UK is too much for me to subscribe personally, but the idea is brilliant. With a few tweaks and a reduced shipping cost they would be onto a winner.
What it has done is reminded us that we enjoy one another’s company still, and we made a promise to spend more time together in future and do similar things. So Thank You to Date Crate for that, from a very tired mummy!

If you would like to check them out you can do so via the links below … you can use the code ‘FIRSTBOX10’ for 10% off your order too.

Thank You to my lovely readers as always,

Mel x

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